Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dangerous Beauty Wins!


Athena said...

How can she kill the blonde who is physically in a better shape
But Tasha I love your art please make more bldes killing other chicks asiatics or other western girls

Athena said...

In a last effort the blde put the black girl down and slowly she put her in a sleeper hold and finally break the black girl eck slowly but very painfully....Can you make this ?I very love your art, but I think that sometimes it IL the western girl who filly win, and can you make some art where we see blood as in amazon battle thks again for your job

Marcuss said...

From this and previous comments I think Athena would really like to see some women of color disposed of by white women, which is fine by me. And the white woman is by no means in better shape, the blond cosmo model is shapely and soft unlike the black beauty flexing over her body, her hard-chiseled abs pumped and flexed.