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Tasha Morales, LLIP Super Agent.

Tasha Morales, LLIP Super Agent.

When the world is in jeopardy, the only super agent capable of handling the job is the sexy Tasha Morales.

This story is a tribute to the lovely Tasha Morales. Her kindness in allowing me to use her wonderful art in my stories is greatly appreciated. The beautiful lady is a rose in a world full of prickly thorns.

Henry Sanchez was as giddy as a young boy at Christmas time. Thanks to the inexhaustible funding he received from the LLIP Corporation, his life's work was finally complete. Years of trial and error during the unending hours of research had all been worth the effort. His dream was no longer in his mind. It was a reality. The Mega chip he held in his hand was sure to win him the Nobel Prize. The buffoons who had called him a quack all these years would have to eat their words. He would be recognised by Scientists all over the world as a brilliant and resourceful man. Now he could retire and spend his time getting to know his three wonderful Grand children. God knows they never saw much of him while they were quickly growing up. But that was all about to change.

Henry knew he should call the Director of LLIP and give her the good news. But Lorelei Lopez would send a courier for the mega chip and he didn't want to let it out of his sight. Besides, he wanted to see the look on her lovely face when he placed his masterpiece in her hand. She was going to be as tickled as he was. The extraordinary piece of technology he had in his possession was going to change the world for ever. Any computer integrated with his chip was immediately transformed into an invaluable asset that was capable of preforming miraculous deeds. Meteorologists could track storms, hurricanes, tornado's, or any other life threatening catastrophe the second they became dangerous. Geologists no longer had to guess where oil might be. The mega chip was capable of penetrating the Earths core with lasers to bring perfect pictures up on their screen. Seismologists would be able to keep fault lines under surveillance and quickly warn the public of potential earthquakes. And that was just scratching the surface.

The chip could increase the power of a telescope by millions of miles so Astronimists could check the heavens for possible meteor threats. Anyone relying on satellite pictures for any reason didn't have to wait for one to come into range. The chip was capable of bouncing signals off of any satellite to the one closest to their target and give them crystal clear pictures in seconds. The Military could use it to pin point missile targets, find terrorists and track their every move, and bomb precise targets without loss of innocent lives. The possibilities were endless. Henry realised his chip was a very dangerous weapon if it fell into the wrong hands. But only he and his long time assistant Hector knew his work was complete. And he trusted Hector with his life. Which turned out to be his biggest mistake.

Hector was thinking about his beautiful girlfriend Rita. She was the sexiest woman he ever met in his life. And he was madly in love with her. He shuddered every time he thought about the day she threatened to leave him. He really couldn't blame her for not wanting to stay with a man earning a meager salary. She desired expensive gifts like diamonds and mink coats that he simply couldn't afford to buy her. And her exceptional beauty deserved them too. If he hadn't got down on his knees and begged her to stay until he found a way to get her those things, she would have been long gone by now. Thankfully that wasn't a problem anymore. The million dollars sitting in his offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands had made her very happy. Meeting the representative from the BODZ Organization was the luckiest day of his life. A million dollars to make a simple phone call. How sweet was that. And besides, he wasn't actually committing a crime by calling them.

"Take the rest of the day off Hector. I'm on my way to the LLIP Corporation to hand over our master piece to Miss Lopez." He told his assistant and life long friend. "OK Professor. I'll see you tomorrow." Hector lied. Two tickets to the Bahamas was resting in the inside pocket of his coat. With a million dollars he could live the life he had always dreamed of. A sigh escaped his throat when he thought about his beautiful Rita lying on a sandy beach wearing a bikini. While waiting for Professor Sanchez to drive off, he took one last look around. A smile appeared on his face knowing he would never have to return to this dull lab again. Working with Professor Sanchez had been very exciting. But it was a no contest compared to holding his beautiful Rita in his arms. They were going to be so happy together spending his money.

Hector's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a gun shot. He bolted for the door in a panic, fearing what he might see in the parking lot. When he threw open the door, what he feared had become a horrible reality. "NOOOOOOOOOOO! OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "NO ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO GET HURT!" He screamed as he watched the black van speed away. He rushed to the still body of Professor Sanchez and knelt down at his side. When he felt a weak pulse, he immediately called 911. Then he got the hell out of there. After he calmed down, he called Lorelei Lopez to give her the bad news. He told her he was leaving the country because he feared he might be next. He conveniently left out his phone call to the BODZ Organization and the million dollars they paid him. She told Hector to be careful and assured him Henry Sanchez would receive the best of care.

