Thursday, July 4, 2013

Girl From Ipanema

Garota do chocolate from Brazil.


Anonymous said...

The winner thinks he is going to be favored by the ladies but in reality he will be savaged at the hands, teeth and claws of their bloodlust. Some are dissapointed that the more devoloped masculine form was defeated but his form will be strung up and dissected as are many of the men who are killed by luring and tricking them by a more powerful male. At any rate, no male will escape the sadism of the women celebrating the inferiority of the masculine species as he writhes under the stillitoes of her blades.

Anonymous said...

Only when she has brought him to the height of erect throbbing arousal does he realize that his wrists and ankles have been strapped to the poles, tied with quick skilled stealth, stretching his superbly muscled naked body helplessly before the naked toned silken bodies of the women gathered around him. The beautiful bodies that lured him into this dire predicament became a cruel joke as they writhed against his frantically futile flexing physique, increasing the intensity of their mounting bloodlust. The long thin blades were skillfully wielded, probing those parts of his anatomy the women had found the most attractive with special attention paid to the male appendage that, along with his rigidly flexed muscularity, uniquely defined him as a man. The annoying screaming so characteristic of a male being tortured to death was eliminated by a shallow slit just into the adams apple, immobilizing the vocal chords. Into the night the women subjected their male sacrifice to the most extreme agonies a man can possibly experience, ensuring the superiority of the female. At long last his intolerable suffering reduced his mind to a shrill stream of whispered babbling signalling that any further outrages would be pointless. The ritual is finalized by quickly slicing off his skewered genitals, allowing his lifeblood to drain in spurting gouts into the sand. The head and genitals are buried at the place of his brutal death while the rest of the body would be dismembered and scattered around the island, the bloody muscular remains serving as testament to the fact that on this island the women are in complete control.

Unknown said...

Fantastic. Ever thought of putting out a calendar?