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Claire vs. Troy

I am very much in gratitude from the original owner of the story,, for giving me an access to his Yahoo group Spy Femme Fatales, and allowing me to post some excerpts from his stories. (The story below was edited to suit this site, you may read a different story from the original post.) The site is highly recommended and I would like to invite you to visit and sign-up for membership. - TM

Taking off the wet suit was a blessing, the night was hot and her body had not adjusted to the climate, instantly she felt cooler as the neoprene was shed to reveal a much cooler barely there black string bikini. Claire slid the paper door open cautiously and flowed her supple form inside closing it behind her. Light and shadow blended through the paper walls as she moved across the room. The sandalwood floor was cool and smooth under her pressure as she probed for traps or trip wires. Coming to the door on the opposite side of the room she stopped and listened then cautiously slid the door open and stepped out into the hallway. A sudden change of light and shadow brought her up short, someone was just around the corner. The fight would have to be short and silent if she was to maintain stealth and surprise that is assuming she had them at all. Using Tai Chi Chuan movements she stalked her unaware prey, creeping to within inches of him she still maintained her cloak of invisibility as she struck. A cobra strike from her fist smashed his voice box instantly all that remained was a quick turn of the his neck and death as he fell to the floor where he had just stood scant seconds earlier, she continued on in quite down the hall.

The house was a maze of hallways and rooms; she met no one else as her journey took her she thought deep into the bowels of the place. Another trip through a large room and out the door on the opposite side carried her into what appeared to be the main hallway. The order of the building had no logical pattern that she could discern however at the end of this hallway two large paper doors stood closed to her. She approached cautiously; the room was illuminated as the light through the doors and walls showed. Intuitively she knew this was the epicentre of the house and that the prize waited inside. Opening the door a crack she slipped inside.

"I'm glad you made it," said a man sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room. "My name is Troy and you must be Claire", he said as he stood up.

He was about 6' and perhaps a shade heavier. He wore only a blue thong, and she could only guess at his age, definitely 25, but how much more she couldn't tell. His body as said was smooth and flowed with sinuous muscle and angles, large muscles carefully sculpted and carved.

"I do not kill quickly Claire, so I forewarn you to your fate," Troy said his mouth forming a sexy smile.

He swept toward her fluidly closing the gap. Claire defended the chorus of blows that troy delivered on her.

The babe countered with several kicks to his inside thighs and then grabbing his arm as he attempted a counter punch she twisted it straight, her leg came up over his head and wrapped around his neck at the knee. A quick roll up would have locked him into her WASP and seal his fate.

Troy however countered masterfully and avoided certain death by quickly applying pressure to her upper hamstring releasing his neck from her leg; he held the pinch long enough to deliver several blows to her forcing a strategic withdraw.

They came at each other again, Claire this time delivering the initial attack, like her he defended well. Trapping one of her arms in his he waited for the other to fall into his snare, which in short order it did. Twisting and locking them within his he turned around so the two fighters were back to back. His calves hooked behind hers as he fell forward to the floor. Arching up his back he brought pressure to bear on hers. His hold called The Terrapin lasted as long on her as hers had on him! She relaxed her legs immediately within his tie and was able to slip them out.

Launching herself off the flats of her feet she flipped over Troy and landed face to face with him on the floor. Claire went to reverse the hold and put him in her Terrapin, instead he simply let go of her and slipped free. So far the two were evenly matched would his advanced age become an advantage for her as time wore on or would it give him the upper hand in experience, only time would tell.

The two fighters approached each other again as their shadows danced on the paper walls around the room. A long series of punches, thrusts and kicks from both parties settled nothing, even when Troy tossed her in a Judo manoeuvre Claire held on to him and tossed him in the exact same fashion. For 10 minutes the battle continued in this fashion, the hot tropical air creating perspiration on Claire, she did not see any signs of fatigue in Troy, which surprised her somewhat, but not completely, he wouldn't be the guardian of so valuable an object if he wasn't good. What did astonish her was that he had no sweat on him; she put this down to his being native to the tropics and her still trying to acclimatise. The two enjoined themselves again in the struggle. Claire studied as she fought, looking for a small opening to exploit, unknown to her he was doing the same thing. Troy giving her an opening went for a strike with her hand and missed, Troy caught her wrist and turned it locking in place he then forced her around locking the other arm in the same wristlock.

