Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Sexy Losers (2)

Sexy losers on display.


Anonymous said...

What a sexy couple, I wonder what the Asian or Black woman who did this to them looks like.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting the woman draped over his torso was the perpetrator due to the half smile on her face, further begging the question: how did such a spectacular male physique remain intact up to and beyond the moment of his death? My money is on the simple 4-inch needle thrust upwards at the base of the skull. Death is instantaneous and mercifully painless (what a waste!) but leaving a perfect male body worthy of the skilled taxidermy displayed in their trophy room, a celebration of the powerfully muscled masculine beauty that caused them to be targeted by their executioners. An injection of liquid neoprene at the base of each phallic appendage creating a permanent raging erection symbolizing the raging need that lured them to their destruction.