Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Fraternity Massacre

By Eric Robert,

Written for a friend who runs a Yahoo club :)

Disclaimer: Don't read this if you're under the legal limit, or
if you don't like violence, or if you don't like f/m stuff, or if
you know who I am in real life.

As she walked up the stone stairs to the Psi Upsilon fraternity,
a slight smile flickered across her lips.  She hadn't done this
in a long time.  Too long, really.  She knew one day she might be
caught, but that never bothered her before, and it wasn't about
to stop her now.

It was the perfect time - 7:30 in the morning.  All the boys
would be getting ready for class.  She turned the knob and walked

"Can I help you?" came a voice from around the corner.  Soon, a
tall, 19 year old boy stepped out of what was apparently the
kitchen, glistening with sweat and steam.  His short, damp brown
hair clung to his forehead, and his pecs were rock hard. 
Clearly, he had spent plenty of time in the weight room.  He had
apparently been washing the dishes before breakfast, and was
wearing only a tight pair of sweat shorts.  She noticed
appreciably his firm sizeable package, and smiled.  "Yes.. you

"Well, what can I..." he began, and then stopped short.  She had
begun to peel off her shirt.  She pulled the tight garment over
her head, reavealing perfect, firm globes with high, erect
nipples.  Then, without a word, she unzipped her skirt and let it
float to the floor, leaving her in only black thong underwear. 
The boy's pupils dilated.  "Ohh..." he mumbled.

Without another word, he pressed his chest into her and begin
sucking on her neck, her exquisite tits, his fingers reaching
around to clutch at her round ass, to brush against her dripping

His ecstasy was cut short.  Suddenly, she slammed her elbow into
his nose, crushing it instantly.   His hands flew to his face as
he stumbled back.  "What the...?!?!" he began to yell.

He was cut off as she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face
into her deep cleavage, silencing him.  "No, no," she whispered,
"I can't have you waking everyone up.  Not yet."  She was well
aware that he was completely unable to breathe.  With one hand,
she continued to smash his face against her breasts, while, with
the other, she ripped his tight sweat shorts from his body and
begin to massage his erect, firm cock.  He struggled, screaming
silent cries of panic into her soft chest, but despite his
magnificently muscled body, he was no match for her.

Soon, his cock was completely engorged, but his struggles were
becoming weaker and weaker.  "Come for me before you die, baby,"
she whispered.  "I want to feel your hot cum against my thighs." 
He began to sob.  She could feel the blood from his broken nose
and his tears mixing and dripping down her chest.  "Don't fight
it," she whispered.  "You know I now own you completely." 
Seconds later, he came forcefully, spewing what seemed like
gallons of cum onto her strong, tight thighs.  It was the last
action he would ever perform.  She clutched his limp form to her
chest for a few more seconds to ensure he was dead, and then let
him fall to the floor.

By now she was absolutely sopping wet.  "That was wonderful," she
thought, "but I need something for myself."  Looking down at the
blood on her chest and cum on her thighs, she mentally added,
"And I could use a shower."  Leaving the dead dishwasher in a
heap on the floor, she turned and headed up the stairs.

Soon she came to the shower room, and peered around the corner. 
It was a dream come true.  The Psi Upsilon shower room consisted
of one giant room with a tile floor and six shower nozzles.  All
six showers were in use by various frat brothers.  Because of
their natural homophobia, they refused to be naked with each
other, and instead wore tight, form-fitting speedo bathing suits.

Breathing heavily with lust, she stepped around the corner and
into the shower.  For a moment, there was silence as all six
hunks stared at her in lust.  One of them dropped a bottle of
shampoo, but other than that, there was no noise except the
running showers.  Clearly, they were all stunned to see a
gorgeous, perfect woman standing before them, wearing nothing but
thong underwear, and smiling like she knew something they didn't.

Finally, the biggest one, a gorgeous man who looked like an
amateur bodybuilder with a blonde buzzcut, stepped forward. 
"Look, bitch," he began, "I don't know what the fuck you think
you're doi.. FUCK!"

She had playfully punched him in the ear, enraging him.  Pissed
off beyond all control, he threw a crushing punch at her head,
but she lightly stepped aside and slammed her knee into his
midsection.  Groaning in pain, he doubled over.  She stepped
beside him and put him in a headlock.  "Dave..." he moaned.

A tall boy, probably 6'5", who must have been Dave, charged her
from behind.  Without looking back, she thrust her powerful leg
backwards in a mule kick that caught him directly in the balls. 
Screaming, he collapsed to his knees in agony, sobbing into the
drain, his tears mixing with the hot shower.  Then, swinging the
same leg forward, she slammed her knee into Buzzcut's groin,
pivoted, and threw his agonized body on top of Dave.  They
collapsed on top of each other in a heap.  "Men." she said
contemptuously.  Then, stepping forward, she delivered four sharp
blows to Dave's groin in succession, emasculating him,
destroying his balls and sending him into catatonic shock. 
Without medical treatment, she knew he would be dead soon.

