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The end of a champion.

East vs. West - Pinay (Filipina) Fighter

The sexy, buffed Western fighter was no matched from our Pinay fighter because the Pinay warrior knows the art of Arnis (stick fighting). After a hit in the neck, the Western gal was reduced into another...

...defeated beauty.

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Not on my turf.

Pinay Babe defeats sexy bad couple.

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East vs. West - Cowgirl's Demised

You're next, be patient.

I guess I won, right?

Nighty night...

Neck Strike!

Muscles? Yeah right...

Your hunky boyfriend has a good use after all.

Let Me Pass!!!

I did this all by myself

Come on in

“Come on in,” starring Miss Claire Baxter
by barrie125ca

“Come on in,” Claire Baxter, C.O.I.L. Agent, said from the bathroom as she put on her robe.
“I suppose I have to..” her voice trailed off as walked out into the large spacious main room
of her suite.

“You guys are worse than a bad itch I can’t scratch,” she said casually sitting down at her night table and picking up a nail file that she began using industriously.
“You won’t have that problem much longer Miss Baxter!” one of them said.
“Yah, we’re here to see to that!” the other added as they both advanced on the spy as her back was turned from them.

They closed the distance in a matter of several steps, their meaty muscular arms reaching for a shoulder each when Claire dropped her nail file, her hands closing about the seat of the chair. In a flash the beauty brought both her sexy and equally lethal legs up and over the body, fully extended the edges of the slightly heeled slippers slammed into the thick brows of the two BODZ Squad assassins sending them careening back from where they’d advance, their arms flapping to keep them from going over on their asses. They stopped refocused their eyes just in time to see their opponent balancing in a hand stand on the top of the chair before pushing off, twisting in mid air and coming down to face them.

“You’ll pay for that bitch,” one of them said.

“And we’re the collection agency, the bills due now!” the other added as they both reached
for the collars of the hotel uniforms.

Simultaneously they pulled away their uniforms, the sound of Velcro ripping at the seams before tossing the now pile of rags away.

“You travel light,” Claire quipped as she looked at their impressive bodies.

They were hardened muscle from top to bottom, squared jawed Adonis’s, that given other circumstances she wouldn't have minded a nights pleasure with. Chiseled ‘V’ shaped torso’s with washboard stomachs, arms full and ripped, the visible veins pumping with malice toward her, thick necks, legs of layered steel bands, oak tree trunks for thighs that filed down to steel bars for calves. They each wore a thong, one green, one red; they just contained the bulging packages each possessed and where now throbbing under their covering.

“Is that a dumb bell in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” Claire smiled before

“It appears I've come a tad overdressed to this party, oh well, that’s easily fixed,” Claire said as she undid the tie of her silk robe and let the clinging garment slide off her body as slowly as gravity would allow. As the sheer fabric peeled away from the contours of the spy’s body it revealed the woman’s dangerous sexy body to her two admirers. Long flowing legs that swept up from unbelievably thin ankles through shapely eye distracting calves that danced about as she moved them up to firm full thighs of smooth skin that camouflaged the dangers that lay beneath the surface. Claire’s hips pulled inward to her thin waist, a look accentuated by her bikini cut panties, her stomach taut and toned, a masked steel curtain.

The BODZ Squad assassins took this all in including her spectacular tits. Perfectly formed and tanned just a little to show of light rose colored nipples, both her breast and her nipples were at full attention. Claire gave them a small shimmy of her torso to occupy their eyes and minds for a second, just long enough for her to strike.

The nimble agent somersaulted forward outstretched her legs as she came out of her tuck and seized the tip of each assassins engorged cock with the underside of her soft toes and gently began a soft caressing contraction and release about them. Claire watched them fight and lose to the lustful pleasure she was delivering, their knees were buckling as they fought to stay on their feet. Within minutes their thongs were soaked in sweat as were their bodies, a pungent sexual perfume exploded in the air as Claire collapsed them to their knees before her.

“So much muscle to unleash against me and yet so helpless under my simple touch all that corded, meticulously trained sinew yearning to get a hold on the female of the species. How were you planning to eliminate me boys, something erotically and exotically sexual I hope, the two of you about me pumping away as I lay helpless between your powerfully built physiques my reason lost to me in a sea of deadly pleasure,” Claire fantasied.

As she spoke the spy ran her fingertips up the ridges of each BODZ Agents stomach before licking them slowly off the tips with a slow curl of her tongue.

