Thursday, February 14, 2013

Agent Yumiko

In the end the decision was made for her. She'd been crouching, hidden there for too
long, eyeing the door at the other side of the courtyard. That door was her mission
objective, tantalizingly just a few tens of yards away. Her only problem lay with the
eight women between her and that door, the other guards in the castle being busy
elsewhere. Getting in had been easy. Security was slack when the big boss was away.
The muscle-bound guards depended on the automatic security systems and cameras,
tricking those camera's and alarm systems had been easy for someone with her
training. The guards, all of them packed into a little guard-house near the castle gates,
watching a sports competition noisily, were oblivious to her presence.

Unfortunately, here were eight guards who didn't have much interest in sports. Yumiko crouched,
ransacking her memories of her training for some idea of what she should do now. Nothing occurred to her. That's the thing with training, there's always something they haven't covered.

The heat beat down mercilessly, as though the equatorial sun was trying to assault the
castle walls. She shouldn't complain. The last villains lair she'd had to infiltrate had
been an arctic fortress, she'd take hot and humid in preference to ice cold any day. She
watched the women lounging in the sun, none of them wearing more than a bikini,
most wearing only the lower half of that. All were beautiful, young and obviously
intimidatingly fit. They'd been selected for that, of course. She knew as well that they
were each trained assassins. She rated her training over theirs, but there were eight of
them. You have to know your limits.

They made quite a sight, all those lovely bodies. They'd been tasked with guarding the
door on the opposite side of the courtyard, but no one had said you couldn't do that
lying on a sunlounger, in half a bikini, reading a copy of Cosmo, so that's what they
were doing. Some of the women she recognized. She'd been briefed about who she
was likely to encounter, she'd read their files. The beautiful, sexy creatures in the
courtyard were murderesses, each and every one. She'd read the lists of their crimes,
none of them balked at anything if the pay was good enough. It had been the
disappearance of some of the worlds top female assassins and hit women that had
tipped the authorities off that something was going on. Her problem now, was that
they were between her and her mission objective.

She was beginning to form the ghost of a plan. She didn't think it was likely to work.
Even if she dealt with these nubile evil-doers, how was she going to fare against the
muscular guards that Melinda Misanthrope seemed to favour? However, she was all
out of options, and, as ever, there were people depending on her. "Agent Yumiko,
here are your orders..". It was never "your mission, should you chose to accept it",
unlike the movies, taking the job was never optional, no matter how much you might
want to let it pass. Sometimes Yumiko thought her superiors were trying to get rid of
her, the missions they sent her on. The truth was of course, that they only called on
her, and the few top line agents like her, when things were pretty desperate, almost

Yumiko wasn't her real name of course. If you asked her, she'd not be able to tell you
her real name. Just as she couldn't tell you who her superiors are, or which
organisation she works for. And if she could, it wouldn't help. There is No Such
Organisation. The U.N. doesn't run such departments, or involve itself in this kind of

The wetsuit she wore was evidence of her illicit arrival on the island. It was time to
get rid of it, it was too hot, was incriminating, and didn't fit the plan. She slowly
unzipped it, careful not to create a loud 'Zzzzzzzzpp!' sound that would alert any of
the castles wicked guardians. Her tanned body was thankful to be able to breathe, the
suit was proving too hot in this tropical sun.

Even as she was stuffing the wet suit into a convenient niche, one of the sunbathing
vixens stood up, and started walking her way. Like Yumiko, the woman wore a white
bikini, although, unlike Yumiko, she'd dispensed with the upper half, and firm breasts
about the size of large grapefruits, bounced gently as she advanced. Seeing this,
Yumiko quickly dispensed with her own bikini top. Her own boobs were somewhat
bigger, hopefully not too noticeable though.

The woman was about to come around the corner of the vine covered lattice wall
behind which Yumiko was hiding. She wore sunglasses that bore the inevitable 'D.G.'
symbol. They weren't fake, villainesses are well paid. The current fashion was for big
sunglasses, like bugs eyes, that hid much of the face. Perfect for Yumiko's plan. The
woman also wore a straw sunhat that kept her face in shadow, even more perfect.
From what little Yumiko could see of her face, the woman's racial extraction was
definitely oriental. All in all, Yumiko couldn't have asked for things to be better.
Yumiko retreated further from the courtyard, moving with swift, practiced silence.
She wanted there to be a fair distance between them and the others when they finally
met. There was bound to be some sound, after all.

When Yumiko finally chose to emerge, like a shapely chunk of the shadows breaking
free and stepping into the light, she could just about see eyes as almond shaped as her
own go wide behind the dark glasses. The woman made a decision in an instant.
Yumiko was impressed. She'd expected the woman to stand there and say "Who..?",
giving Yumiko all the opening she needed to finish things quickly, but this bikini clad
assasin was better trained than that. The woman pivoted with an elegant, fluid grace
that would break the hearts of would-be ballerina's everywhere, a long, lissom leg
arcing up to deliver a knockout blow to the side of Yumiko's head. But, of course,
Yumiko's head was no longer in the target area.

The woman was quick, well trained, skillful. But she was also overconfident, she had
not read the situation properly. In her place, Yumiko would simply have opened her
mouth, and screamed for all she was worth, alerting the whole castle. It might cost her
her life, but you accepted that. Yumiko's training was good enough for her to know
that you used the simplest, most direct methods available to achive your ends. But this
pretty assassin had to be the tough-girl. She had to try to take Yumiko on meujer-ameujer.
Her last mistake.

Yumiko stepped easily under the long, well tanned kicking leg, and came up as the
kick missed to catch the womans spent kick on her shoulder, wrapping one arm
around the well muscled-leg. She used the other hand to drive a punch into the other
womans naked belly, punching downwards through the belly button into her pelvis,
her knuckles buried deep, mashing delicate organs in her opponents tummy.
"OOOOHHHHHHFFFF!" exclaimed the assassin, as most of her breath was driven
out of her. The eyes faintly visible behind the dark glasses were wide with disbelief.
Yumiko knew how to punch. She knew these assassinette's sparred around together,
fairly seriously too. There was a pecking order amoung them that had been established
by some brutal bitch-on-bitch beatdowns. Nevertheless, Yumiko felt sure her victim
had never taken a punch quite like hers. Training.
The woman, finding herself trapped on one leg, was discovering the truth of all those
martial arts adages about techniques needing a firm base. Every striking technique
comes out of a firm stance, even flying kicks need one to launch. With one leg
trapped, draped over Yumiko's shoulder, she was helpless. Finally making the right
choice she opened her mouth wide and drew in air to scream, but it was too late for
that. Yumiko punched into her belly again, before she'd loaded enough air, punching
upwards through her belly button this time, as though trying to drive the blow up into
the other woman's heart.
"UuuuuhhhhHH!" gasped the assassin, her breath gone once more. Yumiko punched
again. This time she struck a different target. As the woman was trapped in a failed
high kick, her legs opened up like drawing compasses, Yumiko couldn't resist a cruel,
and completely un-necesary blow into the womans white bikini bottoms. The girl
assassins entire body shuddered as she let out a small whimpering sound. Had she any
breath, she'd have screamed in agony. Peering through the big sunglasses, Yumiko
could see the an expression that said 'I don't believe this is happening to me'. She saw
the other womans pretty eyes filling with tears.

Yumiko released the assassinettes leg, allowing her to start sinking to her knees, both
delicate hands clasped over her excessively skimpy bikini bottoms. She never made it.
With a skilled motion Yumiko went down on one knee, and flipped the other woman
over her extended leg. The assassin-girl tried desperately to resist, but all the leverage
was against her, and she was hurt bad already. As Yumiko dropped the helpless
woman over her knee, the sunglassess and straw hat fell away, revealing her to be a
breathtaking, delicate beauty. The sight of the girls lovely face sparked a common
conflict in Yumiko's heart. Everyone feels guilt at the destruction of beauty. Yumiko,
though, felt something else too. Something she always tried to hide from the agency
psyche-evaluators. She felt a thrilling, guilty pleasure whenever she vanquished a
beautiful opponent, male or female. Such a conquest excited her more than anything.
That's just how she was.

Yumiko saw the womans soft, well toned belly inflating as she drew breath once
more. The one thing she couldn't be allowed to do was scream. Yumiko pressed the
palm of one hand against the womans delicate chin, forcing her head back and
bending her cruely over Yumiko's knee. Yumiko's other hand rose and fell, her fist
rising, and then powering down, pumping repeated blows into the assassins taut and
defenceless belly.

Paf! Paf! Paf! Paf! Went the sound of Yumiko's fist impacting against her opponents
defenseless tummy. "Uh! Uh! Ugh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" gasped the assassinette weakly, her
body shuddering under the blows, her bare boobs bouncing up and down in time to the
impacts. Yumiko only stopped when she had put dozens of sledgehammer blows into
the woman's naked belly. The assassinette hung limply over her knee. She was barely
breathing. She couldn't fill her lungs to scream now, she had not the strength. Her
diaphram was one of the internal organs punished in Yumiko's belly-punching fest.
Even breathing was a terrible agony for the beaten woman. Yumiko could just make
out a few words, gasped weakly by her victim "Oh.. my.. belly".
Yumiko pulled back the womans head, exposing her throat, and raised her own hand
to beside her ear, fingers stretched taut. The defeated assassin saw what was coming,
and managed to gasp "No.. please.. please". Her pretty eyes were full of pityful

"I'm sorry" Yumiko said simply, and to some extent she meant it. To some extent she
didn't mean it at all. We all have our contradictions. She reminded herself that this
woman had allied herself to evil. She'd bought this on herself. This knowledge let
Yumiko feel better about herself as her tautend hand whipped down, delivering a
knife hand chop to the side of the woman's neck, rupturing the caratoid artery.
The assassinettes body spasmed, arching. Her pretty mouth opened in a silent cry. Her
face wore an expression that could have been the ecstatic, were it not for the hopeless
horror in her almond eyes. Yumiko lent down, cradling the womans head in her
hands, stroking her silky hair. She kissed her victim tenderly on the lips. "It's alright"
she crooned into the assassinettes ear "It's just going to sleep. That's all it is. You're
just going to sleep. You're tired, aren't you? You need your beauty sleep". Her
attentions seemed to calm the dying woman, her eyes fluttered shut, her expression
softened into one of acceptance. In the final moments, Yumiko felt sure the
vanquished assassin was weakly kissing her back. Then the womans body went
completely slack, that limpness that the living cannot immitate. Yumiko laid her
gently down on the tiles.

Well, one down, and without enough noise to alert the rest. So far so good. Yumiko
let her eyes roam over the dead womans body. She was beautiful, you couldn't deny it.
Yumiko noticed that the assassins nipples were mysteriously erect, and tweaked one
between her fingers experimentally. "We could have had some fun together, you and
I" she thought "were we not on different sides..". With a sigh, she bought her mind
back to the mission. She hadn't the time to spend in consideration of 'might have
been'. Anyway, it was hypocritical, part of her hand enjoyed ending this sweet life.
Deciding her own bikini bottoms might be different enough to draw attention, she
stripped the last twist of fabric from the defeated woman.

So far, it was going well. She was lying here right in the midst of the enemy, soaking
up the sun, and no one suspected a thing. It couldn't last, of course, she needed a plan
of action. But she could think of nothing better than to lie here and wait for something
to present itself. She tried not to stare at the door across the courtyard, that she knew
led to Melinda Misanthropes private rooms and primary headquarters. With the
sunglasses, the hat, and her own passing resemblance to the assassinette she had
killed, she'd so far been able to brazen things out.
The only downside to this imposture, was having to put up with the whitterings of the
helium-headed blonde lying next to her. What do beautiful, sexy, female assassins talk
about? So far, Yumiko had discovered, it was whether or not she should dye her hair a
different colour. As someone who could act on a whim just as swiftly and decisively
as she could act on complex tactical considerations, Yumiko was amazed at the depth
of philosophical consideration the blonde(?) could put into this simple matter. She'd
been hoping for a brief synopsis of the dastardly plan, and how these women fitted
into it. Yumiko's agency knew about their training, the castle, the dealings in arms and
other illicit goods, but they still didn't know the overall masterplan. Perhaps the
masterplan was to force everyone to listen to these complex debates on the ethics and
aesthetics of hair-colour? Well, that was dastardly alright! Yumiko considered the
blonde to be one termination she could definately believe was for the greater good.
Yumiko was just coming to the end of a vicious fantasy that had the blonde on her
knees, begging for her life, when there was a pause in the stream of conversation from
opposite her. Yumiko didn't notice at first, to her shame she had let her mind wander
from the job. It was difficult to remember she was on a mission when she was lying
here, the suns long hot fingers gently stroking her near naked body. In her minds eye
she was saying to the conquered blonde "Well, there is *something* you could do that
might make me spare you" as her fingers pulled on the chords of her bikini bottom

"When did you get your tits done, Mei-Lan?".

The words jolted Yumiko back to the here and now, where the blonde was as yet
unbeaten and still a threat. She turned calmly to regard the other woman. The blonde
didn't look such a helium head anymore. There was a remarkable change in her
expression and tone of voice. She now looked shrewd, calculating, rather lethal. Great
bust though, Yumiko had to give her that. She had massive knockers that couldn't be
real, they were so firm and globular. She wore her hair in two braids, like a schoolgirl.
In the way of clothing, she wore only a tiny black thong. Looking at her lying
opposite, Yumiko found her fantasises trying to intrude once more.
Yumiko decided to brazen it out, if she could get the blonde talking hair again, she
might maintain her cover. Mei-Lan.. a chinese name. Funny, she didn't look *that*
chinese, more mixed... Nevertheless, Yumiko pitched her voice to have a hint of
accent. She could do accents perfectly. Training. She hadn't noticed much accent
when she'd heard Mei-Lan speak, but then poor Mei-Lan had been gasping her last

"I was wondering when you'd finally notice. You're too wrapped up in yourself
sometimes. But anyway.. why not just let your hair grow it's natural colour, isn't that
more honest?".

