Friday, November 30, 2012

Deadly Ladies in Undies (Nov. 30)


G-8 said...

Great pics! I want to comment on each one.
1. Sexy killer!
2. gorgeous Cowgirl
3. Hot Ninja killer! Cool that she's taking out a sexy couple.
4. No match for the babe
5. Sexy and deadly
6. Damn she's hot!
7. I like how one hunk has a hand on her breast and another is practically sucking her hard nipple.
8. Great poses
9. Extremely hot! Great that she's destroyed a sexy couple! Her expression is wonderful. The blonde is sexy with her engorged nipples and cum dripping from her pussy!
10. She looks sexy in her red mask
11. Looks like she's loving it!
12. She doesn't need a gun to kill these goons!
13. The watching babes are hot and wet!
14. Fun that she's also taking out a babe.
15. The blonde is very hot! Bet she came hard! Love how the other one is enjoying her victim.
16. Good job on poses and expressions.
17. It's fun that the babes are teaming up to make his cock spew goo! The kneeling babe looks like she's about to catch his cum with her mouth!
18. Pumping them to death! Hope she doesn't leave the last guy out.
19. Looks like they love it! Having the babe licking his bulge is hot!
20. No match for the blonde babe.
21. She's sexy and he's doomed!
22. Love her pose and expression
23. Two down one to go!
24. No problem for her to kill them at the same time.
25. Sexy babes!
26. Looks like she's cumming hard!
27. Fine victory pose
28. Savoring the feel of his throbbing cock against her cheek!
29. Good poses and expressions!
30. The other two look fascinated by what the babe is doing.
31. Four to one and they don't stand a chance!
32. Good pic.
33. Always fun when the babe makes the hunks cocks explode!
34. Hot! The defeated babe is gorgeous!

Xero said...

I like them all, but I gotta say number sixteen is probably my favorite. I'd probably explode all over the place with man goo if I got my manhood caught the kicks of two sexy women's sweaty bare feet. Just being honest

Anonymous said...

so many good pics...tough to pick out the best, but I think 32 is the best. Nice work on everyone's body, the lighting elements are spectacular, and the look on her face is priceless....She seems annoyed that they didn't put up a better fight!

I also really like

2 - great physiques on each lady, both are super sexy!

3 - sleek assassin and love the POV

9 - just like the way his hard cock is next to her large, defeated breasts

18 - drain 'em good! All three defeated studs have well-done muscle tone

23 - she needs to kick and punch the blonde since he is perfectly positioned for a package workover

28 - the look on the blonde guy's face is great as his cock extends

Lots of great work!