Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Modern Medusa


Joash Nickname said...

I have always loved medusa pictures. She is so lovley and powerful because she can do anything.
This picture is so sexy. The modern medusa is really hot.

Imagine a great hall in a big temple where a young beautiful woman lives, with an ability to transform good looking people to statues. In the temple you can see the fancy statues everywhere. Both men and women. They are barbarians, so they are obviously naked and the men must of course have a boner. Medusa is not ugly.

Barbarians had a mission and that they will go to the great hall to cut off the head on Medusa with a sword, but they failed. Now they are a permanent guest of the modern Medusa's temple.

The statues standing like they was running to medusa with a sword.

Have a look at this example:

Keep drawing hot! And, by the way. Cracks in the statue can make them look old and dusty.

Best regards!

Anonymous said...

awesome, that hunk is going to stay in stone forever with a huge erection, ppl will laugh when they see it. the other dude is going to have his butt bit and cornholed by that snake.

KirkbyJack said...

I have a better one!

Why don't medusa battle with a man and turn him into a purse hanger?

I know that medusa don't use purses, but the modern medusa might do that?

Like this:

Anonymous said...


Shawn B said...

Wow his manhood turned to stone in front of her