Lorelei didn't have to think twice about who was behind this despicable crime. The Modus Operandi had BODZ Squad written all over it. The unsuspecting strike, the shot to the heart, and the black get away van was definitely their work. She knew from first hand experience. Before taking over as Director of the LLIP Corporation, she was their top field agent. That exulted position was now held by the female operative she personally trained to take her place. The one agent perfectly suited to handle this mission. The mega chip had to be retrieved at all cost. In the hands of the BODZ Squad it was a dangerous weapon. They had no conscience what so ever and killed without remorse. Annihilating a million people to gain their objective meant nothing to them. They were pure evil.

Tasha Morales was in the training room when she was informed the Director wanted to see her right away. She quickly released her captive and strolled out the door. Her instructor climbed to his feet rubbing his sore neck and sprained back. He was delighted to see her go. Ten more minutes of combat training with Tasha and he would have had to admit himself in the hospital instead of going to the infirmary for pain killers and a rub down. He couldn't fault her though. A field agents life depended on their ability to handle themselves and think quickly and rationally under pressure. Letting up on an opponent while training could result in their death during a mission. So going all out was the best way to insure they would return. And Tasha's extraordinary skills were unmatched.

Tasha wasted no time getting to the Directors office. Field agents were normally allowed at least a week to relax after completing an assignment. And she had just returned yesterday. So if Lorelei wanted to see her immediately, it must be terribly important. She walked through the door without announcing her presence like she always did. "You wanted to see me Director?" She asked taking a seat. "Yes Tasha. Thank you for coming so quickly." She replied to her pupil and friend. "I know you're not the type of woman that cries wolf without a good reason. So I hustled right over. What can I do for you Lorelei?" She asked with a smile. The Director got down to business and thoroughly explained the situation. When she was through, Tasha sat there shaking her head. "Those muscle hunk idiots just don't know when to quit do they? They're always trying to find a way to take over the world." Tasha said in exasperation.

"I know Tasha. And I'm sorry I have to send you on an assignment so quickly. But you're the only one I fully trust to complete this mission. I can't stress enough how essential it is we recover that mega chip. The longer it's in their possession, the closer they are to world domination. We simply can not allow that to happen." "You can count on me Lorelei." Tasha told her with a smile. "I know I can. That's why I picked you for this mission. Gear up and get a good nights sleep. You leave first thing in the morning. And be careful Tasha, I would hate to lose you." She said with concern. "Don't worry boss. I always come back alive." Tasha replied as she gave her a mock salute and walked out the door. Lorelei smiled. I certainly picked the right girl to replace me. She said to herself. Her excellent fighting skills and intelligent mind makes James Bond look like a pussy.

On the way to her bungalow, Tasha thought about what Lorelei had said. She definitely did have to be careful. Her face was etched in the minds of every BODZ Agent around the globe. Tasha had foiled more plans and killed more BODZ Agents then all of the other operatives put together. That's why they referred to her as the Terminatrix. There was an enormous bounty on her head they all wanted to collect. The BODZ Agent who took her out would live the life of luxury for the rest of his days. And this assignment was going to take her right into the midst of their lair. But dangerous situations was what she lived for. The thrill of meeting the enemy on his home turf and pitting her courage against theirs was erotically exciting. And she hated those muscle bound freaks with a passion. The thought of a muscle hunk shooting his load while she killed him with her bare hands nearly made her have an orgasm. Yes, this was the kind of mission she loved.

The main headquarters for the BODZ Organization was located just outside the city of Jakarta on the northern coast of West Java. Which was not that far from the LLIP head quarters located in Cebu City in the Philippines. The next morning, Tasha boarded a plane for the Island of Sumatra. She made contact with the local female operative there named Maria and arranged for transportation to the southeastern tip of the Island to a town called Telukbetung. The two of them chartered a boat to take them to Jakarta. Five miles from their destination, Tasha slipped into the water wearing two oxygen tanks on her back. One for the trip in to the Island and one for the trip back to the boat. She told her companion to give her eight hours. If she wasn't back by then, get back to Sumatra and report to the main office. Maria agreed to follow her orders and wished her well. Tasha dove under and swam towards Jakarta.