Claire turned her wrists upward trying to force her to her knees and then the floor.
She quickly executed and inside somersault and broke the hold with a series of rapid punches to her adversary. Then back flipping in a defensive manner she gave herself a little distance from him. Troy however had anticipated the move and expertly slid parallel to her as she flipped and caught her in mid air around the waist with his arms. Raising her across his shoulders he secured her into his rack a move designed to break your opponents back. Claire alert to the danger tensed her body to avoid being bent as she counted with her move. She rotated magnificently on his shoulders and slid down his back her legs looping into his her arms enmeshing his as she fell. Troy did not panic he was too skilled for that, a good fighter assess the situation and adapts to their opponents style, in that way they can defeat them.Troy snaked his body as Claire clung to him, like a wave he rolled his frame feet to head, front wards, backwards and sideways.

Slow hypnotising movements filled the room in ghostly shadows. Claire wanted to finish the battle and for a minute in seemed she would. The spy drew her form inward with each sway of his and slowly she could feel his escape plan weakening as his swaying was reduced. Claire almost had him still within her, victory was hers within the next minute, and then the swaying grew stronger! A little at first as she applied futile pressure to subdue it and then more and suddenly she was caught up with his sway. Victory so certain a minute ago vanished as he slipped from her hold.

"Body hypnotics Claire, you would have had a normal person with that, but I'm too much a veteran to panic," Troy answered. "I only hope you are as resourceful when it’s my turn!"

Claire turned to fire a spinning heel kick. Troy caught her ankle in mid air and held it in place. Claire spun her free leg towards Troy; in perfect timing he let go of her ankle and bent forward as the other leg sailed over top harmlessly. He caught her arm in the follow through and then the other and pulled them behind her back intricately weaving her arms into one of his. His legs ensnared hers and tightened. His free arm secured around her forehead. Claire didn't panic, but her numerous escape attempts proved ineffective. Troy feeling that she had exhausted her alternatives serpentine the hold deeper. Ten minutes passed and Claire hadn't moved a muscle it Troy's grip, she was immobilised! The man had her helpless form and he knew it! Troy sunk himself deep into Claire his body binding hers. Claire knew it would be a slow death Troy had said he didn't kill quickly. Minutes passed Claire her head as well as her body pinned stared at the same wall, more minutes passed Claire didn't think the pain could intensify any more, she was wrong!

Minute by minute Troy drew himself inward on the babe. He was seemingly able to locate parts of her body and to package them tighter at his will. Claire calculated she's been standing still for more than 30 minutes of continuous pressure. She tried to keep her mind occupied and away from the pain. Running the hold called The Vine through her brain and the possible escape manoeuvres kept it concentrated until she ran out of ideas. She's been trapped in death holds before but she always managed to escape, there was always a way out, but this time she just couldn't find one. Troy applied constant even pressure never letting one part of The Vine overpower another, in that way the victim couldn't exploit a weakness and escape, finally he'd positioned himself deep enough into her frame to start the end game!

Claire knew what came next; carefully applying pressure he'd turn her and snap her spine. Where everybody else had failed, he had succeeded; just as he had promised would triumph! Slowly her trapped head move to a new position as did her legs. Time passed slowly and painfully for Claire, her moans filling the large room. Troy was enjoying his victory and was in no hurry to relieve the spy's agony. Troy grew more joyous with each passing minute and each turn of Claire. He knew she was a yoga master and could bend considerably more than other people that just made him happier as it prolonged the struggle. Claire despite the pain coursing through her body estimated another 20 minutes had passed. Her head was now 90 degrees from its starting position. Both knew only a few minutes of pleasure/pain were left to them. He decided to allow himself a gift, leaning close to Claire so that she could feel his hot breath he went to speak. Troy his mouth open ready to utter his victory speech instead found his face in collision with the back of Claire head, She'd been given her chance and taken it! Two lighting head butts broke her free of him. Troy his head swimming lost control and crashed to the floor about the same time as Claire.

He had been temporary stunned, Claire after 50 minutes of unrelenting constriction and twisting was not quite finished but close! Troy shaking the cobwebs from his head got to his feet and moved towards the spy still struggling to free her body from the lingering effects of his hold. It would have been a simple thing for him to slip around her again and finish what he had started but that lacked originality and would be too easy, Troy wanted to give her something else to think about, Claire fought her bodies lethargy to get to her knees. Troy slithered up behind her, she could feel him there, but her body battered from so long within him could not react fast enough! Claire's arms so long immobilised in Troy's knot willingly did his bidding as he secured them to her shoulders as his palms clamped to the sides of her head freezing it in place.

