Friday, April 5, 2013

Satisfaction After the Battle


Helena Novakova said...

When I see such beautiful pictures, so I always remember the wonderful stories from historical chronicles, when girls often use this fact the arousal males are not able to defend against naked girls. So the girls could easy killing the numerous crowds of horny soldiers and then savor the greatest pleasures during these nice pastimes, then they have been relax gratifyingly because gorgeous view was provided to them at the piles corpses of males.

Anonymous said...

luckily (for them) finding some only wounded, quickly stripping and stretching them out, giving the unfortunate studs one final screaming thrashing bloody farewell. A good opportunity to experiment with various techniques using long sharp daggers slowly inserted into various portions of his muscled anatomy paying close attention to the genitalia, researching which methods would most prolong his agonies, reducing premature death due to blood loss and critical damage.