“Mmmm, you boys taste delicious,” she purred before releasing toes, swinging her legs up and crushing them into the sides of the heads of her mesmerized foes.

Claire cart wheeled back over and to her feet gracefully as the two muscle hunks staggered to theirs holding their heads with their hands. The sexy spy twirled forward into the fray as the two assassins regained some of their composure but not enough to stop her withering onslaught. She leapt into the air splayed her legs and landed, her body straddled between the two hunks her legs resting on their broad beefy shoulders. 

Before they had time to react and dislodge Claire tipped over and inverted her body, as she went her hands formed into a knife blade as began striking the BODZ Agents. Her hands a blur Claire using the tips of her
fingers struck lightly on the sides of their thick necks, the tops of shoulders and then under their arms, as she inverted the spy continued, quick bites to the sides of each stomach and to each of the muscled ridges of flesh on the washboard torso’s, before she bite down the legs ending in two pinpricks each to the Achilles tendons.

The COIL agent neatly swung her back leg off the assassin in the red thong as he fell down stiff on his back she going with him and landing with her back on his hard stomach. Her free leg now holding the BODZ agent at a 45 degree angle above her with the flat of her foot.

“The weapons in my arsenal are varied but all are effective even against muscled male assassins. Each of your Shakra Points has been struck by my blows, the maneuver called the Striking Cobra and as you can see the result is total body limpness except for one point and I don’t need anything special to keep that stiff do I boys,” Claire purred.

The spy had the massive cock of the agent in the red thong trapped in the soft confines of her underarm, its throbbing rhythm music to her. She carefully removed her leg from the shoulder of the other BODZ agent, her foot tenderly and teasingly caressing his cheeks and neck before she worked her toes down is torso, the soft pads of her feet bouncing lightly over each ridge of his sculpted stomach until she closed around his thong.

“It just wouldn't be fair to leave you out of the action after all it was a threesome you two were desiring in the first place was it?” Claire teased as her toes stroked his prong.

Claire’s toes coddled him a few more seconds before she released his pounding stem, coursed her leg softly around his hips and tantalizingly over his ass, her toes weaving into the sting of his thong.

“I don’t want you slipping away on me baby,” Claire cooed before she forced his ass down and pushed up with her leg under his chest arching his body slightly so his huge erection sheaved inside his know tightened thong pressed against her wet panties.

The spy started her motion, a slow sensuous stroke for the prize under her arm and a small circular grinding motion of her hips for the other. All three quickly hotted up as their skin rubbed and slithered about, Claire sandwiched between the two dripping in perspiration after several minutes, her scent washing onto her helpless aroused victims setting then even more aflame. Claire’s bronzed body glowed in heat as she increased the paced, her undulating body twisting madly as she rubbed the men against her their cocks pounding for release. She slipped her soft skin about the shaft, his probe twitching while her silk panties delivered a rubbing nightmare of pleasure.

“Time to end the game boys,” Claire gasped, she was very close to orgasm herself.

A new motion delivered the death blow to the encased worm under her arm, he exploded, lava spilling out in great bursts before slowing and oozing forth in a slow constant stream about her tits then draining of her curves and rushing down her abs! His eyes rolled back in his head and he was finished, another victim of erotic fatal femininity. Claire slipped her now free hand down the still trapped second BODZ Agent and into his belly button.

“You never should have let me sharpen my nails you know. It allowed me to shape them into the body numbing unique strike points I needed, all except one nail that I filed with just you in mind,” she said sliding it into place.

A few more frantic motions later she jammed the finger nail in further, the ancient technique killing him instantly.

Claire moaned, her body quaked and she squirmed deliciously beneath him wringing every ounce of pleasure from his still hard member before she relaxed her body spent with the joy of victory and release before she freed herself from her former lovers.

“Thanks boys you’ll never know the pleasure you brought me, I only hope there’s more you to come.”

The End

Another victory!

Asian Choke

Before the clean-up.

Easy targets

Round 3

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crushing the basket!

A re-make from an older work. This time, I used DAZ Michael 4 and Victoria 4.

Is this an illegal move?

Boxing babe getting a little bit naughty.

East vs. West - Modern Konoichi

A little 'bloody" compare to my previous works. I'm just testing uncharted waters.

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Execution: Death by cock punch!

These 3 muscle hunks just made a very big mistake. So the verdict...Execution: Death by cock punching!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

They just met their match.

Ok, so here's four burly musclemen thinking that they can defeat one sexy babe...

...that's what they thought.

East Defeats West