The blondes eyes narrowed for a second, but she seemed to accept this response. She
stretched languidly. Yumiko watched the blondes hands from behind the dark glasses.
"What's with the accent Mei-Lan?" the blonde asked "you're second gen...".
Yumiko was off her sun lounger in an instant, the blondes hand had dipped into a tiny
purse-bag that rested beside her. What came out of it was no surprise. The gun was
small, but lethal looking, Yumiko recognised it instantly as an H&K USP
compact. Yumiko moved with the speed of a conjouring trick, ramming one finger in
behind the trigger, and her thumb desperately holding the safety lever down. The
blonde squeezed the trigger, crushing Yumiko's trapped finger. Yumiko just ignored
the pain, her finger had to stay there. If the gun went off, the castle guards would
quickly discover that the CCTV monitors weren't showing them a true representation
of events. She wrestled with the blonde, hoping to pin her down and disarm her. The
blonde moved fast, ramming a knee up into Yumiko's belly.

"Ufffff!" grunted Yumiko desperately. This was it. If she took her hand off the gun,
the blonde would pump her full of lead in an instant. However, while she was
wrestling with the blonde, the other eight assassins could dispatch her at any moment.
If the gun went off during the fight, the whole castle would be alerted. One way or
another her only hope was to go out fighting.

"Yay! Kick her ass Mei-Lan!" came a voice from another sun lounger. Yumiko didn't
dare hope her luck was going to hold, surely it wasn't possible. The blonde jammed a
knee into her belly again, and again. Yumiko kept her belly muscles taut, using them
to protect her more delicate organs, but the blows hurt her. Behind her she could hear
bets being exchanged. Someone said "Huh.. you're just giving me your money. Mei-
Lan always gets thrashed when she goes up against Krystal". Taking another
punishing knee in the belly, Yumiko decided it was time to take charge. She stretched
a leg out behind her, and the rammed it forwards, scoring a direct hit between the
blondes legs.

The blonde let out a yelp, and her whole body slackened a little. She looked shocked
and hurt. You can't tauten muscles down there to defend yourself. Yumiko's hand
broke free from the blondes grip on her wrist, and she punched hard across the other
womans face. This bought her enough time to grip the blondes gun-hand, and squeeze
a thumb into her palm, pressuring the blondes hand open. She had the gun. She
couldn't use it though, it was a guarenteed alarm signal. The best thing she could do
was get rid of it. Rolling off the blonde, she piroetted, winding up a terrific baseball
style throw that sent the small gun arcing over a far wall into some distant part of the
castle grounds.
The blonde, Krystal, was up, hurt showing in her eyes, but up and fighting. She landed
a kick into Yumiko's side that made the agent cry out and stagger. She followed up
with a right cross punch that threw Yumiko against one of the low courtyard walls.
Yumiko staggered, leaning her hands on the wall for support. Seeing Yumiko with her
guard down, her hands out of action and wobbling on her feet, Krystal advanced,
grinning, closing the distance so she could give Yumiko's lovely near naked body a
nice, long, satisfying working over. She must have forgotten this wasn't Mei-Lan she
was facing.

The kick snapped the blondes head back, and she staggered backwards. Yumiko came
of the wall and plunged a punch deep into the blondes belly, cutting her knuckles on
the ornament that hung from Krystal's navel. "OOOHHHH!!!" cried the blonde,
folding around Yumiko's fist. Yumiko swung an uppercut that lifted the busty blonde
onto tip-toe. As Akikio's punch stood her upright the blondes huge boobs bounced,
and Yumiko set about making them bounce some more, sending swift, hard uppercuts
into the big mounds.

"Ah! Ah! Aie! Oh! Oh! Oh!" went Krystal in response to this cruel treatment, hands
flying up to clasp her big breasts protectively, leaving her belly wide open. Yumiko
rammed a knee into it, doubling Krystal forward once more, making he groan loudly.
There was cheering and hand-clapping. "Mei-Lan's killing her!" someone cried out
joyously. "Go on Mei-Lan! Teach her a lesson" someone else called. "Make her beg!".
Clearly Krystal was queen bitch around here, and her fellow consirators were
delighted to see her finally getting de-throned.

Krystal staggered back, trying to gain distance, but Yumiko pursued. She swung a
gleeful haymaker cross punch into the side of Krystals big left boob, and powered it
through so that it slammed into the other one too, making Krystal turn her body to
follow the direction her punched knockers were heading. Krystals voice sang out in a
cry of pain. Yumiko's other fist swung in knocking the blondes big boobs back the
other way. Krystal screamed, clasping her tits once more. Yumiko span on one leg,
bringing her other long limb scything down in a spinning kick that sent Krystal
twirling away, to land hard on her front, spitting blood across the marble tiles of the

"Yay! Mei-Lan!" shouted her cheer-leaders "Finish her! Finish her! Make her call you

Krystal lifted herself up onto all fours. "Idiots" she hissed "that's not Mei-Lan!".
Silence fell across the courtyard. With Yumiko's hat and sunglassess gone, knocked
off in the struggle, it was suddenly obvious to all. The assassinettes scrambled off
their sun loungers, one girl actually managing to somersault with catlike agility into a
standing position. Yumiko sized the situation up in an instant. On her side of the
courtyard, with Mei-Lan dead and Krystal still struggling to get up, she had only two
remaining opponents, a sweet looking black girl in a light blue bikini (complete with
top for once, blue fabric restraining dark C-sized contents) and an elfin, pale-skinned,
delicate looking girl with and expensive short-cropped hairdo. They regarded Yumiko
with big, frightened eyes. Something about the way they stood so close to each other
told Yumiko there was some connection between the two, they were practically
holding hands. In another time and place Yumiko would have enjoyed being the third
vertex of a triangle with these two, but here and now they were the weakpoint in the
enemy forces. She bounded towards them.

Seeing the oncoming threat, the two snapped into action, the black girl whipping out a
high roundhouse kick to the head, the blonde aiming a front snap-kick to Yumiko's
mid-section. Yumiko was spinning and descending, laying a hand on the marble tiles
of the courtyard to support her as she swept in, even the blonde's low kick passing
harmlessly over her head, and scythed the womens supporting legs out from under

The two women went over with dual screams, landing hard on the marble tiles. They
knew enough to breakfall, keeping their heads raised so that they didn't crack their
skulls against the tiles, but the delicate looking blonde smacked the back of her head
on the edge of a sunlounger as she went down. Both women sprawled, looking dazed,
lying flat on their backs next to each other.

From her crouched, sweeping position Yumiko uncoiled and was airborne in a great
leap. She came down in a powerful stomping motion that buried her left heel into a
pale-skinned belly, and her right into a dark one. The two pretty assassin-girls threw
back their heads and howled "OOOOOOOOUUUGGHHH!!" in perfect unison, their
hands instinctively whipping up to grasp Yumiko's ankles.

Yumiko had no time to stand and gloat, much as she might like to, the others would
be on her in an instant unless she kept moving. Demonstrating an extreme flexiblity
she backflipped, somersaulting through the air to land with catlike grace and
confidence only a couple of feet before a tall, pale beauty who wore her lusterous
black hair in a long pony tail. Surprised by this sudden gymnastic display, the
assassinette took an instinctive step back, seeking to gain herself a bit of distance and
thinking time. This moments hesitation was all Yumiko needed. She'd landed with her
back to the other woman, and now she stepped back between the assassinettes legs,
turning her body and pivoting on the balls of her feet to drive an elbow sideways
below the womans breast-bone. No sooner had the elbow-strike landed, elicting a
grunt of pain from the black-haired woman, than Yumiko used the same arm to strike
down, swinging a powerful knife-edge strike into the center of her opponents red
bikini thong. The assassinette cried out a single shocked Russian swear word, hands
flying down to hold herself as Yumiko's arm swung back up in a wide arc, to strike
the woman in the cheek with a hammer-fist.

The assassinette staggered, but managed to stay on her feet. Yumiko corrected this by
shoulder-barging her, sending her to sailing the ground. Lucky for the downed
assassinette, Yumiko could see the three remaining henchwomen advancing on her.
Yumiko cartwheeled away with easy grace. One of the trio stooped to check on the
assassinete with the long black hair, who was curled up on the tiles with her hands
clasped over the front of her red bikini briefs and hissing a stream of russian words
that never came up in Yumiko's language training. The other two pursued Yumiko up
the courtyard, away from where their fellows were picking themselves off the floor.
Yumiko was hoping they would.

Agent Yumiko came straight out of the cart-wheel into a standing guard. The
assassinettes came at her with murder in their eyes. One had light brown hair, almost
tan or sand colored, worn in a chin length bob-cut. It had a sheen to it that spoke of
youth and vitality, and made Yumiko want to run her hand between the fine strands.
The brunette had particularly long, supple legs, like a dancer, and, while not
exceptionally busty, she had firm round breasts that bounced mesmerisingly as she
moved. The other was a native to Yumiko's homeland, black hair worn in two short
pigtails, boobs demurely covered by two thin swathes of soft, satiny, sky blue fabric
that ran from where they tied together behind her neck, down to where they met
between her legs. Yumiko knew this one, she wondered what the womans former
Yakuza bosses thought about her signing up with Misanthropes band, but then, even
the Yaks knew well enough to give Melinda a wide berth.

The Japanese assassin left the ground in a mighty leap, kicking out powerfully as she
did so. Yumiko moved without thought, and her training saved her once more, the
kick would have hit her in the head at best, and it was powerful enough to lay her out
cold on the tiles, but it's intended target was her throat, had it landed, Yumiko would
have been joining the list of agents lost in the course of their duty. As it was, Yumiko
lunged forwards, ducking under the kick and using one arm to strike upwards,
knocking the kicking leg up and away, and using her other arm to punch forwards
with all her strength. Yumiko's blow landed with bone-shattering force in the sky-blue
triangle of fabric between the airborne ninjette's legs, and she heard the woman
howling in pain as she came down hard on the tiles behind her. Yumiko let out a yelp
herself, the force of the impact had wrenched her shoulder, the technique of her punch
must have been slightly out. Yumiko prayed the pain was short-lived, if she was
fighting with such a handicap, she was a dead woman. At least it would be a while
before the high-kicking Japanses beauty was a threat again.

The brunette came at her with a low stomping kick aimed at her lead knee, and then
an outward chop to the throat. Yumiko gave ground to avoid the kick, and clashed a
forearm hard against the chop, stopping it's progress. Her hand immediately closed
around the wrist of her attackers striking arm, and she yanked the woman forewards,
sending a straight punch towards the pretty, determined looking face before her.
Yumiko wasn't the only one with training on their side. The assassinette made no
effort to free her grasped hand, a popular fatal mistake. Recognising that they both
had an arm tied up, giving neither of them the advantage, she was expecting the other
arm to be used in an attack. She punched straight at Yumiko's face, seemingly
ignoring Yumiko's oncoming punch, but knowing full well that when their punches
met, her's was going to cut across Yumiko's, knocking it aside. This tactic earned her
the success of landing a punch on the side of Yumiko's mouth. Agent Yumiko saw it
coming, and leaned back to get out of the maximum power delivery point of the
punch, but it still snapped her head back, making her release the assassins trapped
hand, and step away. Yumiko raised her guard, a hint of amusement in her eyes, she
nodded to the brunnette, acknowledging a point as a trickle of blood emerged from the
corner of her mouth where her lip had been cut against her teeth.

The brunette attacked again, feeling confident after having drawn first blood. She
feinted with a punch, and buried a powerful front kick into Yumiko's belly. Yumkio
groaned in pain, and found herself backing away once more as the assassinette
launched a finishing blow, her fingers held rigid in a penetrating spear-hand aimed for
Yumiko's heart.
Yumiko turned her body, leaning her weight on her back leg, and directing the blow
past her with a yin 'receiving technique', less a block than a guiding hand. She swept
her other arm up to strike the brunnette across her throat, and then stepped behind the
woman, levering the assassinette back over her knee. With the parrying technique
complete her other hand formed a fist and struck into the brunettes supple belly three
times, first driving upwards from down low, then straight into her belly button, then at
a downwards angle, each blow greviously hurting a different set of internal organs.
The brunette let out three desparing little cries, and gasped a couple of imploring
words in italian, the effects of the blow to her throat constricting her complaints to
plaintive croaks. Yumiko would have loved to have the time to hold her like this,
punching her supple belly repeatedly until the brown-haired beauty was begging, was
entirely Yumiko's creature, her willing slave. Alas the situation was too grave to allow
herself such pleasures, or to spare the beaten assassinette. Yumiko took her levering
arm off the womans throat, and her victim just hung limply bent over Yumiko's knee
as the agent lifted her arm high, and then struck down with her elbow into the
brunettes upper belly, just below the breast bone, and into her heart.

