Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fatal Massage

Our Asian assassin have disguised herself as a masseuse and gave him a very sexy massage, minus the happy ending.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a scene in the movie Naked Weapon when 2 Asian assassins target a Russian mobster. One Asian girl gives him an erotic massage then kills him then gunfight ensues between the 2 Asian girls and the mobster's army of muscular White guys. East destroys West as the 2 Asian girls wipeout the White guys using guns, wits and explosive (literally) creativity.

Anonymous said...

She was rubbing his big muscular chest with her delicate small hands, while her "love box" was rubbing against his cock. She kept letting him enter and then pulling up to slip his dick out, this frustrated and annoyed the horny customer immensely. He took his big hands hand forced her down on his cock, and held her there until he blew his load. She did not like his overly horniness and lack of ability to hold his juices in, so she decided to kill him.

As he laid there post climax, his body weakened as he felt into a sleepy state. She first struck him in the jaw, forcing the handsome stud to bleed. Then she straddled her lady part back on the still hard phallus, and bounced up and down on it while choking the remaining life out of him. The stud was helpless as he couldn't stop her choking as his big man parts were being over stimulated causing his muscular arms to wave in the air uselessly instead of stopping his little sexy assassin.

Upon the final bounce, she forced him to blow his final load. She felt his warm juices gush up into her. Looking her victim in the eyes, he was now passing out as his arm stopped struggling, blue eyes rolled back, mouth opened spewing saliva and blood out the side. She got off him and started walking away. Right before her exit she looked back at the alpha male she just slayed. The muscular body laid there on the massage table, big cock now soft still leaking residue of his juices, "What a waste of a beautiful man" she thought to herself as she turned off the lights.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, love the differences in their size. The delicate Asian woman is typically small, athletic, fit, with soft features. The white man is oversized thanks to his steroid addiction, handsome face, well kept blonde hair, and hairless body. I love this triumph of east vs west but with women vs men.

Up next, his busty blonde girlfriend in the next room waiting for her massage. She has to lay down on the massage table face down, as she is laying there the Asian chick suddenly ties her arms down and starts spanking her big booty mercilessly!

Anonymous said...

Oh im sure he got the happy ending, but died right after.