Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tanya V.S. Chris and Mike

She had picked them up in a nightclub. Tanya was wearing her favourite “fuck me outfit.” After a torturous session on the dance floor she had whittled down a whole pack of potential fucks to just two. Tanya emerged from the club with the two hardest, fittest studs in town. Behind her eight men had cum in their pants on the dance floor as a result of her impromptu striptease. Even though it was only a tease Tanya was able to single out those wannabe studs who would never last more than a few minutes by grinding her firm butt up against their hardening shafts. In a dark nightclub no one would see her wanking them off at close quarters. But she always did it to taunt her prey. If you survived that and the Taxi home you might make it back to her place.

Now before her were two nineteen year-old boys: Chris and Mike. Both boys had been dancing with stunners before Tanya had come straight over and run her hand along their semi-hard cocks, right in front of the other girls. The wannabe slut had attempted to win back their men but Tanya had the boys in a trace and lured them off for a private sex marathon back at Chris’s house.

Mike was seeing Chris’s sister, Jo and Chris was fucking his own eighteen year-old sister. She was a slut and they were in her bedroom at that very moment. Tanya had spotted the four-poster bed in Jo’s bedroom and had led them in.

Chris’s tight extra strength jeans strained under the immense pressure his tool was exerting on them. Tanya continued to finger her dripping wet cunt whilst working the dildo between her ample cleavage. Though Jo’s favourite toy was a good twelve inches long and ten round; her tits almost completely engulfed it.

“Hello boys…are you aroused? Are you stroking those big hard cocks yet?”

She continued to entice them.

“This is how your balls will end up in a few minutes.” With that Tanya frantically pumped the dildo between her amazingly firm breasts. The impressive machine was being wanked so hard it had started to smoke.

Jo’s toy had a lifetime guarantee. The manufacturers boasted on the box that:


As Tanya knew from experience no cock, no matter how big and hard, was unbreakable. Every cock she had come up against had cum up against her, usually more than once.

Sensing the dildo was about to burst Tanya slid it from the vacuum like grasp of her tits and pointed it at “the boys.”

“Come on studs, let’s see those erections.”

With that Tanya grasped the phallus with one hand and squeezed the ball with the other. A powerful stream of white liquid shot straight towards Chris. It hit him on the chest. A second burst was aimed at Mike and splattered over his bulging groin. Tanya saw Chris was close to orgasm and took another shot this time hitting his tortured package.

“Bulls eye!” Tanya laughed.

Chris was not in the mood for jokes. Semi-entranced by her showing off he could only grasp at the nearest object for support as he nearly fainted from the excitement. A tearing sound accompanied an orgasmic cry.

“Arrgghhhhhh! You slllluuuuu ahh.”

His double riveted custom-made jeans ripped open at the fly. His designer pants were covered in pre-cum and torn to pieces by “the beast”. Tanya gasped as she witnessed his sixteen-inch monster burst from its inadequate denim cage.

“You stud, I can’t wait to fuck that.“

Chris could not reply. He was concentrating on staying conscious and not shooting his own reserves of juice; at least not until he’d outlasted his buddy and this bitch that was kneeling before him.

Tanya now turned her attention to Mike. Amazingly his shaft was still well ensconced inside his trousers.

“Oh I see you’ve held out.”

“I’m not so easy to excite,” said Mike proudly.

“That’s not what I think,” replied Tanya. “Your cock isn’t as big or as powerful as your buddy’s. That’s why he fucks your girlfriend every night after you’ve gone.”

“Liar, that’s sick Jo’s hi sister and I’m his best mate. Nothing comes between us.”

Tanya smiled, “You stupid boy, your cock is no match for his. Jo screws his brains out every night. He told me so. Besides what man could resist Jo? They’ve been at it for the past year…”

“I.I..don’t believe you," gasped Mike.”

“Then prove it big boy, out-fuck that hunk standing over there. Show him who’s the best.”

Chris was still oblivious to this. Tanya grabbed Mike’s trousers by the waist and pulled down hard. Expertly as always she had pulled the pants down with this jeans revealing inch after inch of juicy cock as she went.

Mike’s tool was thick and firm but not yet hard. Tanya licked the shaft as she worked his trousers down to his feet.

“Hmmm…an exception to the rule.”

“What rule you slut?”

“As a rule my little displays always get the boys hard…you must be the exception. Still let’s see what else you can do.”

