Monday, December 22, 2014

A Day at the Spa

"This ought to be fun!" thought Tiffany as she strolled through the front door of the B.O.D.Z Spa and Gym. It was the new LLIP agent's first day of operations.

Behind the reception desk sat a very tanned very blonde male clad only in a black bikini swimsuit. Ther guy's hair was longish and he was clearly buffed. His eyes widend as Tiffany came up to the desk and grinned as she yanked off her belly shirt to reveal only a very skimpy side-tie cherry-print string bikini that barely covered her landing-strip in front and did little to hide the top of her butt cleavage in back.

"Oooopppss!. Looks like I forgot the that OK?"

The blonde hunk only grinned back at her 36 D's and handed her a towel and a key. Tiffany could see that his bikini was now totally inadequate to cover his growing delight at seeing her.

She leaped over the desk, surprising the BODZ look-out and sank down on her knees...she giggled as she reached for his bikini and held it out away from his lower belly. His pubes poked out and she teasingly said "You really ought to wear a larger size bikini...this one just doesn't do the job.."

He laughed and leaned back in the chair and she playfully let the elastic of his briefs snap back to his belly.
She then reached out and with her thumbs started to slowly yank down his bikini....he muttered "What are you doing, cunt?"...

Tiffany batted her eyes and whispered back "Haven't you ever heard of the movie 'Free Willy'?...well...I'm freeing your willy!"

He laughed again and she gazed as his massive shaft emerged freed and gorged...
He grinned slyly at her and said.."Are you the type of girl that swallows?".
"No..." Tiffany grinned back.."but I AM the type of girl who KILLS!" and with that she swiftly and unerringly thrust three fingers into the young hunk's bellybutton.

The 23 year old blonde stiffend and he could fee the shock waves radiating out from his umbilical center to his guts and then his heart...The expert blow was killing him.. and his vital organs were shutting down..with one exception.

"Better hurry, hunk boy!!!" Tiffany mocked 'im as he slowly slumped in the chair and tried to cum...
He jerked a bit..sighed...then died....then cam..

"Awww...too bad..missed it...hehe."she mocked as the dead hunk spat cocksauce from a still living dick.
She let the snow storm subside then yanked the hunk's bikini of 'im altogether and put it in a gym bag on the desk.

With her strength and weight-training it was realtively easy for her to roll the dead hunk on the chair to an opening in the wall maked "Dirty Towels". She heft the hunk out of the chair and shoved him head first down the chute into the basement..noticing his body one last time..."Mmmm...bikini tan lines! that in a guy..."
She laughed and headed into the gym...

“Hi!” Tiffany breezily said as she opened the door to the gym. Right at the door was a dark-skinned Mex BODZ Agent in a bright orange bikini swimsuit. He was at the punching bag sweating and huffing as he lambasted the leather ball.

She walked up to him, saucily flung her towel back to reveal her boobs and snarled in a mock-gruff an thoroughly sexy growl…..”You! in here, right now!”

The sweating hunk stared in disbelief and paused…

“I said…IN HERE!!!!” Tiffany growled again…as she indicated a large closet off the gym. Her words caught the interest of two more guys working out at the Nautilus machine and Tiffany could hear the sounds of female voices in the sauna. Right now, the latino in the orange bikini was the focus.

She crooked her finger and playfully hooked him under the chin and led him into the closet and closed the door. She cleared a wall of brooms and other gear, planted her ass against the wall, drew the hunk to herself and purred…

“Now…DO ME!”
The BODZ man couldn’t believe his luck and grinned like a wolf and started to thumb down his bikini below his crotch…

“That’s the boy…let it go free!…stick it in and ram it hard!”
The BODZ stud couldn’t believe his luck…a hot chick with the sexual mores of a jock frat boy!

“BOUND FOR GLORY!” he muttered as he leveled….aimed.. and thrust at Tiffany’s now bared muff as she lowered her bikini below the appropriate aperture…he speared her…right in…and out….and in again…
She was lubed and he was hot and stiff….they fucked…they both grunted…she licvked his thick muscular neck…and started to paw him all over his broad naked back…then down his belly…she moistened her fingers with some of the cum that he was liberally bestowing upon her and rubbed the stud muffin’s six-pack with it….she fingered his bellybutton…
She did…she killed him.

He suddenly gulped…stared…looked down at his midsection…then back at Tiffany…then his eyes rolled up and he slowly crumpled over into a laundry cart head first.

She’d crushed his balls and plunked his ‘button in one swift two-haned move.

He sagged limp into the cart…butt up…she reached for his bikini and yanked it off ‘im leaving him bare assed. She put his bikini to her lips and breathed in his fragance…pheeeewwww! She laughed….after all….guys don’t’ perfume their panties like girls do. She tossed the dead guy’s bikini into her gym bag
She flipped ‘im over, and he sprawled naked and stiff dicked.

He was dead….except for his shaft…still rather active..

She slammed the lid on his body…and he lay in the laundry cart cooling and post-mortemly cumming…

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