Wednesday, July 9, 2014

East vs. West - Choked Out!


G-8 said...

She looks great defeated!

Steve Smith said...

Mai had found it comical how easy it was to befriend the Western agent with a simple ruse. Using the Yoga studio was perfect as it allowed the Vietnamese vixen to size up her foe's strengths and weaknesses. She could not believe her good fortune when she was invited back to the agents apartment so they could practice some more.

They started out just fine together Mai simply waiting for her chance to strike. Her long lean body was an obvious distraction for the Western woman who ventured a little too close the the lethal lovely. In a flash Mai's long legs ensnared the spy and locked about her neck.
'This Yoga lesson is on me,' Mai mocked as she rotated her hips and released the dead spy from the fatal gams.

Anonymous said...

Considering all the muscular men she has tortured to death she got what she deserved.