Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hi Sheila!

Hey Tasha,

Just wanted to say "hi" and tell you that I love your site and appreciate all of your great work!

Like you had written on your previous site (deadlyagents.blogspot), I too share your fantasy and love imagining myself as a sexy undercover agent who beats up muscular men, strips them naked, and then makes them satisfy all my needs as a woman.  

Do you remember the name of that movie you mentioned on your deadlyagents site? That scene you described is so hot, I would love to try to see it sometime.

Also, I thought you might be interested in a video that you can see online at Just go to that site and search for "island women" fight scene 08. It's a great scene from some low budget movie where a man and woman, both completely naked, are made to fight one another in an outdoor arena. The woman wins and gives him a good beating in the process. What makes the scene even better is that this fight takes place in front of about 12 other fully clothed women who cheer on their champion  and jeer the man every time he gets bested in the fight, adding to his embarassment and humiliation of being beaten up by a woman. It's a great scene but honestly I wish that she had engaged in less of a "fair" fight and used his natural weakness against him by smashing his balls. Oh well, it's still a great scene and one that you almost never see in a movie and I thought that you like to check it out.

Take care and have a great weekend. If you can remember what that movie was called I would greatly appreciate your telling me the title. Thank you.

-Sheila ****


Hi Sheila,
Thanks for this nice e-mail that you send me.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of that movie that I just mentioned here in my blog. It's really a lousy movie and I only love that part and beside...I saw it in one of these rackety movie houses in downtown so I hadn't paid too much attention on the title. (silly me)

I also saw that in Dailymotion...Yep, Island Women...I've just posted it here [see below] , but frankly, I find the guy a little dopey.

Again, thanks for writing.

Love and Kisses,
Tasha M.


Kent said...

Glad you got your computer working again. Welcome back.

Unknown said...

I am a male but this scene caused me to give out my load and the most exciting part of it is when the other women were cheering the defeat of that male