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Belly Button

There are lot of kinky sexual battles that enters my mind sometimes and I have been conceiving scenes about it ever since. On most of my fantasies,  I sometimes try to re-invent ways of how a sexy babe can defeat other sexy babes or hunky beef cakes in a very erotic fashion other that groin or sex targets.

One idea is this belly button thing. I find is sexual fascinating visualizing a girl defeating a muscle hunk by stabbing her finger on his belly button. Well…we know in reality there is nothing special about it, but remember that this is all about fantasy sexual battle.

I can just picture this muscle hunk wearing a very skimpy bikini brief, standing proud in front of this very sexy, bodacious babe in a very scanty tanga. All of a sudden the babe trusts her finger hitting the hunk’s belly button.

The hunk’s eyes widen in surprise…but gently close as his lips open a little. The girl keeps on inserting her finger in his “innie” as the hunk’s massive hands hold tight on her shoulders. The hunk’s massive frame gently fell but was supported by the girl’s sexy, sweaty body. His heads drapes on the girl’s shoulder while the girl continue stabbing his belly button with her finger.

Other kinky fantasy involves stabbing your finger on their hard nipples. (I like this idea on babes with large tits and proud areolas), defeating muscular women and an Asian girl conquers a very sexy Western bomb shell by smothering her face with her panty-covered pussy.

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Playtime with her prey

Tanya V.S. Chris and Mike

She had picked them up in a nightclub. Tanya was wearing her favourite “fuck me outfit.” After a torturous session on the dance floor she had whittled down a whole pack of potential fucks to just two. Tanya emerged from the club with the two hardest, fittest studs in town. Behind her eight men had cum in their pants on the dance floor as a result of her impromptu striptease. Even though it was only a tease Tanya was able to single out those wannabe studs who would never last more than a few minutes by grinding her firm butt up against their hardening shafts. In a dark nightclub no one would see her wanking them off at close quarters. But she always did it to taunt her prey. If you survived that and the Taxi home you might make it back to her place.

Tanya the Boxer

Tanya entered the boxing arena, only for two figures in the ring it was empty... as agreed.

This was a match to decide who gets a group of strategic islands of the coastland where the men rules one side the girls the other. After years of fighting and the boys getting their ass kicked there was an agreement drawn up, it would come down to two warriors in combat. The match would take place on the mens turf with a solid agreement that the referee would be nuetral.

Tanya was chosen to fight whatever the men could offer, she sought out the best gear for this match everlast knuckle protector gloves leaving he fingers free and silk full length robe... she stepped into the ring staring at her apponent she untied her blonde hair letting it fall like a golden waterfall over her shoulders and dropped her robe revealing the rest of her gear speed laced leather boots and a tight black tied thong that fitted her perfectly, her breasts stood firm with nipples erect pointing at her enemy.

Displaying The Losers

Season's Greetings

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A Day at the Spa

"This ought to be fun!" thought Tiffany as she strolled through the front door of the B.O.D.Z Spa and Gym. It was the new LLIP agent's first day of operations.

Behind the reception desk sat a very tanned very blonde male clad only in a black bikini swimsuit. Ther guy's hair was longish and he was clearly buffed. His eyes widend as Tiffany came up to the desk and grinned as she yanked off her belly shirt to reveal only a very skimpy side-tie cherry-print string bikini that barely covered her landing-strip in front and did little to hide the top of her butt cleavage in back.

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Ball Bust!

Slain Warrior

Double Punch!


I dunno what's the title of this comics but it's definitely HOT!!!

The Katrina Adventures (Part 4)

Katrina had said ‘one of her boyfriends,’ implying that she’d had a bit of experience at her young age. This made the man’s cock even harder. How dare SHE be the one to have all the sex, and HE was going to die a virgin? It bruised his macho pride to know that this young woman had had multiple sexual conquests, and he hadn't even managed to have one.

The Katrina Adventures (Part 3)


Katrina looked at her surroundings. In a coconut tree nearby, she saw movement.