Slowly as a snake approaching its prey his legs came around her waist. She could feel them sliding effortlessly around her methodically probing for her weakest point. His legs winding into hers began to pull hers straight, once completed he crossed her ankles together with the same even pressure always forcing her to divide her strength and fight a losing battle. His legs began to caress hers; sliding up and down he dug into them at certain points to deaden nerve endings further reducing her ability to resist. Finally satisfied that he had taken what little fight she had left out of her he placed his feet soles flat on her hips and with decades of practice slide down her beautiful but defenceless gams criss-crossing his around hers as he went and trapping her again! Carefully, the pressure maintained he rolled onto his side and started again to apply his craft. This time his head was placed above hers as she was slightly bent in the hold, she would be bent further as time passed only this time she would not be able to use a head butt to escape.

"Now Claire after a long and wondrous exchange you will die, like all the others before you! No sexy babes has ever defeated me, some lasted longer than others, some even longer than you, but in the end the result was the same, time was there only reward, as it will be yours!"

Claire could move within the hold, called The Silken Thread and she again employed her considerable skills to try and free her trapped body. Again every method she tried and invented brought failure; she even tried swelling his member to erection with her ass in the hopes that an orgasm would free her when he lost control.

"An excellent try Claire, but past experience has taught me to wear a shield to prevent the use of feminine wiles, without it I would surely be your prisoner," Troy answered knowingly.

Claire again ran through her arsenal of moves, again failure, nothing worked, again this ancient man trapped her young body, and his experience overcame her youth! The soft deadly bending of the spy began, the Silken Thread held its ensnared victim loose in the middle but tight at the ends. Claire could move easily in him but she knew that would disappear as the thread was drawn taut over time. Whisper quite the two entwined combatants pursued their respective assignments. Claire continued to try every method again to break the hold.

"Come Claire your arsenal is exhausted, don't repeat what has already failed in the past, save your strength for the pain you will experience," Troy said in a mockingly comforting voice.

Sweat drenched her body yet her adversary was cool and dry, again she put it down to being in the climate your entire life and it definitely gave him the advantage. Claire serpentined her torso, flexed, stretched and bent it all in a wasted effort. Troy deep in concentration almost like a mantra or perhaps nirvana kept her bound, the consistent pressure from his hands was just enough to hold her head stiff but never enough to cause pain, again his skill at divide and conquer was employed. The Silken Thread was again a monstrously slow form of death, Troy's preference. After 30 minutes she still had a range lean spare body mass rippled with activity, minutely adjusting her to his advantage, her body moved only when his did and as he directed, the thread was being drawn tight! Claire her leg muscles straining were drawn backwards as her upper body fought to resist and for a while she managed, Troy simply waited for her to tire just as a great constrictor does and when she stopped he pulled her closer. An hour later by Claire's estimate Troy still clung to her, her freedom gone all that remained was pain and Troy's hold as it wound her ever tighter and sunk Claire incredibly deep into his domain.

"I knew they would sent you Claire however I had hoped you would put up more of a fight than you have, but this I suppose will have to do," he said glee ringing in his voice.

Claire felt her body slowly being drawn tighter in the thread, all she had left was stubborn willpower and determination, despite the extreme pain, the heat and the desperation of the situation she fought on her body coated in perspiration. Slowly she became aware of the fact that although Troy could move her at will and that she was still being bent in the thread, the rate at which she was being so had slowed!

“Was he just playing with her?” "No," she thought. "He wouldn't make that mistake again a second time, he would be all business after her first escape. The only answer had to be that he was fatiguing!"

That knowledge gave her all the incentive she needed. Then a grim though crossed her mind.

"So what if he tired, he'd simply release her, bind her somehow and then return when he was fresh to complete his mission!"

Her only hope lay in resisting and then hoping that she could inflict some damage on him to hold him off until she could resume the fight and secure him into her body. Her mind began to formulate a plan as her body fought on; it required excellent timing and her understanding of how his entanglement of her would fall apart. Her plan set in her mind she focused her body on refusing his efforts.

Claire struggled on with all she had, her body was still deep within the hold but over the past ten minutes he had failed to sink it deeper. She still wondered how long she could last and when her chance would come? Another painful 5 minutes brought her the answer she'd been seeking. Troy began to constantly adjust her in his body, probing for a weakness that he could rapidly exploit and bring her to a quick end. Claire was shifted constantly into a myriad of positions all had the same effect, he couldn't finish her and Claire now knew it! Despite her optimism Troy still held her, but not for too much longer, the encased spy was beginning to realise some freedom. Claire refused to be rushed she waited and planned, Troy had weakened but she needed more, she needed to convince him she was still his, she lay still and played possum, convinced she was still his he loosened the hold to modify it, she was proving difficult to kill, perhaps a quick method, something contrary to his preference was needed. During the time he debated the matter Claire prepared and gained strength!