The brunette shuddered and let out a squeak, she clasped her hands over her bruised,
spasming heart. Her eyes were so wide you could see white right around the irises, she
looked completely disbelieving that this could be happening to her. Yumiko tipped the
defeated woman off her leg, letting her sink to her knees, hands still clasped over her
heart. Yumiko stepped behind the kneeling woman, and grasped a handfull of the
silky brown hair. It felt every bit as luxuriant and silken as it looked. Yumiko pulled
the womans head back, exposing her throat and arteries to attack, and co-incidentally
forcing the woman to look up at her with those big, pleading eyes. Her opponent
managed to gasp one word of supplication before Yumiko punched into the side of her
neck, striking at the arteries there. The womans whole body stiffened, shuddering,
eyes rolling back a little under fluttering lids. Yumiko released her and she slumped to
one side, twitched a couple of times, and then lay still.
Yumiko looked up at her next assailant, the woman who had stopped to check on the
condition of the raven-tressed russian. She was a glorious red-head, hair with the color
and shine of copper. Yumiko stole a swift glance over at the fallen Japanese assassin.
She was still rolling around on the ground, hands clasped over her pubis, tears rolling
over her cheeks. Yumiko snapped her attention back to the red-head, who was looking
distinctly unsure of herself, now that her two comrades had been so swiftly dealt with.
Beyond her Yumiko could see the other women struggling to their feet, the pretty
blonde and the black girl were up onto their knee's, but were making a lot of fuss
about holding their bellies and gasping and groaning, the russian was rolling onto her
front, she'd be up on her feet shortly, Krystal was up, she'd soon be joining the attack,
Yumiko had seconds.

Yumiko bounded forwards, feinting with a kick to the head that made the scared
looking red-head lift her guard. Yumiko stopped her kick short and whipped it back
down, the moment her foot touched the ground she lifted the other one up, and sent it
out to drive into the redhead's belly. The red-head let out a groan, but worryingly for
Yumiko, she knew enough to keep her muscles taut. The red-head was unlikely to be
a quick conquest, and Yumiko needed that badly. Krystal was advancing upon them,
and the russian was clambering onto her feet. Yumiko managed to hook a punch
around the red-heads guard, bruising a fair cheek, but the copper haired girl responded
with a knee to the belly that made Yumiko grunt, and back up a little. She was wise to
do so, for the womans follow-up elbow strike would just about have taken her head
off, had her head been where the red-head wanted it to be.

Agent Yumiko stepped in to launch a fresh attack, hoping to finish things quickly with
a knife-hand to the side of the neck, but the red-head was wise to the fact that the
throat is the most vulnerable target, and she maintained a high guard, heedless of body
blows, and caught Yumiko's wrist as a chop came slashing in. Yumiko made no
attempt to free her hand, but punched at the womans face. The red-head slapped a
hand on that too, knocking the blow away from it's intended target, her hand closing
on contact to grip that wrist too.

Both women had their hands tied up now, Yumiko had suspected it might come to
that, and so she was the first to send a knee up into her opponents belly. She drove
repeated knees up with incredible speed, burying each of her knees into the other
womans lightly tanned belly before the red-head could raise her left leg in a protective
guard. The red head groaned, pain showing on her pretty face, and Yumiko couldn't
deny she felt a strong surge of excitement seeing she had hurt the other woman.
Yumiko wished she'd met any of these lethal beauties in a simple argument in a bar,
or at the gym, so she could challenge them to a private meeting to settle their
differences, and take her time and pleasure in demolishing them gradually until they
were willing to be her slave. Sadly though, she'd met them in her line of work, which
meant the whole thing was deadly serious, and there was not time for play or pleasure.
Letting that kind of thing intrude into the job got you killed.

The red-head maintained her grip on Yumiko's wrists, but didn't resist their motion as
Yumiko bought her hands together, clamping her left one over the hand the red-head
held Yumiko's left wrist with. Then she pivoted, turning her body, and slamming an
elbow into the side of that red-head, while her grip on the womans trapped hand
became a painful wrist lock. The copper-haired lovely screamed and relaxed her grip
on Yumiko's wrists, wanting to be out of the lock. Yumiko pivoted back the other
way, turning on the balls of her feet, and adding more rotational power from her hips
to both break her hands from the red-heads grip, and sweep a dramatic circular
crescent kick that smashed the other womans pretty head aside, twirling her on the
spot like a balerina, making her copper tresses fly out. It was unusual for Yumiko to
risk high-kicking techniques, but this one payed off, the red head was still spinning as
she fell, landing heavilly on her front, where she lay panting.

Krystal and the russian stepped around the fallen woman, without even looking down.
Yumiko felt that was particularly un-loyal of the Russian, after the red-head had taken
such an interest in her well being, but then, Yumiko has a vested interest in them
making the tactical error of dividing their strength.

Krystal and the russian came at her together, boxing clever for once. Yumiko had to
dodge and block furiously as the two women pressed her, forcing her back, back,
back. They still liked their flashy high kicking techniques, but with two of them
Yumiko couldn't exploit any of their errors and vulneratiblities. When the Russian
finally landed a kick into her side, letting out a gleeful karate yell as she did so,
Krystal was quick to exploit the opening with a simple right cross to the side of
Yumiko's jaw that staggered her and left her open to the russians punch into her
stomach. Even with her belly muscles taut, it was a good punch, Yumiko couldn't help
but double forward, groaning. The Russian followed it up with a knee to the same
target, and Yumiko was bent forwards so that Krystal could bring a leg slamming
across her back in a descending axe kick.

All of a sudden, Yumiko was having a lot less fun. The force of Krystals kick drove
her down onto the hard tiles, making her breath woof out of her, she could hear the
gleeful tone in the two womans voices, Krystal was laughing, delighted at the
prospect of some payback. If she couldn't do something to turn things around, then
she'd be lucky if they beat her to death in this courtyard. The alternative was being
taken alive and handed over to Ms Misanthropes tender mercies, which Yumiko knew
well enough was something that made being beaten to death the preferable option. In
some aspects of her training they drill in the advice 'If you don't know what to do, do
nothing', but in combat training, the advice is the exact opposite, do something,
anything. Yumiko rolled almost instinctively, throwing herself to one side for all she
was worth. It was a good move, because it saved her from having her belly savagely
stomped on by the Russian girl, and sent her crashing into Krystals shins at just the
right moment to send the blond toppling over her, to land awkwardly on all fours.
Yumiko kept rolling for four turns, and then scrambled up onto her feet. The Russian
had pursused her, and Yumiko rose straight into a kick in the belly that sent her
staggering back, desperately throwing up one of those 'cover everything' style guards
that boxers use. The russian really knew how to generate power, in another life she'd
make a challenging sparring partner. She came on now, grinning prettily, eyes alight
with the confident expectation of impending triumph. She piroetted gracefully into
one of those flashy kicks, it crossed Yumiko's mind that if you took a russian fashion
model and had her trained equally by the bolshoi ballet and the NKVD, you might
wind up with something like this. Unfortunately, the beautiful graceful kicks didn't
work so well against a well trained opponent. Yumiko ducked and wove under the arc
of the kick. The russian looked surprised and disappointed to see that Yumiko was
still standing. She became more businesslike about the whole deal, switching to a
boxing guard and bouncing back and forth on the balls of her feet, kickboxing style,
and Yumiko could see that she'd won some respect from the black-haired woman.
Krystal was up, Yumiko couldn't afford to stand here sparring with the russian girl.
She waited a moment for the positioning to be right, and then feinted left, but lept
right. The russian girl turned swiftly to cover herself from attack from Yumiko's new
position, and only just managed to get a guard up to cover herself from a straight
punch to the head. The punch, however, was mostly a feint, Yumiko swept at the
russians lead leg. Her opponent was good, she had most of her weight on the back foot
for just this reason. The sweep yanked the womans leg, but she pulled all her weight
onto the back leg, and avoided falling forwards. Yumiko threw her weight forwards,
shoulder barging the russian powerfully just as she was on the back foot, sending her
sailing into Krystal.

Both women went tumbling down. Yumiko, grinning with the satisfaction of having
set something up and seeing it work, lept into the air. She folded her legs under her, so
that her knees were pointing downwards. For a moment she was looking don on the
two women, coming down on them like a stooping bird of prey. The two assassins
were lying sprawled on their backs, the russian on top of Krystal, they could only look
up helplessly as Yumiko came down like a hammer.

Yumiko's hard knees rammed down into the soft cushion of the russians belly. Both
women cried out, loud agonised groans as the breath was driven from their bodies.
The russian got the worst of it, her face was contorted with suffering, and when she
got some breath back, she could only gasp the same three words over and over in
russian. Krystal lay panting under her, she might not be as badly hurt as the russian,
but having the other woman on top of her would keep her out of action for a bit.
Yumiko rolled off the downed women, and faced the red-head, who was up on her
feet though clearly hurt. Yumiko pounced on her mercilessly. The red-head managed
to block the first throat-level chop, and smashed away an light exploratory snap-kick,
but she was paniced, over-compensating. As the red-head smacked the next punch
away overenthusiastically, Yumiko placed a palm on the womans elbow and pushed,
pinning that arm across her body. The arm that had just been knocked away was now
free to strike a chop into the red-heads throat. The red-head tried to block with her
remaining arm, but the awkwardness of her position robbed the block of it's remaining
power. Getting her hand in the way of the strike saved her from a fatal blow, but she
still let out a pained yelp as her own hand was driven into her throat.

The red-head clutched her throat with both hands, gasping desperately. Yumiko
stepped in close and filled each hand with a firm, round boob, gripping mercilessly,
and yanked forwards, pulling the red-head onto a knee in the belly. Trapped by her
tits, the red-head could only hang there and take it as Yumiko used her knees to
pulverise the helpess womans guts. When she finally released the womans boobs, the
red-head just stood there, holding her belly and groaning. Yumiko stepped back with
one leg, and then swung it fowards and up, twisting her body behind it as she did so,
driving forwards and up with all her strength.

The final kick lifted the beaten woman off her feet, and sent her arcing through the air,
to land shatteringly on the marble courtyard between two of her fellow evildoers,
where she lay motionless, at least unconcious, and possibly dead. The elfin blonde and
her dark compainion stared down horrified at their comrade laid out between them
like that, before snapping their attention back up to Yumiko, and coming at her as a
Once more it was Yumiko who was on the back foot, she blocked and dodged
furiously, but the two women worked together as though they were linked
telepathically. The one would attack high, the other low. Yumiko had to focus her
attention on the high attacks, guarding her throat and neck from potentially killing
blows, that meant she had to take the low blows as best she could. When a black foot
landed squarely in her bikini bottoms, she let out a yelp of pain, pressing her knees
together instinctively for protection. She kept her guard high, expecting a high attack
to follow, so she was wide open when two perfectly synchronised kicks, drove a dark
foot and a delicate white one into the opposite sides of her belly.

The powerful kicks threw Yumiko across the courtyard, landing her bruisingly on her
behind. She didn't waste time rolling around, hugging her belly and groaning like her
opponents so often did. She wanted to very badly, her belly felt like something was on
fire in it, but the training took over. She flipped her legs up, flexing her body so that
she went into a backwards roll, coming swiftly back up onto her feet.

The duo were upon her instantly, grinning with the enjoyment of having the upper
hand, of revenge. Yumiko knew she was facing death again here. She had to do
something, she couldn't deal with both of them, she had one hope.
She thew herself at the pretty blonde, feinting with a high roundhouse kick. The
blonde swung her arms into what would be a trapping-block, but the kick was pulled
back before it landed. The blonde's lower body was now exposed, Yuiko kicked swift
and hard at her well toned belly. The blonde just managed to smack the kick down
before it landed, utilising a downward punching cross-block that made an X of her
forearms, stopping the kick. Yumiko's shin stung with the force of it's impact, the
blondes forearms must be completely numb. This kick too though, was a form of
feint. The blonde was now leaning forwards, her arms down in the X-block position,
Yumiko struck at her real target, swinging up and uppercut that buried her fist into the
blondes throat.
Moments after the blow landed, Yumiko was sent spinning to the floor by a kick that
slammed into the back of her head. She'd expected to have to take a blow like that,
concentrating on the blonde meant she was going to get tagged by the black girl. She
landed hard, and it took her a full ten seconds to collect her rattled senses togheter
sufficiently to try to get up. In that time, they should have followed up and finished
her off, but she knew that was unlikely to happen.

The blonde fell back, hands clasped to her throat, trying to breathe desperately, her
pretty eyes wide with terror. Yumiko heard the black girl cry "Angel!" as she rushed
to the side of her fallen lover.

Yumiko shook the buzzing in her head away, and lifted herself up onto all fours, the
battle wasn't over yet. Pain exploded in her middle back as someone punched her in
the kidneys. Her attacker threw her weight onto Yumiko's back, flattening her, and
wrapping an arm around her throat. Yumiko gasped and struggled, pressing her
tounge down to help keep an airway open. She heard a voice close to hear ear,
speaking Japanese. "You're good. The best I've seen. The honorable thing to do would
be to stand and face you, and see who is best. But, ah.. no one follows Bushido these
days, hmm? Not me, not you. I'm just a girl who wants to make my way. I want the
power and money Misenthrope can provide. And I want life, as do you, but one of us
must lose it today, hmm?".

Yumiko tried striking back with her head, but her opponent knew she'd do this, she
had a hand on Yumiko's head, pushing forward. Yumiko could hear a buzzing in her
ears already. Yumiko thought fast, 'where are her hands'. One was pressing down on
Yumikos head, she whipped a hand up and grabbed the small finger, yanking back.
Her opponent yelped and called Yumiko a name only the two of them could
understand. Her grip slackened enough that Yumiko could turn her head and sink her
teeth into an arm.

Yumiko's assailant had to go where she was lead, or suffer a broken finger. Yumiko
used this leverage to get the woman in a position where she could roll her off, but as
she did so she lost her grip on the finger. The were up onto their knees, her foe
launched a palm strike that was clearly intended to smash her nose into her brain.
Yumiko punched along the line of the womans attack, knocking the blow aside. She'd
hoped that the punch would follow through to smash into her opponents pretty
features. The Japanese assassin was already pulling away though, taking her face out
of range, and riposting with a chop to the side of the neck.