When she reached the Island she spotted a lookout tower twenty yards from the waters edge. She made her way down the beach under water until she felt it was safe to go ashore. Then she back tracked to the tower and hid her tank in the brush. Wearing only her white panties she crept up to the tower ladder and climbed to the top. Tasha was always scantily dressed when on an assignment. Clothes were to restricting. Being nearly naked gave her complete freedom of movement in a fight when she encountered the enemy. And it was also very distracting to the muscle bound bimbos as well. It was hard for them to concentrate with her large, firm breasts bouncing up and down. They usually died leaking cum from a monstrous hard on in their shorts. Which was exactly how she liked to see them go out. Tasha really loved her job.

When Tasha peeked through the door she saw the muscle hunk standing at the controls keeping an eye out for approaching planes. She quietly slipped inside and tip toed in his direction. Finally in position, she let her presence be known. "Guess who muscle freak." She said with a smile. He jumped out of his skin and whirled to confront her. Tasha turned her shapely body and snapped her nicely toned left leg up towards his face. Her steel hard toes caught him on the chin and knocked him back against the console. "WHAM!" Then her female fists went to work on his surprised handsome face. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!" While he was in pain and disoriented, she grabbed his head with both hands and savagely twisted it around. "SNAP!" The muscle hunk slumped to the floor at her feet with a broken neck. "Have fun in hell wimp." She said as she turned and left the tower.

Tasha made her way through about fifty yards of forest before she came upon the complex. Staying well hidden in the trees, she watched the guards routine until she was sure she could approach without being seen. When the guard turned and disappeared around the corner of the building, Tasha started counting the seconds. Fifteen seconds later he came back into view. She figured it took five to six seconds for him to walk to the other end, a few seconds to look around, and five to six seconds for him to make it back. When he disappeared again she sprinted to the corner of the building and hugged the wall. The next time he came into view he was in for one hell of a surprise. While she was waiting for the muscle hunk to show, her sweet juices began to trickle down her leg. Anticipating the kill was really making her horny.

When she reached fourteen counting in her head she readied herself for the attack. As he came into view she leaped on him like a female lion pouncing on an antelope. She placed her right foot in front of his to hold him in place and bent his muscular body backwards over her upraised left leg. Holding him down with her left arm she repeatedly pounded his mid section with her right fist until his solid abs turned soft and mushy. "THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!" He began to squeal like a pig because of the awful pain so she covered his mouth with her left hand and continued to beat on him. "THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!" She saw his eyes roll back in his head before he went totally limp and passed out. Tasha shoved down hard on his shoulders and broke his back. "CRACK!" She had a delicious orgasm when she heard it break.

Tasha dragged his dead body out of sight and slipped into the compound. Staying behind cover as much as possible she crept deeper into their lair. As she was about to round a corner in the next corridor, she stopped dead in her tracks. Ten feet away was a guard pacing the floor taking a smoke break. The next time his back was to her she rounded the corner and silently tip toed up on him. When the unsuspecting guard turned back in her direction, she forcefully gave him a karate chop across his throat. "WHACK!" The muscle hunk grabbed his throat with both hands and dropped to his knees. He was frantically trying to draw a breath through his damaged larynx without success. "WHAM!" Tasha viciously drove her knee in his red face and watched as he toppled over on his back.

She knelt down between his legs and smiled. "You're going to enjoy this for a while big boy, because it's going to give you a rock hard erection. Then your nerves are going to feel like they're on fire causing you a great deal of pain. Finally your veins and blood vessels will burst and you'll die an agonizing death. At least you'll go out having an erotic climax." She told the helpless male. Tasha grabbed his package with her deadly Tiger Claw grip. As she predicted, in a few seconds he had an enormous hard on. Ten seconds later his muscular body began flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water. Shortly after that his hard body went stiff and his face turned blue. He would have screamed if it were possible. Then he collapsed and stopped moving. Sperm was still pouring out of his solid flag pole dick when she rose to her feet.

Tasha felt a cool breeze on her legs and realised she was soak and wet herself. "I'll have to go shopping when I get back to head quarters. This is the third pair of panties I've ruined during my last three missions." She said with a lovely smile. "Killing these muscle bound freaks really turns me on." After stashing the dead muscle hunk behind some boxes near the wall, Tasha continued on her journey. Playing hide and seek with all the BODZ agents running around was a dangerous way to proceed. But without a floor plan to the complex, it was the only way she could think of to find the control center. Which was where she figured they were using the mega chip. She knew she would need all of her wits and fighting skills when she did locate it. Because it would be full of BODZ personnel. But there was simply no other way to succeed.

