Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Sexy Losers (2)

Sexy losers on display.


Anonymous said...

What a sexy couple, I wonder what the Asian or Black woman who did this to them looks like.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting the woman draped over his torso was the perpetrator due to the half smile on her face, further begging the question: how did such a spectacular male physique remain intact up to and beyond the moment of his death? My money is on the simple 4-inch needle thrust upwards at the base of the skull. Death is instantaneous and mercifully painless (what a waste!) but leaving a perfect male body worthy of the skilled taxidermy displayed in their trophy room, a celebration of the powerfully muscled masculine beauty that caused them to be targeted by their executioners. An injection of liquid neoprene at the base of each phallic appendage creating a permanent raging erection symbolizing the raging need that lured them to their destruction.

Anonymous said...

The lack of sophisticated wiles and inferior intelligence of the male, combined with his powerfully muscled upper body strength, makes for some very interesting and challenging prey for the discerning and skilled female predator. Her abdominal and leg strength are roughly equal giving her some leverage physically but his arms, chest and shoulders can present a challenge. In addition, the tendency of young males to become instantly and uncontrollably aroused with a raging need to insert their phallus' into the loins of femaies reduces their already limited awareness into a mindless rutting instinct making them very easily manipulated into a helpless situation by the more mature and skilled girls that have taken physical control of his supple naked muscled and bound physique, completely at their mercy and subject to the fate they have in store for him.

The femme domme elite carefully chooses their candidates from young teenage athletic girls who exhibit an independent spirit and are not beholden to male approval. The females are further separated as those who are willing to use males as sperm donors then terminated and those who show a more aggessive sadistic approach to those boys and men who need to be eliminated (pretty much all of them), either after or without fulfilling their biological purpose.
This an example of a woman who knows how to allure a man, absorbing his seed into her body and eliminating him at the same time:
and the same:
This is followed up by her savaging two beautifully muscled men completly at her mercy. She has conquered a man and brutally terminated two more shortly after:
These women, on the other hand, had no other motive then to subject these men to a brutal death by genital mutilation and to watch them die writhing and flexing in all their naked muscular glory:
and these as well:
except for the girl on the right, she's going to give him his male perogative before sending him into the darkness