With that Tanya rubbed the end of his cock with the palm of her hand. Circling the slit she proceeded to tease out his pre-cum. Soon Mike’s shaft was throbbing vigorously and had grown an inch. Pre-cum first trickled then flowed out into Tanya’s cupped palm. She grasped his knob like a handle and ran her dripping wet hand along its full length. The action caused a slurping noise as she milked his cock for all she was worth. With each long stroke Mike’s cock grew harder and longer. Soon he was upright and Tanya had to change positions.

He must have been twelve inches in length. But she wasn’t happy. How big could this hunk get? Tanya wrapped both wrists around his shaft and slowly licked his cock head. She looked up: Mike had his eyes shut.

“Look at me you wimp!” The slut ordered.

Mike painfully opened his eyes to see Tanya’s brown cum-to-bed eyes staring up at him with pouting lips wrapped around his huge bell-end. She proceeded to wank his mighty shaft: Slowly at first, then with increasing confidence and speed.

Mike couldn’t remove his glance from her lips. Pre-cum continued to ooze from his dick. Tanya let it overflow from the edges of her mouth and some trickled down the full length of hid red-hot cock.


He grabbed her hair and thrust his head back as the juices tickled his super sensitive penis.

Cupping his balls she squeezed tightly as she had on the Dildo. However, this boy was up to the challenge and managed to weather the storm. Or so Tanya thought. Letting his meat slip out of her mouth and she devilishly licked the slit quickly with her tongue. Mike screamed with pleasure. The super-slut grabbed one of his tightly packed buttocks as he thrust them forward. Jizz squirted forth into an expectant mouth. She immediately came too and clenched his arse even more tightly. As if responding to the call: Mike shot another load and then another. Jizz began to leak from the sides of this goddess’ mouth as she continued to suck hard. Aware that Chris was watching Tanya allowed him to catch a good view as his challenger proceeded to shoot his bolt.

White liquid flowed copiously over the slut queen’s red lips and down onto her unrivalled 40EE chest. From there it cut a channel into the enormous cleavage still on display. Mike produced so much spunk, rivers of cum were running into her tits, which were soaking up everything Mike could throw at them like a vast valley of tanned flesh.

The sight was awesome Chris was intimidated by how much cum Mike had. Tanya was lapping it up though. Most girls, even Jordan Chris’ sister, would have had to stop for air. Tanya just swallowed. Despite this, gallons of pure stud cum went streaming down her front, running over her near spherical tits and dripping over the edge like a man-made waterfall. The contrast of her tanned melons and the white cum was enough to make both hunks burst. Somehow though, Chris held out. Eventually after a minute of near constant cumming Mike staggered back, cock in hand. Tanya let go of his arse and wiped her mouth. Mike grabbed hold of the bed for support.

With Mike out of the game Chris had his chance to destroy this super-bitch. Though he knew Jordan would never forgive him. But fuck it he didn’t care. His cute little sis’ would never be able to satisfy him again after a session with Tanya.

Tanya licked Chris’ former buddy’s huge splurges of juice off her tits and rubbed the rest into her tanned brown skin. The nervous stud could swear her breasts begin to expand as she did so. Maybe it was the light. It was hard to tell and he was virtually in a trance. Her glistening body was shiny from cum and sweat. He’d fucked hundreds of girls and all of them ended up dripping with sweat by the time he’d finished with them but Tanya looked different.

Somehow she seemed to feed off sex. Her body was literally steaming up. Vapour evaporated from her skin. She stood up and bent over at the foot of the bed. Her black mini skirt was tight around her toned tight arse. Grasping one of the uprights of his sister’s four-poster bed she proceeded to pull herself off the ground. With the other hand she reached for the remote control and switched on the CD player.

Erotic music burst from the speakers. I knew it well. Jordan loved to fuck to the pleasure filled sounds of the tantric music on the CD. But Tanya made her look like an amateur schoolgirl, which she was.

Tanya used her incredible strength to thrust up and down the pillar. As she slid down with the thick post nestled between her tits she left a trail of Mike’s cum along its length.

“Your mate was impressive.” She said seductively. “You’ll have to do better though.”

With that she leaped up and wrapped two shapely thighs around the awesome width of the pillar. Imagining solid structure was a man Tanya proceeded to push her butt out into my face and simultaneously grind against the wood.

“This is how I like my men; thick and solid.”

