Sunday, April 21, 2013

East vs. West: You're next.

After giving her American opponent a mouth full of panty, Mei Lin is now looking at her opponent's equally sexy, hot friend as their boyfriends watch in shock at the full devastation of their sexy girlfriends.


Anonymous said...

that white-ass ho is gonna get wasted.

Anonymous said...

that blonde chick wont leave that ring alive. i dont think shes going to get any protection from those hunky studs, they look so terrified of the Mei Lin, they may wee in thier pants.
I think the story to this one is that, bored of thier american girlfriends the muscle-studs seeked out Mei Lin for sex, when thier girlfriends burst in on Lei and the two men in a threesome, the girlfriends challenged her to a fight, and here is the fight. the american girls are getting wasted, the boyfriends know thier gonna get wasted too, as Lei has no use for them, after finding them sexually inadequate.

Athena said...

Can we expect seeing the last fight and the blde girl have her neck broken, and with some blood from her lips I hope so, thanks for your good job, please make more f vs f, ans sometime with the western girl winning