Saturday, December 27, 2014

Belly Button

There are lot of kinky sexual battles that enters my mind sometimes and I have been conceiving scenes about it ever since. On most of my fantasies,  I sometimes try to re-invent ways of how a sexy babe can defeat other sexy babes or hunky beef cakes in a very erotic fashion other that groin or sex targets.

One idea is this belly button thing. I find is sexual fascinating visualizing a girl defeating a muscle hunk by stabbing her finger on his belly button. Well…we know in reality there is nothing special about it, but remember that this is all about fantasy sexual battle.

I can just picture this muscle hunk wearing a very skimpy bikini brief, standing proud in front of this very sexy, bodacious babe in a very scanty tanga. All of a sudden the babe trusts her finger hitting the hunk’s belly button.

The hunk’s eyes widen in surprise…but gently close as his lips open a little. The girl keeps on inserting her finger in his “innie” as the hunk’s massive hands hold tight on her shoulders. The hunk’s massive frame gently fell but was supported by the girl’s sexy, sweaty body. His heads drapes on the girl’s shoulder while the girl continue stabbing his belly button with her finger.

Other kinky fantasy involves stabbing your finger on their hard nipples. (I like this idea on babes with large tits and proud areolas), defeating muscular women and an Asian girl conquers a very sexy Western bomb shell by smothering her face with her panty-covered pussy.


Anonymous said...

Great work keep it coming I just love it when female(s) dominates a male(s) or a male(s) dominates a female(s). Would love to see more nude battles with two females on to one hunk and the winners playing with their spoils. What about the agents using a ancient sleeper hold or point on the body that not only renders their opposition unconscious but arouses them at the same time so their juices are flowing all the more fun for the winners when the play with their loses before finishing them off at the end.

Anonymous said...

Wow love your website its so Hot!!! Just love it when the agents have their way with the hunky guys. Love to see some more nude battles with two or more agents on to the one guy and winner or winners playing with the spoils. What about the agents rendering the hunks unconscious by an ancient sleep point and then playing having their juicy way with the spoils before finishing them off. It make my panties hot just thinking about this. So cool keep it coming

Anonymous said...

Is this method fatal or non-fatal?