She finally stumbled on the section of the complex she was searching for. Ahead of her was a long hallway with numerous doors on both sides. She stepped up to the first door on her left and carefully opened it. Nope. Nothing but an empty office. She said to herself as she silently closed the door and moved to the one across the hall. This time when she peeked in she noticed a muscle hunk digging through some documents in a file cabinet. When he looked up and saw her enter the room, he froze right on the spot. He went into total shock at the sight of the BODZ Squads deadliest enemy advancing towards him in the middle of their home base. It was impossible. No one could be brave enough or stupid enough to enter a facility filled with agents who wanted to see her dead.

They didn't know LLIP's sexiest Super Agent like they thought they did. Trained to know the precise location of every nerve in the body and how to strike a fatal blow, Tasha thrust her forefinger into the studs belly button and savagely twisted it. She watched with a smile on her beautiful face as his eyes bulged out and his dick released it's contents before he collapsed to his knees. "That's it big boy. Die for me with your underwear soaked completely through with your cum." A few seconds later he dropped at her feet and stopped breathing. Tasha's perfectly shaped feminine body trembled with ecstasy when her own sweet nectar rushed out of her. God I love this job. She said to herself while she waited for the satisfying bliss to run it's course. When her body calmed down, she noticed the documents lying in the floor that he dropped when she surprised him. One of them was the floor plans for a building in China storing nuclear missiles. It didn't take a genius to figure out how they planned to use the mega chip. She slipped back out into the hallway.

The next two doors she tried was another empty office and an empty break room filled with vending machines. The next one led to an exercise room. It was empty as well. Just as she started to close it and move on, she heard a door open ahead of her. She slipped inside the exercise room and flattened herself against the door while she gently closed it. She hear two voices coming in her direction. One of the men told his companion he was leaving the complex to drive into the city for lunch. She heard the other one say he was going to get in some exercise while he had the chance. While the two men were saying their goodbye's, Tasha looked for a place to hide. There didn't seem to be any. Then she noticed the chin up bar over her head. Like an expert trapeze artist, she leaped up to grab the bar and pulled her well formed body over the top.

The muscle hunk walked through the door and strolled towards the exercise equipment. All of a sudden he stopped right below her like he felt something was wrong. Just as he tilted his head back and looked up, Tasha swung down and wrapped her gorgeous legs around his neck. He was caught firmly between her thighs with his face pressed tightly against her pantie soaked sex. He tried to shout a warning to anyone within hearing distance but all that came out was a gurgling mumble. Tasha crossed her shapely ankles and tightened her vise grip thighs around his neck like a python. He frantically clawed at her muscular legs in an attempt to free himself but it was useless. She hung there and squeezed with everything she had. His struggling became weaker and weaker until he finally suffocated to death and went limp. Tasha released his dead body and dropped to her feet.

A few doors down she finally located the control room. Luckily there was a small window with the blinds half closed she could peek through. There was two guards in the room, one on each side of the door. Three men were sitting at computers with what appeared to be their Supervisor looking over the shoulder of the man in the middle. She assumed that computer was the one with the chip loaded in it. Quickly thinking over a course of action, she grabbed the door handle and readied herself. The two guards and the Supervisor had to be dealt with first. They were BODZ agents and would be the most dangerous. The other three were techno computer geeks and not fighters. Although they undoubtedly had received some kind of combat training. So she knew they couldn't be dismissed all together. After taking a deep breath, she shoved the door open as hard as she could.

"SLAM!" The door hit the guard on the left and knocked him down. Tasha quickly stepped to her right and reached behind her to wrap her arm around the back of other guards neck. Before he knew what was happening, she flipped him over her shoulder to the floor. "SLAM!" He landed hard and was dazed. Her right foot shot forward like it was spring loaded to meet the on coming Supervisor in the chest. "WHAM!" He was sent reeling back off balance until he collided with the computer geek in the middle. They both fell to the floor in a tangled up mess. "STOMP!".."BAM!" Tasha stomped the guard lying in front of her in the face and his head bounced on the floor nearly knocking him out. Then she quickly turned to the guard she knocked down with the door and landed a devastating kick to his balls. "WHAM!" He groaned and slumped down holding his testicles.