Yumiko swept an arm outwards, not just blocking the blow, but enwrapping the arm
in the process. She punched down, scoring a hit into the womans supple belly, feeling
muscles held taut under the soft smooth flesh. "Ooooofff!" cried her opponent, then
"AAiie!" as Yumiko punched up into a small, blue-bikini clad mound. Yumiko heard
a cry from her own throat as the other woman exacted revenge by punching upwards
into Yumiko's bare left boob, rather a larger target. Yumiko swang a punch, smacking
into her foes cheek, knocking her to one side. The assassinette put out her hands to
catch her sideways fall. Yumiko had the advantage now, she placed her left plam on
the cold tiles, throwing her weight onto it and one knee, freeing a leg, as he opponent
turned to face her once more Yumiko drove a kick into the side of the womans head.
The assassinette went over sideways. Yumiko was upon her in a second, rolling her
onto her back, and grabbing her wrists, pinning them to the tiles.

Yumiko took a moment to look about. The russian was curled up, holding her belly
and actually crying. Krystal was on her hands and knees, but seemed to be struggling
not to be sick. The black girl was desperately giving 'kiss of life' rescue breaths to her
blonde partner. The trapped japanese struggled to escape. Yumiko thrust an leg out
behind her as though she were doing 'donkey kick' exercises in the gym, and then
drove it down and forwards, burying her knee in the trapped womans belly.
the helpless assassinette as Yumiko knee-ed her in the belly over and over. By the
time Yumiko stopped to cross the womans wrists, pinning them both with one hand,
the assassinette was helpless, all resistance driven out of her. Yumiko let herself fall
onto the woman, her forearm landing forcefully across the womans throat. She held
her weight there until she heard the gasping and wheezing stop.

Yumiko stood up and walked to where Krystal still lay on all fours. When her shadow
fell across the woman, Krystal whimpered with fear, and made to get up, but Yumiko
grabbed her by the hair, and started striking repeatedly to specific points on her body.
Yumiko had never really mastered Dim Mak, and so didn't try to use it in a straight
fight, the accuracy required made it too risky for combat use. Now though, she had the
time to get it right, even if it took her two or three or more attempts to hit the meridian
points. She struck to points she knew would render Krystal numb and immobile for a
few minutes. As Krystal was the leader of the group, Yumiko wanted to have a chat
with her. She needed Krystal alive, but needed to remove the woman as a threat.
As Yumiko let the moaning, limp Krystal slide to the floor, she turned to face the
Russian. The dark haired assassinette was up, but stood slightly bent forwards due to
the pain in her belly. Her face was streaked with tears, she was shaking as she raised
her guard and stood waiting for Yumiko to come at her. Yumiko had read this
womans file. She knew of her work as a hitwoman before she joined Misanthrope's
organisation. She knew that one of the Russians successful hits had been against a
witness prepared to testify against local mafia members, and had been achieved by the
use of explosives in the hotel the witness was being kept 'safe' in. This woman who
stood before her had demolished the whole hotel, killing most of those inside. Despite
all this, Yumiko found she felt sorry for the Russian beauty, as she stood there facing
the end with definace shining in her wet eyes. "You're brave" Yumiko told her "Come
on. I promise I'll make it quick".

The woman came forward boldly, swinging kicks to Yumiko's sides, and then driving
forwards with a palm-heel that might well have been fatal had it landed. Yumiko
wove around the blow, hooking a punch up into the womans aching belly. The
Russian emitted a tortured sound, her eyes screwed shut in pain. Yumiko grabbed her
wrists, and pulled her forwards, kneeing her in that already softened target, left, then
right, her knees sinking deep into her opponents body. Yumiko released the womans
wrists, and struck both sides of her neck simultaneously, swinging her hands inwards
in a double blow that landed against the sides of the womans neck like a killing
The Russians eyes went wide, and she let out a gasp, falling forwards into Yumiko's
waiting arms. The dying woman shook convulsively in Yumiko's arms, as Yumiko
stroked the silky black hair and made soothing noises. It wasn't long at all before, with
a final sigh the assassinette went still.
Yumiko walked to where the last remaining threat knelt, sobbing with her dead lover
in her arms. She waited patiently, telling herself that she shouldn't feel the guilt that
she did. The delicate blonde looked quite at peace as she lay in her lovers embrace,
dark fingers stroking through the short blond hair.

The black girl looked up with brimming eyes, and called Yumiko a list of insulting
names that referenced her race, morals, family, intelligence, personal hygine and bust

"Get real" said Yumiko tiredly "I know you. We knew when you were recruited. I
know what you've done. You two gunned and robbed your way across the U.S. like
bonnie and.. uh.. bonnie. That bank clerk you shot in Vegas was nineteen, he'd not
been a year on the job yet. You're in no position to call me a murderess".
"I don't care about that" the assassinette spat "all I ever cared about, was her".
"Then don't keep her waiting" Yumiko said "Because wherever she is now, she's
waiting for you. I can send you to her". She folded her arms and waited herself.
The black woman stood with tremendous calm dignity, but when her attack came it
was furious, wild. She kicked and punched and chopped and thrust without regard to
her own safety, the sheer violence of the onslaught had Yumiko briefly on the back
foot. She took a kick in the side that caused a sharp, worrying pain in her ribs. In the
end though, the recklessness of the assassinettes attack was her undoing, as Yumiko
wove past a wild high-kick, punching down into the other womans belly
"OoouuuFF!", swinging an uppercut into her jaw "Nnngghh!", punching straight and
hard, mashing the womans boobs in their sky-blue containers "AaaahhhHH! Aaiiii!",
landing two more swift punches into her dark-skinned belly, and finishing it off with a
knee, "Oooouhhh! UrrggGHH! OOOOUUUURRRRGGGHHHH!!!". The assassinette
doubled forwards, clasping her belly. Yumiko wrapped the womans neck in an arm,
and squeezed with all the power she could muster. The black girl struggled
desperately to find a way out, but Yumiko was on guard for any tricks like the ones
she knew, and used her free hand to foil them.

"Don't struggle" Yumiko told the woman as she squeezed the life from her "Don't
struggle. This is what you want. You want to be with her. Don't fight it", but the darkskinned
assassinette did struggle, instinct making her fight for breath and life. Then,
suddenly, her eyes went wide, her expression showing surprise, and she managed to
gasp one surprised word "Angel!", and then she went limp, unresisting. Yumiko held
the pressure on, saw the womans eyes glaze, go dim. She ran her free hand over the
lids, closing them, and held the pressure on for what she knew was long enough.
For some reason she couldn't bring herself to drop the woman to the tiles. She dragged
her to her blond partner, and laid her atop her lover, so that her dark head rested
between the blondes small, pert breasts. She took one of the blondes limp arms, and
laid the hand on the dark head, as though she were stroking the black womans hair.
They looked quite content, lying there in the hot sun. Yumiko hoped they would make
better choices in their next lives, and that they might somehow find each other again.
Yumiko limped to the wall on the far side of the courtyard, holding her side. Standing
on tiptoe, she peered over it. You could see the steps leading up to this high point of
the castle from there, and the guard-house down below. There was no sign anyone had
heard the screams and groans as the assassinettes were slaughtered. She took a
moment to get her breath back and count her bruises. He side hurt, but it was just a
general pain. There was no movement in her ribs that shouldn't be there, no sudden,
unexpected pain when she touched a particular point. She was bruised, but it was
nothing serious. Relieved, she went to check on the bodies, making sure they were all
safely out of action. Only Krystal was still moving, crawling weakly on her belly
towards the entrance Yumiko had come through, beyond which was the open
passageway where Mei-Lan's body lay hidden in the shadows. The Dim Mak strikes
hadn't completely worn off yet, Krystal wasn't going anywhere fast.
Yumiko stalked from one fallen beauty to another, pausing occasionally to place a
foot between bared breasts or on soft, still bellies. If there was a heartbeat, or
breathing going on, she'd feel it that way. This wasn't just an unorthodox means of
taking a pulse of course. Few things thrilled Yumiko like standing over her defeated
foe in the classic victory pose, one foot on their prone form. She loved the
confirmation of her excellence, her power. She'd gaze down at them thinking "You
thought you could take me on, but look at you now. Conquered, slain. You were no
match for me".

Eventually she came to the redhead, who was sprawlled attractively, arms and legs
thrown wide. She looked like she was sleeping. Yumiko could see her belly rising an
falling. Smiling slyly, Yumiko placed a foot on the red-heads trim belly. The red-head
showed no reaction, apparently out cold. Yumiko didn't believe it for a second.
"Playing possum are we?" she asked, and stomped hard on the womans pale stomach,
driving her heel in.

"UUURRGGHH!!" exclaimed the red-head, writhing in pain and thus letting on she
was still concious. Yumiko stepped off her belly, and placed her foot on the red-head's
throat, leaning her weight forwards.

"No... please! Please!" croaked the red-head, her eyes desperate.
"Sorry" said Yumiko "You understand, I can't leave anyone to sneak up on me with a
gun, or raise the alarm. You'd do the same". She pressed her weight down. The redhead
scratched and batted at her ankle, but over time the red-heads efforts became
weaker. Eventually she went limp. Yumiko kept her weight on the womans throat
until she was sure, and then stalked off towards Krystal.
By now Krystal had managed to get onto her feet, and was staggering drunkenly
towards the exit. Yumiko caught up with her swiftly. Krystal put up no defence as
Yumiko stepped in front of her and powerd a punch up into her belly. Krystal made
and agonised sound and fell forwards into Yumiko's waiting arms. Yumiko applied a
painful armlock, and led the sobbing blonde across the courtyard to the door that led
to Yumiko's mission objective.
"What's the entry code" Yumiko asked, nodding towards the keypad mounted into the

"Please.. I can't tell you.." protested Krystal bleakly "she'll..".
"No she wont" Yumiko interrupted "because I'm going to. What's the entry code?".
"Why should I tell you if you're going to.. OOORRRUUGGHH!!". Yumiko's fist was
buried into Krystals belly once more. She punched the girl assassin again, and again,
and again. Trapped in Yumiko's clutches Krystal could only flop limply about under
the impact of the blows, emitting agonized grunts. Krystals left hand was gripped, and
twisted, bending the bones and muscles of her wrist against their normal motion, and
making Krystal hiss through clenched teeth, and arch her back as her hand was pulled
up between her shoulder blades, thrusting her big breasts out before her. Yumiko's
other hand reached up to cup one of those breasts, her thumb stroking the nipple in a
slow circular motion. Despite everything, Krystals nipples rose under Yumiko's touch,
and Yumiko tweaked one gently between thumb and finger. Then she gripped and
twisted viciously, making Krystal cry out in pain. Yumiko put ten swift hard punches
up into the blonde girls defenceless breast, each making Krystal shudder and cry out.
Yumiko laid an arm across the womans throat, and bent her back. Krystal moaned in
fear and gasped "No.. please don't". Yumiko raised her fist, and punched down hard
and repeatedly into Krystals stretched belly. Krystal could only lie there, stretched out
like that, unable to do anything except emit a commentry of groans on the subject of
what Yumiko's fist was doing to her belly. "Ouurgh! Urgg! URRFff! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
URRRRRGHH! Please I.. URRRGHH!.. I'll tell.. ple..URRGH! The number is..
OUURRGGHH! Oh.. oh god my belly.. my bellURRRRGGHHH!!!
8962..UUURRGGHHH!! 896..OOUURRGHH!! Please URRGGHH!!". Yumiko
finished up with a devestating knife-hand chop into Krystals skimpy black bikini
bottoms, making the blonde girl howl loudly enough to put Yumiko in fear of alerting
the rest of the castle.

"896272" Krystal gasped between sobs "896272".

Yumiko turned to the keypad. If Krystal had told her the wrong number, typing it in
could set off the alarm. But that would surely be bad news for Krystal too, she must
know Yumiko would use her remaining time to punish her prisoner. Krystal didn't
strike Yumiko as being the self sacrificing type. Yumiko punched the code in, and
with a click the door swung open. Yumiko threw Krystal though it, and stepped into
Ms Misanthropes inner sanctum.

Krystal lay face-down before her, sobbing brokenly, face pressed into the carpet.
Yumiko stepped carefully around her, wary of last-chance tricks, reached down and
grabbed a handful of blonde hair, pulling back so that the assassinette had to look up
at her. Time for some answers. "What's the plan Krystal?" she asked.
"If.. if I tell you.. will you let me go?" Krystal asked pathtically.
"No" Yumiko replied.

"You.. you could tie me up? Or knock me out? Or something?" Krystal pleaded.
"Too risky. You could wake up, escape, who knows what. Never leave trouble at your
back. It's basic training. You know that".

Krystal knew it, nevertheless she whimpered "Please?" with big, tearful eyes.
Yumiko shook her head. "I'm sorry" she said again, trying to sound and feel sincire.
"Apart from anything else there's the small matter of you being a known murderess
and an enemy of world peace".

Krystals manner toughened. "Then why should I tell you anything?".
Yumiko gave her a swift Isshinryu style vertical punch in her left kidney. Krystal
squealed. Yumiko grabbed her by the ear and twisted, dragging the beaten villainess
off the floor and leading her into the room beyond. She tossed Krystal down onto an
expensive looking chaise-lounge, and then fell to her knees herself, using her
downwards momentum to bury an elbow into Krystals brusied belly. Krystal howled
hugging her belly and rocking backwards and forth on the chaise.

"These are your last minutes Krystal, accept it. The question you should be asking
yourself, is how do you want to spend them?". She unwrapped the womans arms from
her mid-riff, and pinned her wrists behind her head with one hand. "Like this?" she
asked, and then punched down into her victims belly once more.
"AAUUUGGHHH!!" screamed Krystal, writhing.

