Friday, May 3, 2013

Bad-ass Babe wins...and the ending is so cummy. (Nude Battle)

After the dust settles, she emerged victorious all covered with sweat and cum while the seven muscle-bound bad guys lays dead with their hard dicks still spewing cum.

(I wonder what happened in that fight?)

And the story goes like this...

Judie entered the corridor. She was expecting a fight,  but she wasn’t expecting this kinda fight!

Before she entered the corridor, her companion told her that she must strip all her clothes. She wondered why, but that was an order. So she was just in her birthday clothes when she entered the dim corridor. She was surprised to see 7 hunky muscle men waiting for her, all stripped naked!

The hunks were mesmerized by the girl’s beauty. She seems to think of the same thing about them. “We must have an orgy here instead of a brawl.” , she thought as she ready herself for their attack. She notices all the hunks were staring at her body and starting to have a hard on.

“Easy target!”

The hunks attacked simultaneously, but Judie was trained in the art of the erotic martial arts. As each hunk was in reach of her fist, she let her karate strike land on their hard cock.

Grunts echoed in the corridor as Judie’s hits landed on each hunk’s stiff cock shaft. Judie was captivated at the sight of how these muscle men’s cocks blasted with cum every time her lethal hand contact their throbbing cock. With each strike, the hard man-meat jiggled and hardens more, the muscle man’s face grimace with both pleasure and pain, as soft “ohhhh” escape from their lips. It only needs 3 direct strikes to the fat shaft and pre-cum began to come out of its fat head.

Judie will sometimes stop to give each hunk some soft jerking before giving him a fatal strike just below his cock shaft. The hunk immediately closes his eyes and gently slipped to the floor as his cock blast his cum as a tribute to his conquering goddess.

They haven’t even got the chance to retaliate.

Judie enjoyed the struggle so much that she started to get wet. She enjoyed the feeling her hand stroking their hard dick, and how all their hot cum exploded in her body, soaking her tits and thighs with the hot, sticky man-juice. After a short while, Judie was surrounded by hot muscle bodies, their cocks still spewing hot cum.

And as compensation, Agent Judie uses those bodies to relieve her sexual urge by rubbing her sweaty body on their muscular frame and rubbing their hard man-meat on her sweaty body.


Anonymous said...

hot sexy lady, love this sort of buff macho chick.

Anonymous said...

Amazing... who wrote this???

Anonymous said...

So many cocks in just one picture. Great...if only she was wearing her undies

Anonymous said...

Intensely erotic!!

Unknown said...

Amazing and realistic story. Arousal males gazing at a naked woman are blunt and therefore not able to fight and defend. Therefore, they are easily prey. It would be shame not to use this nice opportunity to enjoy great delight during killing them.
Sure when males see a naked girl, they think on sex.. But when a girl sees more naked males, naturally she desires to kill them.
I am very glad that instead of only beaten them into unconsciousness, so she killed all of 7 males, because then she felt the maximum pleasure.
Messrs will get angry at me, but I'm a woman therefore I feel it like this, so I consider to be much more important the great delight of this girl than these 7 insignificant males..

Jack said...

The cum those hunks shot on Judie and all over themselves show how erotic and messy this battle was.

Anonymous said...

So damn sexy, why did you stop doing these types of master pieces?

Anonymous said...

Their limited male brains reduced to lizards by a superbly toned female physique was the first clue. Their arrogance of their own physical prowess the second. Her body dripping with the semen of dead men the third. Game over, she is legend.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing to the council were the reports of women rushing to the pile of newly slaughtered men, many with their cocks still hard and still dripping with fresh sperm. Pulling those bodies from the pile laying them on their backs they quickly straddled and mounted those with still erect penises dripping with sperm, grinding their loins onto the erect cocks and worshiping the muscular torsos of the freshly dead males. Further reports of the nipples of the dead males being bitten off has added to their concerns. This is acceptable if he is alive but not to worship the dead, even fresh, remains. The debate continues.

Anonymous said...

i'm a pro-Femdom guy, a male who supports the Superiority of Women.
Helena is a strong Woman Whose logical, sensuous comments are spot on. With Her delightful accent, She unapologetically asserts Her Superior Female gender and shows how a Woman can use Her Femininity to render Her enemy male(s) helpless. Then She shows how Judie attacks each doomed male and She leaves him dead nude, his hard or semi-hard dick still spewing cum from his overloaded, busted balls. As Helena said elsewhere, it's not a bad way for a male to die -- consumed by his own sexism, succumbing to a sexy Woman, a strong Woman, a smart Woman, an irresistible male-killing Woman, the Superior Female, the Conquering Goddess!