Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busted Couples

It's hot to see sexy couples being snuffed out by an equally sexy assassin.


G-8 said...

Your right that it's hot so I want to comment on each pic.
1. The babe victim is hot! Sexy assassin makes him cum as he dies!
2. Blonde is sexy!
3. Good pic
4. Looks like she enjoys having her pussy sucked as she dies!
5. Great action scene
6. Good use of the blonde's body to kill the guy.
7. She's really making him cum! Wonder what's about to happen to her?
8. Sexy blonde
9. She really made him cum hard!
10. The assassin looks relaxed as she kills the couple.
11. Babe victim's expression and pose are great.
12. Another sexy assassin destroying a sexy couple!
13. Nicely done pic!
14. Good victory pose
15. She picked an interesting way to kill the blonde.

Jack said...

Very glad I found your website. I love your art and the ideas behind it. One of my fantasies is couples being exterminated by the girl they kidnap. She basically turns the table on them, completely.