"Or like this?" Yumiko asked, opening her fist and stroking long fingers down the
side of Krystals face. The fingers proceeded downwards, caressing the blondes throat,
Yumiko lent forwards, and commenced kissing tears away from Krystals face. Her
long fingers were now sliding over and around a big, firm breast, her thumb circling
over one of Krystals nipples once more. Her lips settled on Krystals own. They stayed
there a long time, working against Krystals mouth, gently pursuading the blondes
rouged lips to open, sliding her tounge around them. When she finally released the
blondes mouth, and freed her own to speak, she said "So, if you tell me everything, I'll
see to it you go out..." she slid her hand from the breast, down over Krystals bruised
and aching belly, and deftly slipped it under the black fabric of her bikini bottoms "...
Krystal gasped. "I'm.. I don't.. I'm not sure.. I..".
"We can always go back to me punching your soft body, if that's what you want"
Yumiko said reasonably. Her mouth descended on a big, upthrust breast, and started
making wet smacking noises there.
"You think you can buy me with... oooooohhhhhhhhhh" Krystals words were lost in a
shuddering groan. Yumiko knew she could. Training.
"Talk Krystal, or you'll suffer a slow, painful end". Her mouth descended back down
onto an erect nipple, her tounge circling around it while her long fingers worked
deftly under Krystals bikini bottoms.
"I.. I.. I'm an assassin" Krystal confessed breathlessly.
"We.. mmm.. know that.. mmm.. Krystal. Who's the target?".
"Uh.. uh.. I don't know. We've not been given.. uh.. our final.. ummmmm..
"In general then? You must have some idea".
"Uhhhh.. world... leaders".
No surprises there then.
"To what end?"
"Uhh.. ohhh.. yes.. uh.. You know.. I'll tell you everything if you just.. uh.. put your
pretty face between.. my legs and..".
"And suddenly feel your thighs squeezing around my neck? I'm not a fool Krystal.
"It was just.. uh.. umm.. oh god.. just an i..i..idea".
"What's the plan Krystal?".
"She.. she's planted her agents.. oh! Oh! They.. all world governments.. someone..
third.. forth.. fifth in line. Ohmigod.. ohmigod.. where did you learn that? oh! OH!".
"The plan.. mm mm.. Krystal.. what's the plan?".
"We assasinate the leaders.. oh yes! oh! oh yes! assasinate leaders.. and seconds in
command.. and ohhh! ohhh! and.. her people take.. uh! uhhh!.. control".
Simple and brilliant. Melinda's plots were normally more involved, baroque.
Normally there was some advanced technology in the mix. Melinda was feeling
minimalist these days it seemed. Nevertheless, Yumiko felt she could see some flaws.
"Many world leaders these days are women?"she asked, bringing her face up to look
in Krystals eyes, watching for hints the would-be assassin might be spinning her a
tale. Perhaps Melinda had trained up some of the muscle-bound guards to fill those
"Oh! Oh! Uhh! We dont.. uh uh.. percieve that.. uh uh.. to be such a.. uh uh.. problem"
Krystal panted. To underline the point, she lifted her head to kiss Yumiko with
desperate fervour. Yumiko accepted the kiss, savouring it. It was a good one. Maybe
Krystal had a point.
"Please spare me" Krystal pleaded "take me with you.. uh.. uh.. I'll be your slave".
"Before you signed up here darling, you left a trail of bodies across Europe. I don't
want to become one of them. Let's not talk of such things, hmm? Mmm you like that..
don't you?".
"Oh god yes!".
"So, replace the leaders of the top ten most powerful nations with her own creatures,
and sieze control, that's it?".
Krystal let out a small, bitter, shuddering laugh. "You don't.. oh! yes! that! oh!.. You
don't know her. She would never think.. ummmmmm.. so small. We are just.. just the
last batch".
"The last batch?".
"Every.. uh.. fucking.. uh.. nation on earth. Corporations too. Oh! Ohhh yes!
Organisations.. the U.N... even fucking Greenpeace".
Yumiko couldn't believe what she was hearing. "But.. but that would need..".
"Hundreds.. hundreds of us.. uh! uh! and hundreds of her people to take over.. maybe
"My God. And what do you get out of it? What's your price?".
Krystal gripped Yumiko's shoulders, and gazed up with eyes alight with rapture. She
was on the edge of climax. "Everything!" she gasped, as though in the grip of a vision.
Yes. If the plan came off, Melinda Misanthrope would be the single, sole ruler of
planet Earth. No one would know of course, but she'd always be there, a shadow
whispering commands into the ears of her puppets. She'd operate the levers that
controlled the world from behind her curtain of shadow and secret, always making
sure no one paid attention to the woman behind the curtain. She'd be the puppetmaster
of humanity. She could buy anyone. Not for the first time, the thought flickered across
Yumiko's mind that maybe she'd chosen the wrong side. But no, she told herself, then
it would be her stretched out here like Krystal, and she didn't want that.
Krystal let out a shuddering cry, her body arching, her face and throat flushing pink.
"No" thought Yumiko, "I wouldn't want this to be me". Krystals arched back lifted the
blondes ribcage up as though she were offering Yumiko a path to her heart. Yumiko
took her hand out from the wet bikini bottoms, and drove a nerve punch up under
Krystals rib-cage, delivering the impact of the blow directly into the other womans
fluttering heart, shocking it to a stop.
Krystal spasmed, and then went slack with a long, slow sigh. The expression on her
face looked peaceful. Yumiko lent forwards and ran her hand down over Krystals
face, closing the eyes. She could be sleeping, laid out on that chaise lounge.
Yumiko crossed to the ornate desk that commanded the room. Her main objective was
here. She had a computer password, she neither knew nor cared how they had come
by it. Other than that, she simply had instructions to "find out what you can". She'd
done well on that front already. She now knew what she had to find. A list of names,
of identities.

The computer was built into the desk. The display was little more than a wafer of
translucent glass on which images and text appeared as though by magic. Expensive.
Again, no surprise. Melinda made a point of having the best of everything.
She activated the computer, logged on, and started searching. Well, to be accurate, she
noticed a large file pasted onto the desktop. Double-clicking on it asked her for a
password. It was encrypted. Yumiko felt instinctively that this was what she was
looking for.

She was going to need something to take the data out on. The usb-key she'd bought
with her was in that Mei-Lans handbag, out there in the courtyard with the dead
assassinettes. She pulled out the top desk draw. Inside it were the usual detrius of
pens, keys, a pack of tissues, a tube of lip balm, an mp3 player / usb key, several
smart-cards in different memory sizes, and a combat knife. The knife didn't surprise
her, you look in Ms Misanthropes draws, you have to expect to find something
dangerous. She selected a 128MB smart card, but then changed her mind for the mp3
player. The tiny device had a tie-chord at one end, so you could tie it to your arm or
wear it around your neck. The kind of thing people used to listen to music at the gym.
Yumiko knew computers. She knew Melinda didn't, not really. Melinda was one of
those people who was too busy, too full of important ideas, to do her homework.
Melinda would have installed things to make her computing experience as userfriendly
as possible. Oh, she wasn't stupid. She wasn't one of those people who
deactivates their firewall because it's stopping them from downloading porn. Melinda
was a certified genius, certified and certifiable. However, she could only spread her
formidable intelligence so widely, and computers didn't interest her. As a result she
didn't really 'think secure'. She installed too much stuff on her machine. And she ran
*that* operating system, you know the one. Yumiko used to live by the slogan "whose
mail do I want to read today?". She knew that Melinda would proably use a 'password
wizard' or some such program to remember all her passwords and id-strings. Often
these programs didn't use a 'master password' to store the data, even if they did,
people tended to choose weak, easily rememberable passwords as the master,
undermining all their security in one go.

Without a master password, or some other form of external input, any encryption that
the password wizard might use was worthless, because all the information you needed
to decrypt the password file must be on the disk somewhere. Yumiko checked what
programs were installed on the computer, found just such a password program (the
popular one. The one everyone downloads because it's pretty and cool and has
animations and sound effects like something out of mission impossible. The one
Yumiko knows uses really poor cryptography. They focused all their programming
effort on the graphics). She located it's settings and data files, and copied them, along
with the encrypted desktop document, onto the usb device. Back in the hotel-room she
was staying in under cover of being a tourist, her laptop had a suite of programs of her
own design that'll crack this data wide open in minutes. Yumiko knows computers.
That's one of the things that got her into all this.

Yumiko thought back to the day when she'd had the visitor. He'd presented her with a
list of incriminating evidence that showed her illicit online activities, in and out of
supposedly secure systems, never taking or doing too much, keeping a low profile.
But they'd been watching her for a long time. He'd been what she then thought of as
old. Early forties maybe. Kinda dishy though, for a Gaijin. His Japanese had been
beyond perfect. It wasn't just his speech, it was his mannerisms, everything. She
insisted on speaking to him in English, both out of some pathetic attempt to show she
could match him (she'd always been proud of her language skills, but compared to his
grasp of Japanese, her English was embarrasing) and because it was freaking her out
to see an outsider with such a grasp of her language and culture. They weren't
supposed to be able to do that.

He'd offered her the job in exchange for covering up her online criminal activities.
She'd smiled knowingly at that. Let them try. She'd done nothing serious, not really. If
she had her day in court, she'd simply turn her pretty, innocent eyes to the jury, bat
expensively mascaraed lashes, and claim she was just bored and a little.. lonely. She
just wanted to have a little fun. She'd always known she was smart, even when no one
else could see it, and the internet was a place she could prove that, to herself if no one
else. Did that make her a bad person?
They both knew full well that there wasn't a jury in the land that wouldn't roll over for
her like a puppy wanting it's tummy tickled.
She asked just one question. "Is it dangerous?".
"Insanely" he said with a grin. "Miss ********. You'd have to be mad to take up my
offer. If the training doesn't break you, you'll almost certainally die horribly in some
far away land on your first assignment. Of course, we'll train you to be able to handle
yourself. You think these are skills?" He waved a hand over the record of her digital
naughtiness "You have no idea" he said, his grin suggestive of the pleasures of secret
knowledge. "But even with your training, it's certain death for 98% of the intake. Only
the very best of the best stand a chance in the field. We both know we don't really
have anything on you. Nothing you can't beat. I advise you to have your day in court,
and then go back to your quiet little life, and forget we ever met".
"I'll do it" Yumiko had said.
A shadow fell across the desk and Yumiko was shocked back into the present. She
couldn't believe she'd left herself drift off into her memories while on a dangerous
assignment like this. She also couldn't believe she'd left the door open. She stood up,
turning to face the newcomer.

He was huge. A great muscle-monster of a man. In the hot, humid, tropical climes of
the castle he was as under-dressed as the assassinettes had been, wearing what could
best be described as a pair of swimming briefs, with the accent on 'brief'. He carried a
gun though. Yumiko wondered where he kept it holstered. It was an automatic
compact pistol. It was pointed unerringly at her heart.

Yumiko raised her hands, and tried to look defiant and delicate at the same time,
thrusting out her bosom like she was on a parade ground. Unarmed, and practically
naked, psychology was the best weapon she had. "My" she said "what a nasty looking
little gun. Still, I bet you're glad you bought it, you wouldn't want to wind up like all
those women outside".

He leered at her as he checked Krystals neck for a pulse. His eyes never left her, they
roved over her face and body. As she was only wearing the tiny white thong she'd
taken from Mei-Lan, you couldn't say he was undressing her with his eyes, rather he
was groping her with is gaze. There was a growing bulge in his briefs that implied he
liked what he saw. Yumiko silently willed him to take the bait. He walked to the
window. Yumiko watched him, thinking all the time of the combat knife in the
drawer, unsporting perhaps, but she was here to do a job. She watched him open the
window, and drop the gun through it, grinning malevolently at her as he did so. He
wasn't stupid, he'd gotten rid of the gun to be sure she'd never pick it up and use it
against him. Yumiko smiled, thinking of the drawer, the knife, and then he came
across the room with surprising speed.
Yumiko let out a cry of surprise, she hadn't been expecting this. People built like him
normally depended soley on strength, and those muscles tended to slow them down.
This brute was clearly fast and strong, and trained. She threw up a guard, backing
away as he probed at her defences with swift sharp jabs. He seemed to be mostly a
boxer, keeping his feet on the ground, attacking with his hands. He was between her
and the drawer now.
Yumiko went for the obvious target, kicking low, he raised a knee, blocking the kick
before it reached his groin. So, he knew more than boxing, he knew how to use a leg
to block low kicks. She followed up with an exploratory kick to the head, snapping it
back when she saw him move his guard fractionally to block it. Now she saw an
opening, the drove a kick fowards and managed to plant the ball of her foot in his
belly, as he was expecting the blow to land lower he didn't raise his leg or lower his
arms enough to cover his mid-riff. He let out a surprised "Wooof!", doubling forward
slightly and using his elbows to cover his belly boxer-style. She could see he was
surprised at the penetrative power she could generate, but she also knew from that
impact of her foot against his hard ab-muscles that, though she could hurt him, she
couldn't really do much damage to him there. The shield-wall of his abs was just too

He launched an attack now, dancing forwards, jabbing at her face. She used a
favourite technique striking down the centerline, sending her own punch across line of
his. Even though he had such a great strengh advantage over her, it would be his
punch that would be knocked aside, not so much knocked aside in truth, as redirected,
invited to follow a slightly different course. It's all about angles and
leverage, and the fact that his bulging biceps weren't what was powering the punch.
Punches are powered by the triceps, the less eye-catching muscle on the other side.
She drove her own punch onwards, beyond the point where their fore-arms had
clashed, and into his face. She just missed his nose, she would have broken it if her
punch had been on target, but when her fist came away, it had his blood on it, and he
had a split lip. She had no time to celebrate first blood though, for something
impacted in her belly with unbelieveable force.

