Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deadly Ladies in Undies... how did I develop this fetish?


There was once a movie that I saw here in the Philippines. Well… the movie was a low-budgeted action flick starred by an unnamed sexy starlet. It really was a lousy show, but there was this scene that turned me on.

The movie was reaching its climax and one of the scenes was about the heroine attacking the base of her foe. She entered the boss’ bedroom hoping to find her (her enemy was also a woman), but instead saw two of the bad boss’ bodyguards. The guards were two American beefcakes (both are blonds), muscular and (I really don’t know why) wearing skimpy white bikini briefs. Now the next scene made my panty wet ( I don't know why). She fought both hunks using karate blows and as the fight rages on, her clothes were getting ripped till she was only wearing a scanty white panties. She defeated one of the studs by giving him a karate chop on his large, muscular chest and the other guy was defeated by a blow on his tight, muscular abs. When both beefcakes fell on the bed, she kneads beside them and drove her elbow right to their 6-pack abs, thus ending their brief muscle hunk careers. (What a waste...)

What made my groin wet is the sight of those muscle hunks getting all those physical abuses from a lovely babe wearing only her skimpy underwear and both guys are also in their underwear. Beautiful bodies nearly nude in a mortal combat with all their glory exposed. The camera shots were beautiful, gliding on every muscle and curves that were getting punched, scratched and kicked.

Another aspect that turned me on in the show was the expressions these guys were showing when their large, hard, sweaty muscles were hit by her punches. Until those guys fell on the bed, they were such dolls!!! The camera shot also revealed that when those guys died, they are having a very bulging hard-on. Maybe their adversary has turned them on and made them hard. I was wondering. Did they die while their hard cock was starting to leak cum? Did the babe agent also get aroused on the fight? 

I started dreaming I was that female agent. Wearing only a pink skimpy panty, I engage in a fight with hunky muscle men wearing only scanty bikini briefs. I can imagine my fist hitting them hard physique. Each blow makes them moan with pain and pleasure. Bodies fell on soft bed for me to inspect. I will kneel next to those conquered bodies, gliding my hand on those sore muscles. Touching it and massaging them a little. I then notice that those vanquished foes’ bikinis are full to bursting and some even had some wet spots that start to grow in size… (AHA! So they got hard fighting me! A complement that needs to be rewarded.)

On the Internet I started looking for some site that I can again explore my fetish. Sometimes I came dissatisfied. Most sites that cater sexy mixed combats are a disappointment. I have seen sexy women defeating little men. Now, I am not against small men, but fighting small, willing men have no challenge at all, and there is no sense of reward. I also saw sites about sexy women over powering fat slobs, thin, sickly looking SOB’s and old coots (Yeah, right…) well for me that is not erotically satisfying.

There are good site about erotic combat. Sites like Diana the Valkyrie, Matrock Adventure, Steel Kittens and a host of others, have offered beautiful women defeating sexy men… But there are only few such sites in the World Wide Web. Then I discovered POSER! I now have the opportunity of creating my own.