Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Island of Beautiful, Strong Women

Mr. Muscle Guy was no matched.

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m said...

His thong quickly sliced away, the naked glory of a powerfully muscled male splayed before them, the women lost no time rendering his strength useless and stretching him out staked down spreadeagled to be played upon. His torso and exposed genitals were of particular fascination by these women who had rarely seen, let alone captured, a beast of this degree of quality and definition. His gibbering terror at being at the mercy of three naked island nymphs only excited the already aroused females further but rendered him flaccid and of no use to the loins straddling and grinding against his belly and chest. They amused themselves through the night mercilessly squeezing, pinching, clawing and stripping his tortured body of every vestige of sanity until his writhing death agonies slowed, then stopped. His bloodied and flayed body, decorated with his emasculated boy parts, was left stretched and staked out on the beach in homage to their goddess, satisfying for now her sadistic lusts.