Tanya ran her fingers down the shaft the post and looked at me out of the corner of her eyes. Her devilish glance said it all. As Tanya arched her back I noticed how perfect her arse was. Round and firm both butt cheeks were seriously tight. The mini-skirt hugged her heavenly contours. Two sizes too small the strained skirt left nothing to the imagination.


Tanya’s erotic pole dancing was giving herself an orgasm. Unable to resists any longer Chris whipped out his cock, which sported what had to be the biggest erection she’d ever seen. Tanya starred at this rod of iron. Her lips opened slightly. Chris could tell she was impressed. She dug her red fingernails into the wood and thrust forward. The post creaked under the strain. Wood chips flew off as she dug her nails in deeper. From behind the skirt was now lifted above her buttocks. Both were tensed beyond anything he’d witnessed. They clung together at the centre and showed no signs of tan marks that Chris hated on women.

Suddenly she gave a deep orgasmic sigh. Tanya turned to look at her next victim. As she did so her eyes looked down to the floor. Instinctively Chris followed them whilst continuing to jerk off furiously. Tanya moved her right leg down onto the floor to support her body. He could now see she had cum. A thick streak of juice ran down her inner thigh from her pussy to her “fuck me” stilettos.

Tanya now seemed hornier than ever. She stood up to her full height, as she did so Chris could admire her body once more. The toned abs, lean thighs and prodigious breasts. Bobbing freely they were an awesome sight. Completely unsupported they seemed to defy gravity. Her nipples were fully erect, an inch long and pointing upwards. Tanya knelt on the bed ready for a doggy fuck. Then she beckoned her prey.

“Come on big boy, you’ve made it this far don’t go disappointing me like the others.”

She thrust back her tight round butt and then pushed down and forward along the bed. As she did so her arse seemed to form two perfect spheres suspended in mid air.

This was too much for the stud. He ran forward and grabbed both of them. Tanya gasped for breath. Gripping the cum-soaked material in one hand and a buttock in the other Chris ripped her skirt clean off. Tanya screamed with joy:


He wasted no time. Holding onto her arse Chris squeezed with all his strength. He found the tight butt was more than a match for his massive biceps. Both hands completely enveloped Tanya’s ass and his manly grip felt perfect. No one had ever pinned them down so hard. As he proceeded to work in his horse cock she found it impossible to move at all under his strength.

Inch by mammoth inch he eased in his God-given prize. After about ten inches even the super-slut was gasping. By eleven she had cum. Juices oozed from her pussy as Chris’s cock pounded it out of her. After inch number twelve a writhing Tanya was gripping onto the bed sheets. His monster cock was now as big as Mike’s but much fatter. She loved fat cocks. Usually though they were too soft. Chris’s was 100% pure muscle. He must have exercised somehow cos as much as she tried Tanya could not bend it. It felt like solid rock, harder than anyone’s before.

Chris soon had his rhythm going. Her pussy was so wet it would take anything any man could throw at it. Chris was no exception. As he worked past fourteen inches the girl went ballistic. Clinging onto the bed sheets for dear life she proceeded to rip them to shreds. Tanya matched each thrust with a desperate attempt to grasp something that could withstand her own considerable strength. She needed to get a grip of something or would pass out.

Behind her Chris finally lost his cool He hands momentarily loosened their grip as Tanya’s cunt tightened against his shaft. Big mistake. She athletically spun round onto her back. Now he faced an irresistible sight. Tanya’s tits were covered in beads of sweat. They stood up like two round mountains, neither sagged in any way. This bitch had had surgery to keep them pert. At this sight Chris’ eyes light up. He reached back and began a struggle of his own. His cock inched in further and he grabbed hold of both posts of the bed. His manly hands went half way around the thick poles. He struggled to get a firm grip as his hands slipped on his mate’s cum, which Tanya had deposited during her little pole-dance.

Eventually though he dug his fingers in. The extra support allowed him to pound even harder and now he was fully immersed in the succubus’ velvet pussy. Tanya found my hands reaching down to his arse and held each buttock firmly. Together they fucked a full hour. Chris pounding away from above, Tanya being driven further into the mattress with each thrust.

His stamina was incredible but it could not last. Just as he was wearing tired the bed move. Above me Mike had returned from the dead. He snarled:

“I’m gonna beat both of you fuckers.”

With that Mike’s recharged dick was ready for action. As Tanya took it in her mouth she could tell it had grown thicker and harder. So there it was Chris at one end focused on pounding the tightest pussy he had ever seen to oblivion and Mike at the other, in a semi-conscious state unable to speak as Tanya worked his shaft with a well-trained mouth.

