Friday, June 7, 2013

Beautiful girl kills hunky bodybuilder

He saw her in their private pool and wondered if she was one of them so he approached her with caution.

Yet being suspicious, they both used the not so-usual method of interrogation… 

Till, she got the upper hand and wrap her soft but firm thighs on his massive neck, and gently but firmly choke his life out of him.


G-8 said...

The second pic is erotic even if she isn't actually sucking his cock.

Anonymous said...

It was always a problem with the predatory women who wanted to destroy beautifully muscled males and still couple with them. The need to have an erect spurting cock buried deep in her loins was too urgent to be denied. A man under torture is not going to remain erect, not gonna happen. What are the girls to do? In this encounter she took notice that at the moments of his death he became fiercely erect and spurted his seed over his hard defined belly. Asphyxiation seemed to be the means of execution that would enable this use of powerfully muscled male physique to maximum advantage. Strapped down naked and helpless with a naked female straddling his now tortured flaccid loins, a cord wrapped around his neck and cutting off his air, a rigid erection sprung forth, mounted and milked. Only caressing, kissing and worshiping a superb male torso while grinding her pussy against his now dead but still stiff cock is her only comfort.