Monday, September 30, 2013

Construction Fantasies

Just a guy with the right "tool."

Construction Babe


Anonymous said...

Love her physique!

Anonymous said...

Tasha, how about this for a comic story line:

There are 3-5 construction babes working on a construction project. Suddenly an expensive car arrives, out comes Mr. businessman. Blonde, big, muscular, and very arrogant. He is wearing a tight white dress shirt, and navy pants, both very tight on his massive body of course! The shirt is struggling to hold in his wide shoulders, and thick massive pecs. The pants are stretched to the limit by his quads, roid gut, and delicious package. ;)

Although the construction babes have been working very hard, the bossman isn't pleased. He starts throwing a fit, and yelling at the babes. As he is yelling and cursing at them, he disrespectfully spits at some of them. Working the entire day the babes are in no mood for his crap, and they attack him. A strong punch to his handsome face, roid gut, they claw off his tight dress shirt, and he loses his pants during the fight. Eventually he runs out of breath and can't take on the construction babes.

They now have him where they want him. He has nothing on but his tiny white speedo, his socks and shoes, on his knees, arms held behind his back by one of the construction babes, body bruised, lip slightly bleeding. He faces the remaining babes and awaits their punishment.

I'll leave the rest up to you, but wouldn't that make a sexy scenario?