Finally she decided she could wait no longer, without releasing her he could shift her into another hold and then all her guile would have been in vain. Timing it precisely she thrust her body first inward and then outward just as he was attempting to move her. Her legs feel free and a kick backwards to his chest disentangled her arms. Furiously she kicked him several more times until he rolled away from her barrage in pain! Claire her arms long held could not and did not respond as she needed them to, propelling toward him with her feet she delivered several more rapt blows to buy time for herself. The kicks bought her the time she needed, now her legs slide towards him and with a desperate effort his hand came forward and blocked it. He saw her other limb out of the comer of his eye and thrusting out of his defensive curled position he straightened to he full length and spread her legs out along the floor, thus stopping her attack.

Claire let him make the tactical error she needed more rest and his action played perfectly for her as she acted hurt for his benefit, hoping to force him into another bad move. Claire played her hand to perfection; Troy was still convinced he had her just as the two previous battles had proved. Folding up his body like a contracting accordion he rolled up Claire's body ready to secure her and finish her off. As suddenly as he moved she moved quicker, drawing up her legs she rolled sideways and away from the oncoming muscle hunk. Expecting to encase her in his body again, he instead rolled to an empty space his body tensed to secure hers into her final fate with a shocked look on his face. Claire her mind focused and finally free of pain let instinct take over and rule her body!

Her lithe form only inches from where he had rolled reached out to him, this time to draw him into her snare. His shock at not finding his prey in the location he expected lasted only a few seconds, but that was all the deadly spy needed. Flowing over him like water her manipulations perfect she drew herself around him intricately weaving their bodies together, only this time to her advantage! Claire applied a warren of holds to counter his escape attempts as she sought to draw him completely into her net. Troy true to his nature never panicked his techniques were truly marvellous, a combination of flexibility, power and cunning, several times he nearly broke free but Claire having landed a prize in her web wasn't about to let it go free! She had managed to tie one of his arms into hers and she'd cinched her legs around his waist, but she didn't have him all, not yet. Again she played on his overconfidence by giving him exactly what he wanted, only making it appear as the opposite. Troy tried to free himself again, but her grip around him was much too tight and becoming tighter with each passing minute. His free hand unable to dislodge her legs quickly struck at her neck hoping to envelop it in a nerve pinch. This was just what Claire wanted she dodged his hand several times and then let it strike home!

Troy could not lock his fingers on the nerves as fast as she could lock her free arm around his and entwined it to his shoulder so joining his other arm! Like the patient spider she was she had let him entrap himself and she closed that part of the web to him! The bikini babe inched her arms tighter and drew her upper body inward on his. Troy’s legs spread out before her were the next target, he however realised this and had locked them together to prevent her splitting them apart and completing his entrapment. Claire kept on leg tight against him as she loosened the other and began to run it seductively up and down the length of his leg. Troy watched her leg snake back and forth as it probed for a weakness or perhaps tried to create one through her distracting touches. Carefully returning her one leg she reached out with the other trying to breakdown his defences. Cautiously and gently she rolled on to her side taking her captured man with her. Again she repeated the process only this time to the back of his legs, winding up and down in the hopes of entry. Claire applied pressure to certain points in the muscle just as he had done with her, the technique was just as his was but the result was failure. She slowed rolled back up into the sitting position from which they had started.

"Your method is good, your skills are excellent, but we are stalemated Claire, you cannot seduce me into letting in you," Troy said triumphantly.
Claire who usually remained silent during her battles with other agents was growing tired of listening to his superior male attitude.

"I promise you a slow death just as you promised me!" she answered him. She continued to probe, as his laugh grew louder at her supposed futile attempts.
"You will find no pressure points, my body has been trained for battle, you are a fool to think I would have so obvious a weakness, you cannot defeat me the best you can do is a draw and survival! The well is dry if you think trying the same thing from different angles will work!" he said mockingly.

"Oh the wells not dry I just have to dig a little deeper!" Claire answered.
Again relaxing one of her legs she serpentined her foot into his crotch.
"It occurred to me that you wear a thong because it's your weakest point and as you know a good fighter always exploits their opponents weaknesses. Let's see if I can exploit yours," Claire knowingly whispered!

Her toes probed inward, found his thong and fondle it. She seized his flaccid manhood between her toes and swelled it to marble hard and smoothness in a matter of seconds. Her expert touch kept him hard as she positioned her other foot to join the attack capturing his stem totally a few minutes later. Troy fought her hard but she massaged him helpless her siren touch alluring beyond all capacity. Claire felt his throbbing grow between her feet, her tender deadly manipulations were succeeding. His breath grew short, he was close, she pressed her attack and he spilled, his body quivering in delight. Claire smiled sweetly and slipped her left leg between his, the wall had been cracked now to bring it completely down!

