Friday, February 22, 2013

Damn it! Not another one.

I thought I’m going to lose it again (just like what happened in my first blog and my DeviantArts account). I just made a list of links in my blog and then "ZAP!" it was deleted by Blogger. They say their "spybots" thought my blog was a spam blog (Yeah right...). Fortunately, I have a spare blog and I have discovered that Picassa have preserved all of my works (that’s a relief… whew…).

I have a feeling that Blogger will not restore my blog back, but maybe I can consider this a blessing in disguise. I can now make this new blog more diverse by posting my other works  that are not necessarily about kicking balls, punching sweaty tits and snuffing sexy babes and hunks.

Well, back to the drawing board (geez!).

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Anonymous said...

Keep up your good work, Tasha, don't lose faith. Your loyal fans will follow you wherever you go. I'm a big fan who saw what they did to you on DA and are still angry about it. A lot of us are still putting up your pictures that are still there even though your profile is deleted, so your art lives on, even on DA. One thing you might want to try is separate the nude and sex pictures from the violent combat in bikinis, and these jerks might go easier on you. I noticed you have pictures on Templars SexyAmazons and some of the more sexual and nude fight pictures could go there and the regular bikini knockouts (Theyre great btw) could stay on your blog. Just a suggestion from one of your biggest fans. Keep going don't give up! Best Wishes, Rod the Bod