Friday, July 26, 2013

So many muscles...don't know where to start

After defeating two muscle goons, our victorious female fighter is having a dilemma.


Anonymous said...

that bulge would be a great beginning

Anonymous said...

Yes, two fresh cadavers ready for research, all to often they have to be executed immediately but so often they get one or two live ones stretched naked and bound, ready for the ritual torture they have coming to them. Bon appetit!

Marcuss said...

Yes, dispatching the live ones slowly is a spiritual experience for the aggressively sadistic huntress. This is, however, an art that must be studied and practiced. To bring a muscled young man to the extremes that the Mother demands must be done methodically and quickly before he goes into system shock and dies too quickly.
These chiseled meaty boys will serve to give the researchers valuable knowledge concerning nerve ganglia, muscle group connections and blood vessel infrastructure. This will enable to Her worshippers to force the writhing screaming male into a state of physical perfection. A well-built boy flexes nicely gripped in the throes of orgasmic pleasure but his body can only be worthy of being sent to the Goddess when his muscular flexion is at its most solidly rigid in the paroxysms of the most extreme agonies, administered by the select few women and girls devoted to applying the probbing, slicing, and vivisection needed to send the now-mindless rigidly-flexed meat slab to his unspeakable end, surrounded by the femme torturers now silently enthralled by the spectacle of male beauty they had created, sculpted with their knives and needles.