Perched high in the coconut tree was a woman wearing camouflage and holding a sniper rifle. She gestured to Katrina to look around. Katrina scanned the area. When she looked carefully, she could see dozens and dozens of commandos disguised in the foliage. Many were also perched in tall trees and holding sniper rifles. All of them, it appeared, were young women.

The Katrina Adventures (Part 2)

One of the terrorists, a husky blonde who was already chest-deep in the muck, spoke to Katrina in English. “Please! Get us out of here! Don’t let us drown!”

Katrina was mildly amused that they wanted her help. “Sorry, pal. I can’t help you. When you treat the forest with disrespect, it has a way of biting you back!” She crossed her arms and watched the five men helplessly flail in the wet mush. “This is what you get for trying to burn down this beautiful island!” The men groaned dejectedly as they sank deeper and deeper into the quicksand. They were up to their armpits now, their broad shoulders just barely above the surface.

The Katrina Adventures

One of the most exciting and sexy stories I have read in the Internet is the one about Katrina (Yeah! Every time I read this story my panty soaks). I would like to share to you this story. I just hope I will personally know who created this story. Any Sexy babe vs. Hunky beefcakes site is not complete without the Katrina adventures. - Tasha M.

Tina adds another one to her list

Tina opened the door to check the mail and was excited to see the small brown square package by the side of the welcoming mat. She was wearing a blue bathrobe over skimpy white panties barely covering the coveted prize between her long tan legs. Leaning over, she waved to the lecherous man peeking out the window of his house across the street, almost tempted to flash him a glimpse of her breast but deciding he wasn't worthy, and instead she simply picked up the package.

Claire vs. Troy

I am very much in gratitude from the original owner of the story, barrie125ca@yahoo.ca, for giving me an access to his Yahoo group Spy Femme Fatales, and allowing me to post some excerpts from his stories. (The story below was edited to suit this site, you may read a different story from the original post.) The site is highly recommended and I would like to invite you to visit and sign-up for membership. - TM

Taking off the wet suit was a blessing, the night was hot and her body had not adjusted to the climate, instantly she felt cooler as the neoprene was shed to reveal a much cooler barely there black string bikini. Claire slid the paper door open cautiously and flowed her supple form inside closing it behind her. Light and shadow blended through the paper walls as she moved across the room. The sandalwood floor was cool and smooth under her pressure as she probed for traps or trip wires. Coming to the door on the opposite side of the room she stopped and listened then cautiously slid the door open and stepped out into the hallway. A sudden change of light and shadow brought her up short, someone was just around the corner. The fight would have to be short and silent if she was to maintain stealth and surprise that is assuming she had them at all. Using Tai Chi Chuan movements she stalked her unaware prey, creeping to within inches of him she still maintained her cloak of invisibility as she struck. A cobra strike from her fist smashed his voice box instantly all that remained was a quick turn of the his neck and death as he fell to the floor where he had just stood scant seconds earlier, she continued on in quite down the hall.

Tasha Morales, LLIP Super Agent.

Tasha Morales, LLIP Super Agent.
By Crohnsman67216@yahoo.com

When the world is in jeopardy, the only super agent capable of handling the job is the sexy Tasha Morales.

This story is a tribute to the lovely Tasha Morales. Her kindness in allowing me to use her wonderful art in my stories is greatly appreciated. The beautiful lady is a rose in a world full of prickly thorns.

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Lethal Kick ( M vs. M)

Big Muscle Hunks are no match to Karate Boy

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Nice View

                                                                     Photo from Actiongirls.com

Choke Time

She placed her legs on his massive neck and choked him as his huge erection sheaved inside his now tightened thongs pressed against her wet panties.

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Tool Hunk

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Naked Wars: Cock Killer

[Well, I keep on receiving requests of hard cocks getting some "gooey" ending, so here it is. Enjoy. More of these in the future.]

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Smothered by Tits

Her boobs are her deadly weapon.