Monday, September 9, 2013

Feel My Muscles

He just defeated 2 sexy babes BIG TIME!


Anonymous said...

Come on they guys not suppose to win

Anonymous said...

No, he's not but occasionally the massively overpowering strength of a male is sufficient to turn the tables, his female victim's loins becoming a mass of blood and sperm from churning assault into her loins by a rock-hard cock driven by a powerful thrusting midsection. This is one of those rare occasions when the huntress' attempt to turn a beautifully developed male into a muscular slab of tortured meat went horribly wrong, making him prey to be approached with cunning and caution. His victory would last only until his bloody demise at the hands of a team of vengeful female predators, sexually luring and reducing him to a naked screaming slab of writhing squirming rippling meat with particular attention payed to the phallic package used against their sisters.