With one hand Tanya reached up and pushed against Chris’s awesome pecks. They were fully tensed and hot to the touch. Her small hand worked across his vast smooth muscles, then traced down towards his stomach. Nimble fingers trailed along the curves of his sculptured eight-pack. Each abdominal muscle had been lavishly cared for and worked on. Tanya felt my pussy uncontrollably gush forth, again. As she dug my long red nails into his rock like abs, Tanya felt Chris’s cock tense as he reacted her juices. His pace quickened and his thrusts become harder but more frantic. He maintained his rhythmic pounding; pulling out and re-entering with expert precision. No one had ever managed such stamina. His boiling sweat dripped down from his brow and chest and as he bent over the cock slut. Each droplet seemed to sizzle as it landed on Tanya’s writhing body beneath. Tanya was in ecstasy and gasped with every thrust.

Both studs were on the verge of exploding. Chris was still the bigger of the two. Tanya’s slutty red fingernails only just touched as she struggled to wrap her fingers round his thick shaft. Veins bulged out from the skin but every blood vessel and muscle in his tool was strained to bursting point. At times Tanya was sure she was holding onto a rock. No one could be this hard! The other contender held in as best he could wiping the sweat from his brow every few seconds and gasping for breath as the super slut negotiated his cock head with her puffy blowjob lips, which had been designed perfectly for the task.

Looking up at the tortured boy Tanya engulfed every inch of his sizable package. Surely she couldn’t take any more. Most girls couldn’t even get past his shiny head. This was a whole new experience for Mike who started convulsing as the tart he had underestimated ran her soft hot lips over every vein and muscle that protruded from his painfully large cock. His erection was so big every millimetre of skin was pulled tight over the oversized shaft. It looked as though a mighty chunk of cock would blow off at any moment as Mike’s stamina gave in.

“Surely this kid couldn’t handle any more.” Thought Tanya. He’d put up an impressive fight and she’d given him a titfuck and blowjob he would never forget - if he survived the inevitable orgasm that was about to take over his body.

Sure enough he was almost done for. Tanya cupped his huge balls.

”Have you got what it takes to cover my tits honey?” She asked in a taunting manner. She knew he hadn’t of course. She’d probably take his entire load in her mouth without spilling a drop. Which was a shame as those tanned spheres were begging to be plastered in juice.

“No stud has ever proved themselves man enough to meet the challenge.” Said Tanya meaning all her challengers had blown their, admittedly impressive loads, and then passed out without managing to fill her incredible mouth to the point where it would dribble down onto her tits.

The intensity of the session meant all three were soaked in sweat. Tanya’s boobs displayed a beautiful sheen. Tiny droplets covered every inch of her flesh. The boys were themselves dipping wet. Both cocks had been oozing pre-cum for fifteen minutes as the awesome tart working on them had wanked, titfucked and sucked them to the brink of exploding only to stop at the last second and allow the cock head to leek its copious sticky liquid.

Now they were so slick she could work her hand up and down each of the boys’ tools with ease. Chris had been particularly impressive he was still producing the goods while his mate-cum-rival had given in ten minutes ago.

Tanya resolved to finish him off. With one awesome move she slowly engulfed his painfully swollen cock head with her Botox-enhanced lips. In one continuous movement she slid down the entire length of his shaft taking in every inch of meat he boasted. Mike finally could stay in the match no more. With Tanya nine inches down and looking irresistibly sexy his tortured knob simply exploded. Tanya gulped his first few super charged spurts and then aimed his uncontrollable cannon at his buddy.

Streams of thick cum flew across and covered Chris’ hunky chest and abdomen. This continue for the best part of a minute before Tanya, still unsatisfied, let go of the still hard  cock, with that a dazed and exhausted Mike simply collapsed onto the floor.

“One down, one to go.” Said the Devilish man-eater.

Chris didn’t care about his ex-mate he could barely think of anything other than screwing her arse into the ground. Mike’s cock had been at full stretch before it had blown. Chris had a good inch left that Tanya would have to work on before she could dispatch him to the same place as his former buddy.

Chris had other ideas. He grabbed Tanya’s firm buttocks and literally planted her onto his knob. Chris’ strength was awesome. Their faces met just half-an inch apart. As Tanya slid down Chris’s now thirteen inch cock. Passionately the challengers kissed. Chris began to thrust powerfully. Tanya dug into his back with her manicured nails.