"OOOOOUUUGGGHHHHH!" groaned Yumiko, doubling around the fist buried in
her stomach. Despite her training her hands came down instinctively to clutch her
guts. Pain exploded in her left boob, as he punched upwards into it's plump
vulerability, hanging down before her bent forwards body. "Ahhhhh!" Yumiko cried,
grimacing as the blow flattned her tit and bruised her ribs. The uppercut that slamed
into her jaw stood her back up and sent her tumbling backwards, fighting to regain her
balance. She fetched up against a wall, gasping.
"You're good" he said, speaking for the first time "A pretty fighter in all senses of the
word. More skilled than me, but alas, I have an unfair advantage. I'm just too strong
for you. Sorry". The appology didn't sound too genuine.
Yumiko pushed herself off the wall, raised her guard. "I'm not beat yet" she
remineded him.

He shrugged, indicating that he thought it was only a matter of time. She came at him,
eager to take the lead in their dance. This time he was the one surprised by his
opponents speed, as she blurred, twirling to smash a heel through the space occupied
by his head, using one of those big, high flying techniques that the assassinettes had
been so fond of, and which she normally considered too risky to use.
The kick would have sent him to the floor, were it not for the desk. He fetched up
against it, catching it's edge to support himself, just as he turned to face her once
more, she pivoted on one leg, driving a high roundhouse kick that slammed up into his
jaw, knocking his head back. He looked dazed, but stayed upright by clinging onto the
desk, she pivoted back a little, and without returning her kicking leg to the ground,
repeated the kick. This time he lost his grip on the desk, staggering back, but managed
to stay on his feet. His guard down, staggering like that, he was wide open. Yumiko
landed a pedicured foot squarely in his bulging briefs.

"URRRGHH!" he cried, as he clutched his bruised balls and erection. Yumiko
piroetted again, the spinning kick smashed his head in the opposite direction to the
desk, his body followed and crashed through a coffee table, it's wood surface splitting
in two under the impact.

"It seems it is I who have the advantage now" Yumiko observed archly. To her
surprise though, he was already lifting himself out of the wreckage of the coffee table.
Those kicks would have finished most people, and the fall through the coffee table
must have hurt too. This guy thought he was tough. Yumiko had to give it to him, he
was right.

"Not bad" he said, spitting blood, "but I think that's the best you've got, and it won't be
enough" he assumed a fighting stance and boxing guard.

Yumiko could feel her excitement rising again. She always enjoyed this kind of
contest, this kind of opponent. The battle of the sexes. His hard, huge, overdeveloped
muscles versus her soft supple curves. Speed and agility versus brute strength. Skill
and subtlety and technique versus direct animal power. Their near-naked bodies
competing in a contest between masculinity and femininity until one lay broken and
conquered at the others feet. It had always been Yumiko's experience that speed and
technique carried the day, apart from the few fights that for one reason or another
she'd thrown, but she tingled with the possibility that this time might be different.
Risk had always been her favourite aphrodisiac.
Yumiko charged in, eager to settle the matter. Roundhouse kicks smacked against his
forearms as he turned to take them on his boxing guard, she stepped closer, punching
down into his abs for all she was worth, hurting him despite the strong wall of muscle
over his guts. When her knee rammed up into his balls, that hurt him worse, making
him roar in pain. Seeing a gap in his boxing guard, she swang an elbow smash up
between his forearms and into his jaw, smacking his head back. But he wouldn't go
down. He just took the punishment. A blow to the caratoid artery would do the trick,
but every time she tried that, he turned to catch it on his forearms. Then pain burst in
her belly like as his fist found that soft target once more.

Yumiko grimaced and bent forwards, keeping her guard up to protect her head and
throat. Angry that she had hurt him, that even for a short while a woman had had the
better of him, he stepped close and punished her belly with punches that he swang
upwards into its supple softness. Yumiko grunted and groaned as waves of agony
pulsed through her belly like she'd swallowed a string of firecrackers. She retreated,
driven back by the blows. When she finally dropped her hands to cover her belly, he
laid into her dangling tits, pummeling them mercilessly, driving them up to flatten
them against her ribcage. Then a blow to the side of her head spun her around, and
sent her sprawling across the computer desk, narrowly missing smashing though the
screen. The momentum kept her rolling, and she tumbled off the desk, thudding to the
She lay there gasping. Her training was screaming for her to get up, but her body
refused to obey her minds commands, her arms wouldn't unwrap from her aching
belly. Fingers curled into her hair and lifted her to her feet. She was thrown against a
wall, and then her arms were pulled away from her belly, lifted up, and her wrists
were pinned above her head by one big hand. His fist rammed into her belly again,
over and over. "Ugh! Ugh! Urgh! Urrgh! Urrggh! Urrrghh! Ourrghh! Ouurgghh!"
Yumiko went as her stomach was pummelled. When it finally stopped, she fell limply
forwards into his waiting arms, and hung there gasping. It occured to her now that he
was right, he was too strong for her. She'd never beat him like this. She'd have to try
something else.
"Please" Yumiko gasped weakly "No more... uh.. You win... uh uh.. You're too
"Of course I am. But you fought well, little one" he told her patronisingly.
Yumiko drew shuddering, pain filled breaths. "What will.. uh.. you do now?" she
asked "Will you.. uh.. oh my belly.. will you.. uh.. had me over for.. uh.. uh.. torture
and execution? Uh.. uh.. uh.. or will you.. kill me yourself?".
"Which would you prefer?" he asked reasonably.
"I've.. always.. preferred the.. the personal.. touch" Yumiko panted. "Do I.. uh gulp..
get a.. uh.. last request?".
"But of course, what do you wish, my brave little amazon?".
"What do you think.. my mighty conquerer?" Yumiko slid her tounge over his huge
chest muscles, started kissing them. "Make.. my defeat.. total. Finish me off..
symbolically.. before you do it.. for real".

He grinned, clearly he'd expected nothing less. Her mouth met his, pressing upwards
eagerly, moving wetly as her tounge probed. The tiny thong she'd taken from Mei-Lan
was held together by little more than white strings, she felt it go as he ripped it off her
with a single mighty pull. She was wet from the exhertions of combat, from the guilty
pleasure of the kill, from her seduction of Krystal, and yes, even from being bested by
this brute. It was a good thing, because he didn't waste any time on foreplay. She cried
out as he thrust into her, the sound muffled by his mouth on hers. It wasn't just his
muscles that were huge, and he was a tight fit inside Yumiko's petite frame. Despite
his crude technique, he seemed to be hitting her in all the right places. She was pinned
against the wall once more, taking a merciless pounding, but this time it wasn't
punches. In many ways it all seemed to be a repeat of their earlier combat, only this
time his domination of her was more total, she was helpless, limp, falling. When his
mouth freed hers she could hear herself crying "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!", mimicing the cries
she'd produced as he'd pummelled her with belly-punches. She hoped that in this room
was sufficiently sound-proof for her vocalisations not to reach the ears of the other
guards, down in the guard-house.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, gripping him with them. His hands gripped her
buttocks, supporting her weight. "The desk" she gasped "on the desk". They came
away from the wall, he was carrying her now, she was clinging to him, carried along
like a trophy impaled on his weapon. She felt the edge of the desk at her back, as he
went to lay her down she said "No, you want me on top".
He looked suspicious for a second, but she said "You're too heavy, I'll be squashed,
and if I'm on top, I can use my skills for the last time". She gave him a quick
demonstration of what she could do with muscle control. That convinced him. So he
was laid out on the desk, Yumiko riding him enthusiastically, her hands caressing his
bulging muscles as she bounced herself up and down, crying out as his spike was
driven deep into her time and again. She gave him a demonstration of what she could
do with her muscles, the ones surrounding his shaft. He was red-faced from exhertion,
grimacing with the effort of maintaining control of his arousal, it seemed the battle
was going against him now. Yumiko allowed herself to be lost in the experience for
just a while, arching her back, her head thrown back, eyes closed, while her mind
sputtered and flared like a fire that can't decide whether it shall go out, or roar into a

She fought to bring her mind back to the job, the mission. It was difficult, she felt
dazed and punch drunk. She lowered herself down onto him, arching her back so that
her ample breasts dangled down into his face. He took the bait eagerly, kissing and
nibbling and lapping at them very distractingly as Yumiko stretched an arm out
beyond his head. The desk was very well made, the draws slid on runners so smooth
and silent you'd think they were frictionless. The wet sensations of his lips and tounge
working against her bruised and sensitive breasts was a constant feedback on what he
was doing. Lying there, all is concentration focused on her, fighting not to come and
with a facefull of her knockers, he was unlikely to pay much attention to what she was
doing. She lifted one hand to her back, pressing it and it's contents between her
shoulder blades.

Yumiko lifted her breasts away from his face, and bought her mouth hungrily down
onto his. "Got.. job.. do" some internal part of her protested, "Do it.. now", but she
over-rode the advice of her training. She had the advantage now, she could afford the
time to finish the job properly. They were both trembling, gasping and spasming as
they fought to maintain control. Yumiko was moaning inchoerently, emitting
occasional squeals and gasps of pleasure in harmony to his grunts. She lifted herself
back up to a sitting position, and redoubled the violence of her bouncing up and down,
her hair falling across her face in sweat-slicked strands. He stared mesmerised at her
boobs as they bounced in counterpoint to the piledriver motion of her body. Seeing his
regard, she cupped one with her free hand, caressing it, long fingers tweaking the
erect nipple as she gazed hotly into his eyes, watching for the moment when he lost
control completely. She lifted the breast, bending her neck as far as it would go, and
ran her tounge around her own nipple, licking it swiftly and repeatedly. He seemed to
be in a hypnotic trance, his eyes wild. When she finally used all her supple flexibility
to plant her lips around her own erect nipple and start sucking, it was too much for
His body bucked under her in a titanic thrust that made her scream in appreciation.
She saw in his eyes that he'd crossed a line of inevitablity, one she was about to step
across herself. His face was contorted with effort, muscles standing out on his neck.
She whipped her hidden hand from behind her back, and she saw the briefest flare of
realisation in his eyes as he registered the knife. Being in the grip of orgasm though,
he could do nothing as she plunged it's seratted length into his pounding heart.
He let out a disbelieving cry as his whole body went into spasm. Yumiko felt a wet
warmth explode inside her as he came, his body throwing all its remaining strength
into this last act, pumping into her. Mirroring the jet spraying inside her, blood jetted
from around the knife as his heart strove to beat around the sharp obstructon piercing
it. He bucked and shuddered so violently, it was all Yumiko could do to keep them on
the desk. With a cry, Yumiko lost control herself, her climax ripping through her and
demolishing any remaining structures of coherent thought left in her addled mind. She
fell onto him, bruising her sternum painfully on the hilt of the knife, her impact
driving it in deeper.

Yumiko lay panting for a long time. Eventually she had recovered enough to lift
herself up onto her elbows. "There are layers of combat beyond the physical" she told
the slain guard lying beneath her, and kissed him one last time before lifting herself
off him and leaving him laid out on the desk, another discarded lover.
Yumiko was tired now, only her training kept her going, driving her on as she retraced
her steps through the castle. She'd taken Krystals bikini bottoms, that gave her
somewhere to put the combat knife, it's unsheathed length held in place at her hip by
the black chord. She wore the tiny usb key around her neck, the chord tied tight so
that it was more a choker than a necklace.

She'd found an en-suite shower cubicle in Misanthropes office, and had taken one
minute and twenty-seven seconds to stand under it's refreshing downpour, letting it
wash the guards blood away. She hoped she might be able to pass as one of the
assassinettes long enough to make her escape. Of course, she'd have to come up with
an explaination for all the livid bruises on her face, boobs and belly, but then, she
knew the assassinettes tended to get into scraps with each other.

Yumiko lay panting for a long time. Eventually she had recovered enough to lift
herself up onto her elbows. "There are layers of combat beyond the physical" she told
the slain guard lying beneath her, and kissed him one last time before lifting herself
off him and leaving him laid out on the desk, another discarded lover.
Yumiko was tired now, only her training kept her going, driving her on as she retraced
her steps through the castle. She'd taken Krystals bikini bottoms, that gave her
somewhere to put the combat knife, it's unsheathed length held in place at her hip by
the black chord. She wore the tiny usb key around her neck, the chord tied tight so
that it was more a choker than a necklace.
She'd found an en-suite shower cubicle in Misanthropes office, and had taken one
minute and twenty-seven seconds to stand under it's refreshing downpour, letting it
wash the guards blood away. She hoped she might be able to pass as one of the
assassinettes long enough to make her escape. Of course, she'd have to come up with
an explaination for all the livid bruises on her face, boobs and belly, but then, she
knew the assassinettes tended to get into scraps with each other.

The first guard she encountered was taking in the view from the ramparts on one side
of the castle. He was another great chunk of muscle, all the guards must spend most of
their lives in the gym. He wore only a pair of bikini thongs, and a holstered gun.
Yumiko skidded to a halt as she jogged around a corner, to wind up face to face with

He stared, his eyes dropping in a brief appreciate glance at her bare chest, a
distractingly glorious sight despite all the bruises. Yumiko returned the compliment,
this one had lovely muscles just like the one lying dead on Melinda Misanthropes
desk, her gaze slid over his pectorals. They raised their eyes, their gazes meeting.
Yumiko resolved to brazen it out, claim she was an assassinette. She smiled, opened
her mouth to say something, and he went for his gun.