He was limp for only a few minutes, her touch calling him hard again. She ran his massive hardness along her silky calf with her right foot while she encouraged his entrapment with seductive kisses to his neck! Troy tried all he knew to escape the seductress, but she counter all his attempts with her lethal lips and tantalising toes. Her skills pinned him to her despite his best efforts as she stroked him to his death with precision. Claire went slow, building him up, letting him feel her body attack him with all its deadly grace. The babe increased her onslaught, her tongue finding his ear and striking hotly to his marrow as her whispered encouragement and defeat to him.

“Release it to me Troy! Surrender my warrior to your conquering queen! Give me what I desire!”

He refused her no longer and exploded in joy and defeat to her! Her right leg now glided into place following the path of the left into the divide. Claire pulled him up straight in the hold she worked her legs in deeper by slowly raising her upper legs slightly and then reclining back again the completion of each turn drew Her legs tighter around his. Her Anaconda thighs closed in around his crotch as the repeated rising and falling drew her ever inward on Troy. Eventually his legs were completely locked in Claire's hold it had taken over an hour to trap him, but she finally now had him!

"Now my excellent adversary its your turn to die! I have you and we have the rest of the night to get acquainted."

Troy tried a series of escape attempts some of them twice all failed all the while the sexy bikini babe tightened and adjusted his spent form.

"My Reclining Buddha seems to have you perplexed Troy! What no response? Never mind, I understand, you have enough on your plate at the present, lets just enjoy the time with have left with each other in silence!” Claire again whispered softly to him as she buried herself in his body and sunk the hold deeper!

Claire for the first time noticed sweat beads on Troy's body, despite all his efforts he was starting to panic, as he couldn't dislodge her. Her hands slid around his jaw to cup him within hers as she adjusted his body within her as required. Several minutes passed before she achieved the results she wanted, Troy was taut in the Buddha just as she had been in his two previous holds, only she had no plans of letting him extricate himself from her. Troy's escape plans exhausted by lack of movement he had to wait for Claire to make a mistake, he was still optimistic and thinking he was the better of the two. Silence filled the room as Claire's gentle undulations moved him further into her every so often, taking away a little more freedom each time. He was stubborn, she snaked her torso rhythmically every so often to loosen and cinch him deep, his body continued to protest but her siren skills were impossible to battle. She couldn't and wouldn't go fast her body was tired from the several hours she's spent as his guest and proceeding too fast might cause a mistake, also she was giving Troy a dose of is own medicine.

Sweat began to coat Troy's tan, muscular body as it rolled off Claire; the two glistened in the light as it covered them. Troy hoped the perspiration would act as a lubricant to help him escape her embrace. Claire realised this as well and her resolve to be patient stiffened, so did he as she continued the rock and implant him into her hold. After 30 minutes Tey's hopes collapsed, she had stopped her up and down movements, she had him secured, she now proceeded to her end game scenario. Slowly Claire started to recline the Buddha as she bent backwards and Troy began to be stretched. She was slow and deliberate; her hand's pulled up on is jaw arching his neck back.

Imperceptible degree and imperceptible degree he moved closer to his fate. Troy his smooth , muscular, tan body strained with her youthful embrace, he fought as best he could but she had mastered him! If it was possible Claire imbedded herself deeper into him, her whole body was a coiled spring of death and she was in the process of uncoiling it around him! She felt him slowly start to drift away as she increased the pressure, but Claire didn't dare let go.

She had one more surprise for Troy; she had a feeling he was going under to easily, rapidly twisting her body she inverted the Buddha and arched up to completely finish her resisting prey. Troy as she had guessed had been playing her for the fool, but he was caught completely off guard by her sudden tactic and couldn't react fast enough! His bid to break free was useless; he was sunk to deep into her and couldn't muster the power to break out she felt only small wiggling movements of his encased form trying helplessly to escape her ensnarement.

Claire held him delicately in a half-sitting position balancing him magnificently. His legs twined into hers and his arms tied in hers she held him there gently rocking him back into her wonderful body as she made the final adjustments to finish him. Seconds later a slow cracking noise like a dry twig being broken apart filled the room. Claire returned forward and rose up on the balls of her feet Troy still trapped in the Buddha. For good measure she quickly turned her top and lower halves in opposite directions, a second loud snap filled the silence and then Claire let him go, Troy fell out of her embrace dead to the floor! His thong soaked with cum while his fat cock head pokes out in the beltline.

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