Saturday, July 25, 2015

A scene from "Tanya The Boxer"

As the men found their baring, they stood in a line. Their hard on standing out. Tanya dropped to her knees, drew back her left fist. 'Meet my left hook boys it makes 'em cum every time.'

'No pleaseeee...' yelled the first guard.

Too late. Tanya struck him hard, fast moving down the line.

The second guard said 'What the...' WHACK!

Tanya's fist connected.

Finally the third guard 'I don't wanna...' BANG! It was one clean sweep with her left hook against three men's pride. They stood silent.


Anonymous said...

Love the buzzcut hunk, you should make more hunk of his style. Also I would love to see some chocolate hunks getting their big cock whooped too. :)

Anonymous said...

Two quick comments : I also like the buzzcut man - the expression on his face is perfect. Second comment I wanna be number 4 in that lineup.

Anonymous said...

Love having the story added in with this excellent idea! Three hard studs feeling her power!

Anonymous said...

love the descriptive dialogue! Drawing her fist back...telling them what she was about to do to them...And the sounds of her fist striking their aroused cocks...I can almost feel it happening to me....Great stuff!