Yumiko moved in a single fluid motion, without thought. She'd left the knifes sheath
so as it would be ready for instant use. It left her hand and wound up in his chest
before is gun was fully out of it's holster. He staggered back, waving the gun, fetching
up against the ramparts. "Don't pull the trigger, don't pull the trigger" she prayed, it
could still all go wrong if the rest of the castle were alerted. The top wall of the castle
was thin, not made of huge blocks like the lower levels of the structure. He teetered
against the stone. "No! No!" Yumiko wished "fall forwards!". He went over
backwards, tumbling over the low rampart. After a while she heard the sound of his
body falling through branches of trees far below. She'd lost the knife.
She encountered the next one at the top of a flight of steps. He came up out of them,
and stepped onto her level of the castle, glaring at her suspicously. He is wearing a
skimpy blue bikini thongs.. If anything Yumiko was getting a bit bored seeing these
spectacularly muscled chests on display, the guards were as alike as clones. Maybe
that's what they were, anything was posible where Melinda Misanthrope was

She tried the same "I'm supposed to be here" tactic that had just failed her previously.
"Oh god! Thank god I've found someone" she gasped, limping and making a show of
hugging her bruised belly "I don't know where they came from. We couldn't stop
them. I think they've killed all the other girls. They're breaking into Misanthropes
"Who the fuck are you?" he growled.
"Mei-Lan?" she said, a little hopelessly.
"Bullshit" he declared, staring at her boobs "You're way to big to be Mei-Lan". He
advanced on her, grinning with the anticipation of laying his hands on her beautiful
Yumiko stepped back into a fighting stance, raising her guard. Seeing this his grin
widened. "Oh yes" he said, delightedly "I'm going to enjoy this. Those bitches
couldn't deal with you eh? Just goes to show, never send eight women to do a mans
job". He came towards her, bouncing on the balls of his feet, jabbing experimentally.
This one too favoured a boxer-style approach, but he hadn't one tenth of the skill of
the guard she'd killed in Melinda's office, nor of the assassinettes that she'd dispatched
en-masse. His guard was shoddy and he was heavy on his feet. He was your typical
muscle-man, all bluster and misplaced self confidence. He swung at her with a wild
haymaker, chuckling as he did so anticipating an easy victory. Yumiko ducked easily
under it, stepping in as she did so, and delivering a swift liver punch, striking up just
under his ribs to shock the big gland and knock much of the fight out of him. She
followed up with a flurry of incredibly swift punches into his muscled abdomen, the
shock to his liver having already made the muscles there go slack. Now she was the
one chuckling, and she heard the note of disbelief in his voice as he went "UG! UG!
UGH! UGH! UURRGGHHH!". She drove a knee up into the bulge in the front of his
bikini thongs, obtaining a satisfying cry of "OOOUUURRGGHH! My balls!!". He
folded up in pain, his head coming down to meet the heel of her palm as she drove it
straight up, twisting her lithe supple body to power the strike. Her palm-heel slammed
into his jaw, lifting his head up, standing him upright, and then he went over like a
sack of potatoes.

She stepped back into her stance, but was quite surprised when he started making
efforts to get up. She'd thought if the palm-heel hadn't finished him, the impact of his
head against the stone floor would have. She let him get back up, she was confident
her skill gave her enough of an advantage that she could afford to be sporting.
He was furious, but he treated her with more respect this time, feinting and dancing
and looking for an opening, rather than just steaming in on the basis of his greater
strength. He jabbed at her, she wove to one side and snapped kicked him in the belly,
elicting a grunt. He pursued, trying a combination of jab and upper-cut. She danced
easily out of range, his uppercut whistling through empty air, and she pivoted
gracefully to deliver a roundhouse kick into the side of his head, staggering him.
Shaking his head to clear the stars buzzing before his eyes he muttered "Stand still,
bitch". Yumiko almost laughed, why did they say that? She invited him to try again
with a beckoning palm.

He came in again, tried a jab, then powered a cross-punch at her. She twirled like a
ballerina, stepping to one side as she did so, out of the path of the punch. The circling,
spinning motion continued, powering a long leg that crashed into his head, it's angular
momentum taking him to the ground.

He lay on his front for a bit, gasping, then he levered himself up onto his hands and
knee's and clambered to his feet. "You're one tricky bitch" he muttered "you're going
to pay for that". Yumiko noticed the way he wobbled and staggered as he stood back
up, and smiled invitingly. Let him try.

This time he feinted with a kick to her mid-section, Yumiko avoided it easily with a
twist of her supple body. He swung a taut, open hand at her neck, hoping to stop the
blood flow to her brain with a knife-hand chop. Yumiko rammed a fore-arm up into
the path of the strike in an age-uke style block. Her arm gave under the impact, pain
singing out at the impact point, but the strike was stopped short of her neck.
Yumiko punched upwards into her opponents outstretched arm, striking at the triceps
muscle, aiming to rob his arm of it's strength. Grabbing his wrist she pulled him
forwards and stepped inwards, the motions combining to maximise the power of her
strike. The arm she wasn't pulling with was held folded so that her fist was before her
chest, the elbow pointing outwards to form a striking point. She drove her sharp elbow
into his solar plexus, making him grunt loudly in pain. Her fist swang down from it's
position before her boobs, hammer-fisting him in the front of his shorts and making
him roar in agony. Now Yumiko twisted her body, using all her well-toned muscles to
drive a palm-heel into his ribs. The impact jarred her arm quite painfully, but she
knew from the answering grunt and shudder that ran through him that she'd done
serious damage there.

He was folding up under the barrage of body strikes, his face, grimacing in disbelief
and agony. She swung a simple uppercut into his descending jaw, twisting her body to
wind up for another blow into his righthand ribcage. She powered another palm-heel
into his ribs, and this time she felt them give. He was doubled up now, his face came
down onto her chest, his distressed breath, coming gasps and groans, tickling across
her erect nipples. She took him in her arms almost lovingly, placing her one hand on
his muscular back, one on the back of his head and pulled, yanking the two of them
together like an eager lover. She swang a knee up, as they clinched pushing her
standing leg up onto tip-toes as she did so, driving her whole being upwards as her
knee rammed into his groin once more. Stepping back down, she twisted her body
back the other way, transfering her weight onto her back foot, raising her other knee
to score another direct hit in his balls.

Having delivered this symphony of destruction to his masculine body and pride,
Yumiko released him and stepped away, raising his face with two fingers placed
under his chin, and planted a mocking wet kiss on his open mouth. He stood there,
dazed and disbelieving, clasping his aching balls protectively as she positioned
herself, and kicked gracefully upwards, knocking his head up and back, and making
him stagger backwards to avoid falling.
Pursuing as he staggered away from her, Yumiko walked him steadily backwards with
a series of elegant high kicks Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!, until he was
teetering at the top of the staircase that he'd come up from. She span, torquing up
maximum power for the finishing kick, and feeding all her lithe strength behind it.
The kick lifted the helpless muscle man clean off his feet, and he fell into the void at
his back. Yumiko heard the impact, then the sound of something rolling and sliding
down the long flight of stone steps.

Yumiko sauntered down the steps. No one could still be a threat after a fall like that.
Sure enough, he lay stretched out at the base of the steps, looking very surprised. His
eyes stared up into the blue tropical sky. Yumiko placed a dainty foot on his muscular
barrel chest, enjoying another moment of victory. "Huh" she said disappointedly "any
one of those eight women was more threat to me than you were".
Yumiko told herself not to be disappointed, but glad. If all the guards had the skill of
the one she faced in Melinda's chambers, or the common sense of the one that went
for his gun, she'd never get out of here alive. This fool had a gun holstered on one side
of his shorts, and yet he'd never gone for it. She should hope they were all this dim.
She still had a lot of the castle to make her way through, and worryingly there seemed
to be many more guards about now than when she'd made her way in. Clearly the
sports show they'd been watching had come to an end.

Yumiko nearly made it to her exit point without further event. However, right at the
point were she planned to jump from the castle walls into the blue sea below, there
were two of them, clearly off duty, unarmed, wearing only tiny bikini thongs, making
their way to the castles pool. They stared at her as she approached. They were the
same muscle-muffin types that she'd had to face previously, Yumiko was sure
Melinda had a production line for them somewhere, and who could blame her. There
major distinguishing features were that one had blonde hair worn longish so that it
flopped down over his eyes, and the other had brown hair.

Yumiko decided to dispense with any claims to be an assassinette, it clearly didn't fool
anyone. She stood before them, legs apart, hands on hips, bust thrust proudly out and
said "Yeah. I'm an intruder. I've killed all those bitches up at the top of the castle, and
now you're all that stands between me and my escape. You can call in the rest of the
guards, or save the pleasure and glory of taking me down for yourselves. Which is it
going to be boys?".

When they seemed to be thinking about it, she shimmied her shoulders slightly,
making her lovely boobs wobble hypnotically. That helped them make their minds up.
They spread out to either side of her as she assumed a ready stance. She tried not to
focus too much on one or the other, and not to let them get behind her. When they
attacked, they did so together, brown hair aiming a kick to her belly, blondie going for
a knockout punch to her jaw. Yumiko stepped back, swinging her arms in a dual
motion that swept the kick out before her, and swept the punch back, circling her arm
so that the punchers wrist wound up trapped in her armpit, with her arm wrapped
around his. Using her arm-trapped attacker as a balance aid, she pivoted, driving a
heel upwards to impact under the jaw of the kicking attacker. He fell away from her,
staggering to get his balance. She turned her attention to the blond puncher in time to
see him attempt a punch with his free arm. Yumiko released him, stepping back as she
did so, and hitting him with a spectacular chorus-line high kick that flipped him onto
his back.

The brown hair dude was up already, he showed he had some skill, flipping a kick up
at her head, then, when that failed to connect, twisting and sending the same leg down
to kick at her belly. They kickboxed briefly. He was quite good. Good enough for her
to be worried, could she handle both of them at once? She'd taken a beating during the
course of the day, she was tired, not at her best. Maybe she was in trouble here.
They exchanged a few roundhouse kicks, all of which got blocked away, before she
switched tactics and scored a hit into his belly, her bare foot impacting against the
wall of muscle there. The kick hurt him enough for him to double forward somewhat,
and Yumiko drove some of her beautiful straight-up high kicks into his jaw, left, right,
left, one, two, three, like a high kicking dance routine. The third one hit with enough
force to send him down, landing heavilly on his back.

Yumiko turned to face blondie, who was scrambling to his feet. He ducked under
ahooking kick to his head, and she blocked he lunging punch that came at her as a
riposte. She laid her hands on his muscular arm, holding onto it as she kicked
forwards into his ribs. He let out an angry hiss as the blow landed. Yumiko switched
legs to kick inside his exteneded arm, hitting him in the head, making it bounce on his
shoulders. With an angry growl, he yanked his arm back, and Yumiko, standing on
only one leg from the kick, was yanked forwards. She stomped her foot down to save
herself from falling flat on her face, but nothing could save her from having her belly
impaled on the punch he drove up into it.

"Uuuurrghhh!" exclaimed Yumiko, her sweet face grimacing in a manner that her
assailant found wonderfully sexy. He wanted to see more of her pretty suffering, so he
quickly followed the punch up with another, lifting Yumiko up onto the balls of her
feet as she folded around the blow surging up into her guts. "OOOUUGHH!" went
Agent Yumiko, hands coming down to clutch her belly, her perfect white teeth
showing as she gritted them in pain. He grasped her delicate jaw, holding her in place
for an uppercut that stood her up and sent her staggering backwards, her arms flying
free, guard undone, her lovely body wide open to attack.
His blows landed punishingly in her soft flesh, his hard calloused knuckles sinking in
deep. Belly. "Urrgghh!". Left tit. "Aiiee!". Right Tit. "Naaahh!". Upper belly.
"Urrkk!". Left tit. "Ahhh!". Right tit "Eeeahh!!".
"Over to you Snake" he said suddenly, and a jarring blow crashed into the side of her
face, sending her spinning directly into the waiting arms of the shaven headed

"Oh no" gasped Yumiko as she heard him cackling eagerly, and her big tits were
bouncing up and down once more as he used them to practice his uppercuts. "Oh! Oh!
Oh! Ohhhh! Ah! Ahh! Aiie!" Yumiko cried helplessly. Rough hands gripped her
smooth shoulders, and pulled her forwards onto a devestating knee in the belly. All
the strength in her ab muscles was gone, and the blows mashed her delicate feminine
Yumiko groaned, flopping forwards into his arms, her cheek resting against his
muscular chest. He held her there, enjoying the feel of her breath breezing over his
chest, and drove two more knees up into her soft tummy. Yumiko could only groan
and wrap her arms defensively around her mid-riff. Now those rough hands cupped
her bruised and aching breasts, fondling them, thumbs stroking across her nipples.
Yumiko didn't have the strength to resist right now, she couldn't believe her body
could take any more punishment, what a beating it had taken today. The hand on her
left boob moved up to grasp her chin, lifting it, and she had to endure a rough kiss,
which she didn't so much mind. It was far preferable to more belly punishment. She
kissed back, trying to buy recovery time. The black bikini bottom was ripped from
her, once more she was naked. So long as she could keep him occupied with sex, she
had time to get her breath back, recoup her strength. Then, to her dismay, those hands
grasped her wrists, unpeeling her arms from where they hugged her stomach. Yumiko
was shocked to here her own voice saying "No.. please.. don't" and then explosions of
pain went of in her belly once more. One. Two. Three. She flopped back onto his
chest, and as he released her she slid down is muscular body, onto her knees.
"Get up, little Ms Secret Agent" brown hair dude sneered.

