Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tina adds another one to her list

Tina opened the door to check the mail and was excited to see the small brown square package by the side of the welcoming mat. She was wearing a blue bathrobe over skimpy white panties barely covering the coveted prize between her long tan legs. Leaning over, she waved to the lecherous man peeking out the window of his house across the street, almost tempted to flash him a glimpse of her breast but deciding he wasn't worthy, and instead she simply picked up the package.

She placed the package on the glass table before her leather couch and then sat down. Plenty of time, she thought. Her appointment at the gym wasn't until later that afternoon. She glanced down at the package and tried to remember the hunk' s name. There had been so many of them. She remembered the name of the hunk she was to meet later at the gym, but the one who the package was from she simply couldn't. She could picture him perfectly, a broad, muscular chest as he stood before her in blue bikini underwear, and a full head of brown hair, but she came up blank when she struggled to recall his name.

It didn't matter. It was past history now. Still, the thought of her recent conquest thrilled her. Tina was proud of her ability to overcome the most powerful men, and flattered by the spasmodic reaction of their frenzied,throbbing cocks as she completed her conquest.

Stacy, the receptionist at the gym, set up the matches for Tina. Stacy would scope out an acceptable hunk, flash him a photo of Tina in a sexy bikini, and the excited macho male would inevitably take the bait. A wrestling match, man against woman, a true battle of the sexes, the penis against the pussy, to see which would ultimately prevail, as if there was any doubt.

Usually Tina's male opponents put up $500 to fight her, sometimes even $1,000. It was ironic, really, since Tina would have been willing to kick their male asses for free, just for the thrill and sexual fulfillment she derived from conquering a so-called superior male.

The unwitting male victims always handed Stacy an envelope with cash before the fight. The understanding was that if the man defeated Tina, which they all expected to do with relative ease, he could have his way with her, And if by some accident, the man lost, well they never even thought to ask about that.

What was that last hunk's name? Tina still couldn't remember. He had faced off against her, the crotch of his blue briefs advertising a prominent package, just the way she liked them. It was always so flattering to get such a rise out of her male opponents, knowing that she was the object of their desire, a desire which was about to be thwarted.

The hunk was consumed with lust gaping at her, already imagining ripping off her white panties. She could tell, feel his excitement, and also feel her excitement rising because she knew he would fail, that she would strip him of his foolish male pride long before he ever got close to touching her enticing, well-proportioned body.

"Okay, bitch, let's get it on," the man said.

"Be my guest," Tina laughed.

The man lunged at her with his outstretched muscular arms, which Tina was easily able to duck under, coming up behind him. Nice buns, she thought, as she stared at the firm cheeks of his ass under the tight fabric of his blue bikini.

The surprised man spun around when he realized he had missed his female prey. Tina was ready for him and lashed out with her right arm, driving two fingers into the bulky male's throat.

She stepped back and watched as his hands shot up to his windpipe. He was gasping for breath, unsteady on his feet, but the front of his shorts appeared to expand even more as his frustrated male weapon pressed against the fabric holding it within.

Tina admired the sight for a moment, but realized you should never pass up an advantage, so she struck again before the hunk could recover. She used only her index finger this time, driving it straight and hard into the man's exposed belly. He winced from the sharp pain and dropped to his knees, one hand still clutching his throat, the other now across his belly.

It was over. Tina had done it again, taken a powerful man out before he knew what hit him. She felt glorious, standing as a symbol of female power before her stricken male opponent, savoring the moment, knowing that her male adversary was impotent to stop her from claiming final victory.

She sauntered toward the helpless hunk, grabbing a handful of his hair and yanking, pulling him over on to his back. Then she settled down on his face, ready to deliver a final humiliation to him and an ultimate prize for herself.

Tina moaned as she rode the helpless hunk's face. She started out slow, gyrating and grinding, watching his cock bounce up against the front of his bikini briefs, and then she picked up the pace, as waves of pleasure flashed through her body. She didn't know what her victim was feeling, and didn't care, she was the winner, and he was lying beneath her entirely for her benefit, and she was going to use him for all he was worth.

Her moans gave way to cries of delight, and finally to screams of ecstasy, as she bounced on the hunk's head and carried herself off and over the edge. After the culmination of her orgasm, a glorious orgasm at his expense, she began to slow down, admiring his cock and smiling with triumph as she watched it explode against his briefs, the light blue front spreading out with a dark stain.

Gently, she slipped off the hunk's face. She looked down and smiled at his unconscious form and the outline of his erection beneath his briefs. Stacy entered the room as Tina placed her foot on the defeated hunk's crotch. She wiggled her toes and smiled at the sloshing of his still erect cock covered with cum.

Stacy handed Tina the envelope with the cash. She slipped it under the string of her bikini against her thigh and kneeled down next to her male victim. Stacy and Tina exchanged mischievous smiles, as Tina slowly lowered the hunk's briefs and his slick cock popped out and gently flopped back down across his washboard belly, cum still oozing out its head.

That's how Tina left him, lying unconscious, with an impressive erect cock and his blue briefs slipped down around his knees.

Now, back at home, as Tina opened the package, she was sure that Stacy had done her usual admirable job. Tearing off the wrapping, a twinge of excitement surged through Tina as she held up the blue briefs which were stained and crusty across the crotch.

Tina admired her trophy, then reached inside and pulled out a photograph. With the stained briefs in her right hand, she smiled at the photograph in her left, a photograph of the unconscious hunk naked, his penis erect, and the name Steve scrawled across it in Stacy's handwriting. So, his name was Steve, Tina thought. Not that it mattered, because she simply remembered him as yet another in her long line of male victims. 

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