The Supervisor had made it to his feet and was coming for her. Tasha raised her hard fists and stepped up to meet him toe to toe. "SMACK!..SMACK!" She landed two sharp jabs before he cut loose with a hay maker intended to take her head off. She calmly ducked under his thunderous punch and nailed him in the ribs with three solid left hooks. "THUD!..THUD!..THUD!" When he doubled over in pain she blasted his wide open chin with a teeth shattering uppercut that sounded like dynamite going off. "CRRACKK!" He landed on top of the computer desk out cold. During the confusion the three computer geeks bolted for the door. She grabbed two of them by the hair and landed a vicious roundhouse kick squarely in the face of the one on her right. "WHAM!" He folded up like a card table and slumped to the floor sound asleep. She roughly jerked the two she was holding by the hair and slammed their heads together with all the strength she could generate. "BAM!..BAM!" They instantly passed out and dropped at her feet.

Both guards were struggling to make it to their feet. Tasha charged the one she had kicked in the nuts and drove her fist deep into his mid section. "THUD!" When he bent over in pain she took hold of his hair with her right hand and reached between his legs with her left to grab his man hood. With an unbelievable show of strength, she hoisted the muscular male over her head until her arms were extended straight out. Then she threw his squirming body at the other guard who was standing there in shock at the amazing feat he had just witnessed. "BLAM!"..SLAM!..SLAM!" The flying guard struck the other one and they both went down in a heap. Tasha rushed over and dropped down across one guards neck with her knee. She dragged the other one to a sitting position and wrapped him up in a sleeper hold. Their feeble struggles were useless against the beautiful female warrior. They died in seconds.

She left the three techno geeks sleeping peacefully on the floor. The Supervisor was a different story. Him she would probably run into again if she left him alive. It was a no brainer decision. "SNAP!" Now he would never bother her again. Tasha glanced at the screen when she pulled the mega chip out of the computer. The coordinates for LLIP head quarters in the Philippines and Washington DC in the United States were staring back at her in bold type. She realised they must have been the first targets for the nuclear missiles they planned to steal from China. At that moment a loud siren went off. "UH OH!" "They found at least one dead body. No hide and seek now. It's time to haul my sweet ass out of here." She said aloud.

Tasha shoved the chip down the front of her white soaked panties and flung open the door. She rushed out and sprinted down the hallway like an Olympic 100 meter runner. As soon as she turned the corner, there was a muscle hunk blocking her path. "IT'S YOU!" He shouted in surprise. "PREPARE TO DIE TERMINATRIX!" With visions of living the easy life and a broad smile on his face, he charged her like a bull. Tasha didn't waste any time with the fool. "SMACK!" Her solid right cross dislocated his jaw and sent blood flying every where. "WHAM!" Her knee crushed his nut sac and doubled him over. "WHACK!".."SNAP!" The head splitting karate chop broke his neck and dumped him at her feet. She quickly stepped over his dead body and dashed down the hall. It was still a long way to freedom.

She made it the rest of the way down that corridor without any further incident. She wasn't that lucky when she entered the storage room that was empty the first time she passed through. One agent was standing ten feet away and two more were coming from across the room. She ran towards the first man who was turning to meet her after hearing the warning from the other two. Just before she reached him she leaped to her left and stuck her right arm straight out at her side. "WHAM!" Her fore arm caught him in the throat and clothes lined his ass. His feet shot in the air and he dropped to the floor like a 1000 pound weight. "SLAM!" Tasha raised her foot and stomped on his face with the power of a kicking stallion. "STOMP!".."BAM!".."POP!" The back of his head split open like a ripe melon. A pool of blood quickly began forming.

The other two stopped running and stared at the dead agent. "YOU'RE DEAD BITCH! YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT OUT OF HERE ALIVE!" The first one shouted. "THAT WAS MY BROTHER YOU FILTHY WHORE! I'M GOING TO RIP YOU APART!" The second one screamed at her. "If you two are done sweet talking me, then lets rumble." Tasha responded with a lovely smile. The two enraged BODZ agents attacked simultaneously. Tasha's expertly trained, battle tested body went into action. The two heavily muscled males didn't stand a chance against the lovely female fighter. "WHAM!..WHAM!..WHAP!..THUD!..CRACK!" The first one was dispatched with two side kicks to his chest, a front kick to his face, a solid left to his stomach, and a final bell ringing uppercut to his drooping chin. He flopped to the floor sleeping like a baby. She turned to the next one and smiled prettily.

