Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beach Hunk

Not your average lifeguard.


Anonymous said...

Didn't see this one till today. I wrote a short story for it. Hope you like tash.

Everyday Chi ling went to the beach hoping beefcake lifeguard Tyler Ratchford would notice her. And everyday the shy chi went home disappointed that the hunk had ignored her. Tyler would go about his life-guarding duties occasionally stopping to chat to various bikini clad beach bunnies and rub suntan lotion on thier backs. Unlike these women chi was too shy to go up to Tyler, and on the one occasion she tried to talk to him, Tyler had barely even acknowledged her, briefly mumbling something and simply walked past her.

One day she had a wicked idea, an idea to make sure Tyler noticed her. And make sure the arrogant stud could no longer take her for granted.

Chi had a skill few people realised she had, in her former native China, chi had been an Olympic level swimmer and had competed in competitions around the world, winning numerous medals. And it was now she decided to put those skills to use. On the beach on a windy day. she swam far out over the big waves, and when she was as far as she was happy to go, she waved her arms and yelled for help.

Tyler looked out seeing the struggle in the water and immediately leapt into action, running down the beach and diving into the ocean, Then swimming out over the waves. For Chi it was a sight to behold, she admired his beautiful body tearing through the ocean. Tearing through the the ocean That was, until the muscleman began to tire, so far out and so big were the waves Tyler started to struggle, his massive limbs drained of energy felt like concrete slabs, he was exhausted and started to panic.

People on the beach pointed and shouted at the sight of the lifeguard struggling and crying for help. After some time of thrashing around the stud wilted and submerged in the water. then chi sprung into action. giving up her ruse she swam quickly over to Tyler and clutching him made her way back to shore. He was heavy, but she managed.

A small crowd watched in amazement as She carried the hunk across onto the beach, they couldn't believe that the tiny Chinese had saved the macho lifeguard. they also couldn't help but notice that Tyler was now nude, the ferocious waves had swept Tylers swimming trunks off his body. Chi briefly glanced Tylers magnificent muscled body, including his big heavy cock, and unkindly dropped the limp beefcake onto the hard sand. She basked in her superiority over the helpless unconscious stud, then she performed Cpr on him. Chi savoured every second of it.

The soggy lifeguard come to, looking around then up at chi he was bewildered, unable to comprehend what had happened, chi looked back grinning like a Cheshire Cat, "so now you notice me..."

Marcuss said...

Beautifully written! A wonderful narrative of female superiority coupled with an enthusiastic appreciation of male strength and powerful form.