Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nut Buster

The Hunkadelic Gym and Spa was in fact a front for a rogue spy operation from a country with which the U.S was at peace.  It had to be shut down quietly to avoid embarrassment.  Agent Naomi Roy was the one to do it.

Ivan and Oleg showed the attractive new prospect around their facility.  "And these are the showers ... "  Naomi batted her eyelids and asked, "Can you show me how they work."  Ivan and Oleg got the hint and stripped to their speedos while Naomi followed suit.  She then knelt between the two men and cupped their balls in her hands.  "The shower feels better if you're all hot and sweaty."  The two spies got hard and smacked their lips as Naomi winked at them.  Then, without warning, she closed her grips on their nuts.  The men screamed in unison as Naomi squeezed in a pulverizing grip.  "You've been very naughty, hunks," she said as she crushed the men's balls in her hands.  They howled in agony but were practically paralyzed with pain.  "Don't worry.  It'll be over any second now.  I can already feel them giving way.  An audible 'crack' soon followed from each man, as they dropped to their knees and then face down, dead from shock.  "You guys were too easy!"  Naomi said as she laughed and took her phone from her bag to tell her handlers she had finished the job. 

- from Dangerfan

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Helena Novakova said...

Beautiful and realistic story. It's very sexy to outwit and subsequently killing of young muscular men by crushing their manhood. She certainly enjoyed the beautiful pleasures until they dropped dead at their feet. Makes me wet thinking about it let alone doing what she did.