Yumiko knelt, gasping. She was badly hurt. Dammit, it wasn't fair. She'd had them, if
only she'd let go of blondies arm and not let him overbalance her, it would all have
been different. She struggled dutifully to get back up onto her feet. It took her three

They took her apart easily now, the cumulative effects of all the days fights, all the
punches she'd taken, were too much for her to overcome. Blondie lunged forwards
and powered a punch into her belly as soon as she was on her feet, then a kick from
brown hair dude impacted on her cheek, sending her staggering drunkenly over to the
blonde guard. He punched her right in her exposed sex, below the little triangular
patch of black fur now on display, making her howl and double forward, clutching
herself. Then sent her spinning away with a backhand across her face.
Yumiko fetched up against a wall, hitting the back of her head against it painfully.
They were at her sides in an instant, simultaneously powering punches into her most
inviting targets. The blonde brute on her left set her left boob a wobble with a straight
punches into it's side, using it just like a punch ball. The brown-headed one used her
right boob similarly, making it bounce as he practiced a series of punishing uppercuts.
"Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh!" cried Yumiko, occassionally gasping "My tits!" in her mother
tongue. Suddenly her two opponents seemed to decide to work as a team, one fist
slamed into the side of her left tit, the other simultaneously impacted against her right.
Her tits were squashed together between the two powerfull punches, trapped
agonisingly between them. Instinctively her hands flew up to her aching boobs, and
she screamed "AAIII! MY TITS!!!" in english. The cry was cut short as her two
tormentors swang their other fists in, burying them in either side of her belly, driving
all the breath from her. "OOOOOOOOUUURRRGGGHHH!!! ..fuck" protested
Yumiko, the last word just a gasp, then she was going "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Orrff! Orrgg!
Ouuugh!" as they belly punched her in turn, left, right, left, right. Yumiko began to
slide down the wall, her pretty face a mask of agony, the first tears beginning to run
from her eyes. Still holding her tits she sagged forwards, her legs gave under her and
she collapsed onto her knees, and then pitched forward to lie face down, panting.
This was it then, this was to be the mission she didn't come back from. If the worst
happened, then she'd finally get to meet Ms Misanthrope, when she was dragged into
her presence, beaten and captured, to explain herself and her efforts to derail Melindas
plans. Or, if she was lucky, they'd beat her to death out here in the tropical sun.
Anything was better than facing Ms Misathrope if you'd crossed her, she was
famously creative.

She was lifted by her hair. "I think our little secret agent girly is all beat" the blonde
one observed "The funs over".

"Nahhh za fun, iz just beginning" brown-head said in an an accent that might have
been anything from German. Hands clasped her by her armpits now, supporting her
limp, beaten body. Something was discussed, some kind of negotiation. She heard the
swish of fabric. She let herself relax, say what you will about her, but she didn't so
much mind what was coming.

She moaned loudly as shaved-head entered her roughly, he seemed to do everything
roughly. The arrival of blondie was even more loudly commented on, with a gasp and
small scream as she felt his huge member thrust up between her soft round buttocks.
She could only gasp and groan as they settled into a rhytmn of thrusts, synchronising
their motions so that she had to breathe in counterpoint, as all the breath was squashed
from her with each double-thrust. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" was all the comment she could
make, as she hung limp, suspended, her soft, firm body clamped between two masses
of hard muscle. It was like being in a vice of hard male flesh. She'd often fantasised
about something like this, and these two were incredible physical specimens, and
somehow the fact they had defeated her added to her satisfaction, though she would
have appreciated some lubrication for blondie.

She was surprised how quickly their rough treatment bought her to orgasm. She
shuddered between them, eyes rolling upwards and a small cry escaping her lips.
"Heh" commented brown-head. "I uh..uh.. zee our captive uh.. uh.. knowz how to uh..
find uh.. zatizfaction uh.. uh.. even in the worst of uh.. uh.. adverzity".
"Let's uh.. uh.. change over" said blondie.

They pulled out of her, letting her drop to her knees.
"You think we can work any way to keep her?" blondie asked, panting.
"Nahhh. Ow vill ve explain zer dead azzazzins?".
"Seems a shame though. We caught her, we should get to keep her".
"You vant to 'av to explain your thinking to Madame Misanthrope?".
"Uh. No. No I'd rather not".
"Vell zhen? Don't try to crozz Misanthrope, and if you do, don't involve me. She
scares zhi.. ohh".
Yumiko had lent forwards and run her tounge along brown-heads erect shaft. She
planted her soft lips against it in a kiss, and commenced kissing and licking
"Let'z not change over juzt yet" declared brown head, as her lips closed around him.
He moaned as he felt the gentle tug-tug-tug of her sucking. "Uh uh.. I guess she wants
to be kept.. uh.. rather than handed over to Misanthrope. Uh.. I do not blame 'er for
zis. godz, she'z using dis thing zhe has in 'er tounge. Zum kind of piercing. Uh.. uh..
maybe it iz worth ze risk to keep 'er".
"Yeah well, I don't know man. I'm not seeing the benefit here, you know?".
"You vill get your turn, I'm zure" gasped brown-head.

Yumiko released him from her mouth, planted a final, almost worshipful kiss on his
glans, smiled up at him, and swang an uppercut up into his balls.
Brown-head roared in pain, moments later blondie joined him as she drove her elbow
back into his groin. Yumiko surged up from her kneeling position, driving a palm-heel
up into blondies jaw. He fell away from her, keeling over to land on his back
forcefully. Yumiko punched downwards into brown-heads huge erect member,
driving it painfully downwards, putting terrible stress on the tissues that held it to his
pubic bones, forcing it down at an angle so that her rising knee impacted into his
glans, and the force of it drove up along his shaft.
Brown head roared again, grasping his manhood, by now the whole castle had to
know something was up. Yumiko stepped back, and stomped twice on blondies
defencelss groin where he lay behind her, causing another howl of pain.
She turned her attention back to brown-head, hooking his head back and forth with
punches as he stood there holding himself. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! She
stepped in close, swinging a bent arm upwards, so that her hand was behind her head
and her elbow smashed up into his jaw. Brown-head went down with a loud whump.
Blondie was up, red-faced and angry, and hurt. Surprisingly, still very erect. He
swung a punch at her head, but it was wild, unlike her he had let pain rob him of
technique. She wove under it, letting her legs fold under her into a crouch, and
punched upwards into his balls. Her ears rang with the sound of his complaint about
this. She punched into his abdomen, seeking the liver again. He groaned, but tried to
hit her again, swinging wildly, miles off target. She struck swift and hard at his triceps
muscle, a 'de-fanging the snake' technique that would render his arm numb, making
punching difficult. It sounds like Dim Mak, but it's basically the arm equivalent of a
dead leg. Something you can learn to do in a school playground.

He was vulnerable on that side now, the stun-strike to his triceps would interfere with
blocking as well as punching, and he knew it. She feinted an attack to that side of his
head, and he threw both his arms up in a defence. This opened him up for her to strike
low. She drove her knee up and simulatneously bought her hand down in a knife hand
chop. Her knee landed in his balls and his big member, still very erect despite the
punishment his balls had taken, was laid out along her thigh like a cucumber on a
chopping board. The hard edge of her hand came down on it and he dropped his guard
to clasp himself, howling.

Yumiko powered an uppercut into his chin, then another, driving him back. She put
her hands on his shoulders, loving the feel of his muscles under her palms, and
steadied herself against him as she drove her knees up into his muscular belly, left,
right, left, right. He folded completely forwards and she bought her elbow down on
the back of his neck, where his spine met his skull. Hopefully that would be a killing
blow. He went down on his knees, but she saw it hadn't been enough to finish him off.
She glanced quickly over her shoulder, brown-head was getting up. She jammed her
fingers into a place where she knew a nerve nexus was, just under and behind his ear.
She was hoping to jangle communications between his brain and body. That was Dim
Mak, well, sometimes she did give it a go. To be on the safe side though, she took a
hold of blondies head, pulling him forwards, and rammed her knee up into his jaw
with all her might. The force of it flipped him onto his back. If he was still alive, she'd
have to hope that would hold him for a while.

Aching and tired and battered, Yumiko turned to face brown-head, hoping she'd hurt
him as badly as the two of them had hurt her. He was standing awkwardly, side on to
her, clearly trying to protect his groin. The voice was think with suffering as he said
"You are a formidable vomman, I zalute you. It vill be an honor to kill you". He

Yumiko muttered a phrase that triggered a simple hypnotic suggestion that the agency
psyche-techs had implanted in her. It lessened ones awareness of pain and triggered
the release of various agents into her bloodstream, the major one being adrenaline. It
didn't make that much of a difference, but, perhaps it would be enough. It made it
easier to get her tired aching limbs moving again. She danced, a little heavily and
wearily, back and forth on the balls of her feet, fists held before her face, kickbox

He was moving clumsily, clearly hurt and hampered by his erection which still hadn't
deflated. Yumiko took it as a flattering compliment that they still rose to her despite
all she had done to them. Perhaps he was just excited by the situation of going one-onone
against a skilled, naked female fighter, but she felt sure her looks played a part in
it as well. Even battered and bruised, she knew she was hot stuff. Anyway, he wasn't
as fast and agile as formerly, and kept his kicks low, fearing to expose his male
vulerabilty to attack.

She snapped jabs out at him, her pretty eyes watching him over her fists. She kept her
weight mostly on her back foot, raising her lead leg periodically to block a kick to her
stomach or naked womanhood, or snap out one of her own, normally aimed at his stiff
manhood. She had to keep one eye on blondie, she didn't know if he was finished or
not. He wasn't moving, but she could see his chest rising and falling where he lay.
That's what gave her the idea.

She suddenly, quite deliberately, stole a glance at the fallen blond guard. She saw
brown-head move out of the corner of her eye, as she was sure he would. She swept
her hands in a 'blanket block', her left fore-arm stung with impact as it passed through
the upper half of it's sweep. Her block had found something, but it didn't entirely
divert the attack, and some force was left in the kick that rapped against her ear and
cheek, making her cry out and stumble to the side. Brown-head cried out too however,
and much louder. Her own kick had found it's mark. She'd known that, seeing her
distracted, seeing an opening to good to pass up, he'd try for a finishing technique,
probably a powerful roundhouse high kick. She'd kicked low, instinctively knowing
just where to swing her small foot so that her impact would land devestatingly in his

Moving fast, she let her foot touch down, before sending it out again, once, twice, in
quick snap kicks into his aching testicles. As his hands came down to clasp his balls,
she kicked powerfully upwards, making his head bounce up and down like she was
using it to demonstrate her soccer skills. Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! His hands were
around his balls now, his cock stood out vulnerably above them. She stepped
forwards, swinging her fists in and down, sandwiching his glans between them in a
double-punch that literally bought tears to his eyes and made him roar "MY COCK!!".
Yumiko pressed her advantage, something the agency had drummed into her, never let
your enemy regain control, keep rolling them back, keep the momentum going. She
drove a shapely knee up into his muscular stomach wall, making him groan
"URRGH!" the other knee came up, she swang her pelvis in behind it, lifting it as high
and fast and hard as she could. The breath was driven from him once more
folded over her knee, and she stepped back, bringing her first knee up once more and
her elbow down. His head was trapped between he two strikes, her knee slamming
into his face as her elbow came down onto the back of his head. She stood before him
as he bowed before her and swang big, ineleganthaymaker punches into his
defenceless head, knocking it left and right.

His legs buckled under him and he went down on his knees before her, looking dazed
and disbelieving. Yumiko knew she'd defeated him, it thrilled her intensely to have
put this muscle bound brute on his knees. Sadly, she didn't have time for any further
messing about. She stepped forward, swinging her arms down to deliver a double
knife-hand chop to the sides of his neck. He shuddered, his eyes going wide. Just to
make sure, Yumiko drove her knee up into his exposed throat, crushing his windpipe.
She stepped back, standing with her hands on her hips, legs apart. She was sure he
was staring in disbelief at her displayed wet womanhood, the last thing he would see.
Then he pitched forward onto his face, dead.

Yumiko walked over to where blondie lay gasping. She placed a foot on his heaving,
muscular belly. He tried weakly to get up, but he didn't have the strength. It seemed
she had hit the Dim Mak point, it took him all the strength he had to raise himself up
onto his elbows, at which point she placed her foot on his hard-muscled chest, and
pushed him back down, flat on his back.

"It's impossible" he gasped beneath her foot. "Where did you learn to fight like that?".
"I'm not allowed to say" she told him. She positioned herself, and then let herself fall
backwards, all her weight focused on the point of her elbow that crushed his

Yumiko hit the water. It was a cool, refreshing rush against her skin. She started
kicking her legs wearily, heading out to where the speedboat was hidden. She'd have
to hope the usb-device was waterproof. Even if it wasn't, the boys back at the lab
would get what they needed off it somehow. After this one, they better give her some
serious extended leave. She was sure she was going to spend a good few weeks
undergoing medical treatment, but, they had the best. She should mend. Another
successful mission. Your tax dollars/euros/roubles at work.

"It's a fucking slaughterhouse out there" announced guard number one "it must have
been a small army".
"I told you so" declared guard number two "I said I heard something".
"Dammit. Well, they can't have gotten far. We'd better get after them" said number
"Get after them? You haven't seen it. All those assassin bitches are dead, and someone
threw Gregor from the battlements. Snake, Nielson and Crusher look like they've been
beaten to death.. I'm tellin' you, we were fuckin lucky we were watchin the match".
"Yes. Aren't we lucky to be left to explain it all to Misanthrope?".
There was a thoughtful silence.
"We're fuckin' fucked. That's what we fuckin' are" said number one.
"Very appositely put. I suggest we'd do well not to be here when our glorious leader

Five minutes later, the castle was inhabited only by the dead.


Anonymous said...

[She stepped
forwards, swinging her fists in and down, sandwiching his glans between them in a
double-punch that literally bought tears to his eyes and made him roar "MY COCK!!".]

holy shit! she literally destroyed his cock and balls. It would be better if his cock spew hot sperm right when yumiko "sandwiched" his tool. (or maybe it did?:))

great story!!

G-8 said...

Wow! That is some story! You have a very vivid writing style that really brings the story to life!.