Tanya felt unbelievable no one had ever done this to her before. But she could not allow herself to lose control. She reached up and gripped the wooden frame of the bed. Her muscles fully tensed she athletically pulled up, in time with Chris’ down stroke. Then she thrust down onto his shaft as Chris struggled to control his oversensitive cock. Again and again she plunged down and then withdrew. Chris was about to lose his massive shaft now bright red and covered in Tanya’s cum and his own juices.

Eventually he gave up falling back this gorgeous hunk threw his arms back for support and arched his back upwards his butt was so tightly tensed it hurt and relaxing was out of the question for Tanya was now in her element.

“Uh…uh…uh. Harder you stud…agh…uh…uh. What’s the …agh…matter never…had…uh…a pussy like this?”

Chris could not reply. Tanya was now slowly teasing his expanding cock. Inching her way up very, very slowly and then easing her pussy back down. It was just like another workout at the gym for Tanya. For Chris it would be his last.

After a few minutes the slut felt her prey’s cock beginning to twitch. Tanya slid off his impressive dick and kneeled in front of him. Cupping both tits she wrapped them round his oversized penis. God it felt so good. Her super sensitive tits made her cum instantly. Somehow Chris survived a little longer.

“Oh God, Oh yeah, come on me stud boy. No one else has…I want it you cock machine. Give me your juice, all of it”

Tanya increased the pace of her tit wank. Chris was in another world and soon to be leaving this one. Even his now impossibly thick dick only managed to sneak above Tanya’s knock out chest. Her hands grasped a breast in each hand but they kept their spherical shape.

One, two, three strokes a second Tanya screamed every time she went up and down. Then Chris too couldn’t take it anymore. Tanya felt his cum run the length of his cock
But could not get it into her mouth in time, his cock head had swollen so big even she could not handle it.

The first shot went straight up and burst through the plasterboard in the ceiling. Tanya continued to work his shaft. Chris gripped the sheets tighter, if only he could hold out a few more minutes…

Tanya had no intention of letting that happen. A second then a third then a forth Chris was emptying his balls Tanya couldn’t control him anymore. Thick streams of cum landed on her precious face, she tried to swallow it all but managed only a few of his mega streams before she gagged and cum started oozing from her mouth. Frantically she attempted to grab his shaft but it was now so thick and wet she couldn’t get a grip. Tanya resolved to tit wank her way out of trouble. She started to talk dirty once more as her melons tortured his cock.

“Come on it that oh….oh…agh. All you’ve got? Give me more baby.”

Chris’ cock was fighting a losing battle and his spurts were not as powerful. He proceeded to deposited huge wads over Tanya’s virgin breasts. His cum was incredibly hot and Tanya could barely take it. Each spurt landed over her bronzed coloured breasts and quickly trickled down either onto the floor or over her toned stomach. She could hear the sizzle as Chris’ cum burnt-up on the skin of her tits.

Christ how could he do this? Tanya thought as she wanked him harder his knob was cumming non-stop. HE had covered his fantastic chest with his on boiling hot cum. Know Tanya too was in a daze. Plastered with his juices she was about to pass-out, her eyes clouded over and everything turned black. Her last thoughts were,

“He really is the best, I’ve met my match.” But she gasped some final dirty words,

“Come on honey, show me what you’re made of.”

“Y..Yo…You’ll kill me you wh...whore.” Chris managed to scream.

With that he let out his biggest shot ever. It rocketed up and splattered all over the ceiling. Tanya dived forward and snapped up his knob with her lips. White liquid soon oozed out of her mouth and trickled down the full length of Chris’ impressive barrel. Chris was done for.

Suddenly she snapped back to consciousness. In front of her Chris’ knob was still oozing cum, but it was no a dribble. Chris had lost it a few minutes before her and was in a permanent state of tension gripping onto the bed sheets. Tanya slid her tits up and off his still erect shaft. This made a slurping noise and with it Chris’ shaft spurted one last shot time.

Tanya staggered off the bed. She looked up suddenly to see a busty girl at the door staring with the mouth gaping and tears in her eyes.

“What have you …you done to him? He's my boyfriend.” Said the girl. His girlfriend, Jordan, had watched him go down fighting against the best.

“Was your boyfriend.” Corrected Tanya as she collected her clothes and walked out of the room.

“He was the best so far honey, but he wasn’t up to it.” 

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