He growled like an angry bear and fired a murderous roundhouse at her kissable lips. Tasha leaned her upper body back making him miss, while lashing out at the same time with her right foot. "WHAM!" The punishing kick landed solidly on his balls and turned him into a eunuch. "AAIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He screamed like a little girl and flopped to his knees with tears in his eyes. "Sorry fellas. This has certainly been fun but I have to go. Maybe we can get together and do it again sometime." She said as she drew back her right fist. "CRRACKK!" The wrecking ball uppercut knocked him unconscious and dumped him on his face in front of her. "Bye bye boys." She said with a cute smile. Then she got serious and hauled ass towards the door as fast as she could run.

When she burst into the open at a dead run there was two agents standing there ready to grab her. She avoided their clumsy hands and chopped both of them on the side of the neck without missing a beat or slowing her pace. "WHACK!..WHACK!" They collapsed to the ground out cold as she whizzed past them. About ten yards further another muscle hunk came around the corner of the building and spotted her. Tasha leaped in the air and nailed him with a flying drop kick. One foot slammed into his chest while the other one crushed his nose to his face. "WHAM!..WHAM!" She gracefully dropped to her feet and kept running while he flew backwards about three yards before hitting the ground and tumbling another ten feet. He wasn't getting up for quite a while.

Tasha made it to the tree line without encountering any more muscle bound hunks. She sprinted through the trees directly towards the spot she hid her oxygen tank. After snatching it up she broke through the trees and made a bee line for the water. Unfortunately there was one more muscle freak to deal with. And this one was carrying a bayonet. She dropped the tank and took a fighting stance as she faced him. "You're about to make me rich you fucking crazy bitch. I've dreamed of this moment a hundred times. You're about to take your last breath." He said with confidence. "Do you plan on jabbing me with that pig sticker, or are you going to talk me to death?" Tasha asked with a straight face. That remark pissed the big man off and made him lose his cool. He lunged at her screaming at the top of his lungs. "DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Tasha dodged the slashing knife and kicked him hard on the upper thigh. "WHAM!" He swung his arm back the other direction hoping to catch her unaware. She avoided that one as well and landed a solid kick to the upper thigh of his other leg. "WHAM!" The hunk didn't realise the extent of damage the two kicks had caused. When he stepped forward to plunge the knife in her stomach, his knees buckled nearly dumping him in the sand. With his large, muscular body off balance, Tasha took advantage and snapped an arc kick to his wrist. "WHAM!..SNAP!" The bayonet slipped from his limp hand when his wrist broke. She casually picked it up and smiled at the fear she saw in his eyes. "Time to meet your maker wimp. Say your prayers." She said while she drove the point of the knife through his heart. He was dead before he hit the ground.

Tasha strapped on the oxygen tank and dove in the water. Forty minutes later she was being helped into the boat by Maria. "Aww, two hours ahead of schedule." Maria said with a smile. "If you think I'm going back in there to make your time table come out right you're sadly mistaken. Now get this damn boat moving girl" Tasha replied with a smile of her own. The two women hugged each other and got the hell out of Dodge. Several hours later, Tasha laid the mega chip down on Lorelei's desk. "Here you go Lorelei. Mission accomplished." She said as she flopped in the chair and propped her feet up on the desk. "Good work Tasha. I'm glad you made it back safely." She replied. "I told you not to worry boss. I always make it back alive." The Director just shook her head.

"Get some food in you and turn in early Tasha. I'm afraid I have to send you back out again tomorrow. Some ego maniac in Australia has invented some kind of weather machine. He's threatening to turn the world into one big chunk of ice if he's not paid five hundred million dollars by the end of the week." She explained. "Oh well, there's no rest for the wicked. Don't worry about it boss. I'll take care of it." Tasha responded as she walked out the door. Lorelei Lopez opened the safe and placed the mega chip inside. As she closed it, a smile spread across her lovely face when she thought about her top field agent. Yes my friend, I know you'll take care of it for me. She said to herself. I wish I had ten more just like you. The Director sat down at her desk and went back to work. With Tasha Morales on the job, the world was a much safer place. 

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