The remaining four brothers had stared at this scene, shocked,
but now charged her, bent on revenge.  She wasted no time in
disabling them all.  The first one, a black 20-year-old with an
enormous package, received a swift chop to the neck which left
him leaning against the shower wall, clutching at the nozzles,
gasping for breath.  The second apparently had some karate
training, for he threw a hard, solid crescent kick at her face,
but she merely ducked slightly, grabbed his ankle, and lifted his
leg sharply above his head.  He may have been strong, but he
wasn't flexible; the pressure tore his groin muscles and as he
hit the floor, he found that his legs had been made completely

The third brother, a blonde who looked like a surfer, with long,
shoulder-length hair and innocent features, was looking
incredibly nervous by this time, but charged her nonetheless. 
She knocked him unconscious with a single blow to the chin, and
turned to the final standing boy.

He was huddled in a corner, shaking in fear, a scene that looked
ridiculous considering his 6'3 stature and powerful build.  She
walked over to him slowly.  "A stud like you shouldn't be
quivering," she said.  "Let me help you relax."  With that, she
began to slowly stroke his cock through his speedo, which became
erect immediately.  It was enormous; it streched the fabric of
the swimsuit so much that the elastic couldn't reach his skin in
places.  His lust quickly overcame his fear and he began to suck
enthusiasticly on her tits.

Soon he was gasping with desire.  As she stroked and he sucked,
she became aware that the black man had recovered and was trying
to creep up on her from behind.  Without missing a stroke, she
threw her free elbow into his chest, grabbed his balls as he
doubled over, and squeezed him until he collapsed on the ground. 
Then, still stroking the brother's enormous cock, she stomped on
his larynx, crushing it instantly.  He was dead in seconds.

At the very moment of his death, the well-hung hunk in front of
her began to moan and spasm, and soon his speedo was entirely
soaked in cum.  She smiled.  "Did that relax you?" she asked.  He
still looked uneasy, but grinned and nodded.  "Good!" she
replied.  With that, she drove her knee into his spent testicles
and her elbow into his neck at the same time, with incredible
force.  He was dead by the time his head collapsed onto the back
of the black man's lifeless legs.

"God, I'm wet, now!!" she exclaimed.  "I need..."  Then her eyes
fell upon the tall surfer boy, just beginning to stir from the
solid punch she had given him.  "Perfect." she said with a sly

Striding over to him, she kicked him in his chest, sending him
back to the floor.  Then she grabbed his hair with both of her
hands and pulled him into the center of the shower room. 
Flipping him over, she slid her thong over to one side and
lowered the swelling, dripping, red lips of her pussy onto his
face, covering his mouth and nose.

"Oh!  God!  Yes, this is wonderful," she gasped.  Then she
noticed two things: One, Buzzcut was beginning to stir from on
top of his now-unconscious friend, and two, the martial arts guy,
still in agony from his torn groin, was lying directly underneath
the shower nozzle, with the water pouring into his mouth and
nose.  He was sputtering, unable to get away due to his injury. 
She smiled, and turned to Buzzcut.

"Are you enjoying watching your friends die?" she asked.  He
tried to get up, but collapsed again from the searing pain in his
balls.  "Oh, god, you crazy..."  "Not yet." she interrupted. 
"You'll get your turn; be patient."  Then, she began to rub her
pussy up and down the surfer's face with increased intensity. 
"Oh, shit!" she screamed.  "Oh, yes!"   She looked down and saw
that his huge member was standing at attention, pointing to the
sky, despite the fact that he was being smothered to death.  "Oh,
god!  I'm going to CUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!"  She was really
screaming now.  Bucking her hips in the throes of ecstasy, she
twisted his neck sharply to the left, snapping it instantly. 
Gratified, she collapsed, warm and relaxed, on top of his
lifeless form for a few seconds and appraised the situation.

The Karate Kid, helpless under the shower nozzle, was almost gone
now.  His brain had been deprived of oxygen for so long that his
limbs were twitching.  Similarly, Dave appeared to be already
dead from the shock.  That left only Buzzcut, who was beginning
to be able to climb to his feet.

"God damn, I'm going to kill you," he moaned.  She just laughed. 
As he staggered toward her, he managed to throw one poorly-aimed
punch.  She grinned, easily pushed it aside, pushed his head
toward the floor, and caught it between her powerful thighs.

With her legs cutting off the blood flow to his brain, she knew
it was only a matter of time until he became the seventh casualty
of the night.  Already turned on again, she began to masturbate,
all the time gripping his neck between her thighs.  Thirty
seconds later, she had a silent, but powerful orgasm, and his
corpse was dangling lifeless between her legs.  She separated
them and let him fall to the floor.

She decided to take a quick shower, and as she washed the blood,
cum, and vaginal juices from her glistening form, she regarded
the scene before her.  Six perfect male bodies, all sprawled in
front of her, with Buzzcut's corpse lying on top of Dave, the
well hung hunk laying with his face on the dead black man's
crotch, as though sucking his clock, the surfer face up and white
in the center of the room, his face still sticky with her pussy
juice, and the karate boy drowned in a puddle of water next to
him, his hair clogging the drain of the shower.

Smiling, she dried herself off, walked downstairs, and pulled her
clothes back on over her tight thighs and hard, erect nipples. 
As she walked to her car, she unconsciously fingered herself a
third time.  She would think of this for many nights to come...


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Absolutely loved that story! Can you write more stories please?

Anonymous said...

make it a cartoon