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Sienna vs. Mark

Story by mpupdog

Mark strode into his bedroom wearing only a towel around his waist, having
just finished a shower. It was a Saturday morning and the strong teenager
was on top of the world. A senior in high school, a good student, popular with
the girls, and, as of two weeks ago, an experienced no-holds-barred
underground wrestler. His family had gone up against another family in all-
out combat, and although his family had lost (mainly due to his father's
inexplicable defeat at the hands of a smaller woman), he himself had been
victorious. Not merely victorious; he had thoroughly beaten and humiliated
his opponent, Larry.

Striding to the mirror over his dresser, Mark admired his body. He was lean
and strong. In his mind he looked like Tarzan must have looked as a

Suddenly another face appeared in the mirror behind him. He jumped and
started to turn around, but hands on his shoulders and a voice in his ear
stopped him.

"Hello, Mark," whispered the sultry voice. It was Sienna, the woman who had
beaten his father and put him in the hospital!

"What are you doing here?" Mark demanded.

"I came to see you," the older woman purred. Looking at her reflection in the
mirror, Mark was struck by Sienna's beauty. She was well made-up, with
eyeliner, eye shadow, and sensuous crimson lipstick. Her long fingernails,
which she was dragging softly over Mark's chest and shoulders, were recently
manicured and matched her crimson lips. Sienna watched Mark's expression
change from one of aggression to one of admiration and attraction.

"Like what you see?" she asked. "I made myself up before I came to see you.
Just for you."

"But…why are you here?" Mark asked. "Aren't you mad at what I did to your
son?" Mark was referring to the beating and humiliation he had given Larry,
Sienna's son.

"As a matter of fact, I am. It hurt to see you do those things to poor Larry.
Then again, I admired your strength and skill. I imagine you wouldn't have
been so easy to beat. You seem so strong."

Mark blushed at the compliment. "Well…" he said, looking down shyly.
Quickly, though, he snapped back to wariness. "Why are you here?" he
demanded again.

Sienna smiled confidently. She traced her long fingernails over one of Mark's
ears as she spoke into the other. They stared at each other in the mirror as
she talked. "There was one thing about the tournament that still bothers me.
Not what you did to Larry. It's something I heard that you said when I was
fighting your father. Do you remember? I heard that you couldn't believe that
a `girl' was beating up your dad. Do you remember saying that?" Mark
nodded. "Well, honey, I'm not a girl. I'm a woman. And I came here to teach
you the difference. I came here to show you just how easily a woman can
beat and humiliate a man. Or, in your case, a boy. So how about it, stud?
Want to wrestle?"

Mark's thoughts shifted quickly from confusion to lust to anger to vengeance,
and back again, and again. He was motionless, staring at this woman in the
mirror, this beautiful woman whose chin rested on his shoulder, who had just
challenged him to a fight.

"What's the matter, little boy?" Sienna cooed. "Afraid?"

"Let's go, bitch."

Sienna stepped back and smiled. Mark whirled around. "I believe the rest of
your family is out of the rest of the day, so we'll have privacy." Mark nodded.
"And I believe that you have a wrestling space set up in your basement."
Again, Mark nodded. Sienna snapped her bare right foot forward, so quickly
Mark never saw it coming, and dropped the teenager to his knees with the
kick to his crotch. "I'll see you down there in five minutes. You don't need
bother putting on clothes; I'm going to strip you when I win, anyway." She
chuckled as she left the room, leaving Mark on his knees, holding his groin.


When Mark entered his family's basement wrestling arena fifteen minutes
later, he felt ready. Not only had he had put a protective cup inside his
Speedos in case the bitch tried any more cheap shots, but he had also
psyched himself up. He wasn't hoping to simply defeat this woman, more
than twice his age. Instead, he intended to humiliate her thoroughly. He
would wipe the makeup off her face, mess up her pretty manicure, and bruise
her perfect skin. He'd make her regret ever trying to compete with a real man.
Regardless of what she'd been able to do to his father, Mark planned to teach
this woman that her place was not in combat.

As Mark walked in he saw Sienna waiting on the other side of the large room.
The space was devoted to wrestling and training. A wrestling mat covered the
entire area. A floor-to-ceiling mirror, the kind often found in dance studios,
the entire length of one wall. His family used it to be able to see moves when
they were practicing.

Sienna wore a crimson bikini that didn't leave much of her figure to Mark's
imagination. While she certainly seemed physically fit, she looked more like a
woman than a wrestler. Basically thin, she had a curvy form, with typically
wide female hips and natural breasts that would have sagged with age if not
for the tight bikini.

Seeing that Mark was gawking, Sienna smiled and did a girlish pose. "Like
what you see?" she asked, coquettishly, as she had done in his room.

Realizing that he couldn't let himself get caught up in his lust, Mark ignored
her question. "What are the rules?" he asked.

Sienna smiled at his seriousness. "Why do we need rules?" she asked. "We
don't have a referee, anyway. How about we just wrestle and fight? We'll
keep going as long as one or another of us feels like it. Eventually it will be
clear that one of us is the winner, don't you think?"

Mark pondered this. Rules would favor him, since he was bigger and
stronger. But she had a point: without a referee, rules were useless. "Ok," he
said. "Let's go."

He approached her cautiously, remembering the mistake his father had made
by being too aggressive against her. Sienna seemed to expect him to make
the first move, so he stood his ground several feet away, cautious but
controlled, intent on waiting her out. She tried to taunt him into making a
move, but he ignored her insults and trash talk in spite of his youth. Finally
was Sienna who made a move. She feinted toward his left and then launched
a powerful spinning kick toward his right side.

Mark was ready for her attack, though, and he blocked her kick with his arm
and shoulder. In doing so, he was able to throw her off balance and he sent
her crashing to the mat. Rather than pressing his advantage, he backed up
and let her regain her feet. She was miffed that her first attack was
unsuccessful, while he allowed himself to grin slightly.

They circled each other warily. Again, Sienna tried an attack, this time going
for Mark's legs. But again Mark anticipated her maneuver. As the woman
dove toward his knees he sprawled backward, keeping out of her reach, while
grabbing her around the waist with both his arms. She scrambled to escape,
but he overpowered her and rose to his feet, holding the woman upside
down. She kicked furiously with her arms and legs. Laughing at the ease
with which he had seized her, he dropped her unceremoniously unto the mat.
This could have ended the match quickly if she'd landed on her head.
Fortunately for her, she managed to twist her head to the side and land on her
shoulder; while the blow was still painful, she avoided serious injury.

"Is that the best you've got, old woman?" taunted Mark. Sienna groaned and
rubbed her shoulder, worried that it might have been dislocated. Mark circled
behind her as she sat on the mat and pushed her forward, so that she was
face down underneath him. Planting one knee on her injured shoulder, he
reached back and grabbed one of her ankles, which she was kicking
frantically, and then the other. Crossing her ankles and forcing them onto her
butt, Mark sat on her legs. Sienna screamed. Mark jerked her arms behind
her and pulled. She was completely in his mercy.

"Sorry you came over here?" he asked. "Huh? I can't hear you!"

"You'll regret this, little boy!" gasped Sienna in between grunts of pain.

"You're the one who should have regrets," snapped Mark. "Do you give up?"

"You will never make me give up, wimp," said the older woman.

Mark couldn't believe that this woman could refuse to surrender. He knew
she was in intense pain. At that moment he felt conflicting emotions: his
feeling of power and domination was tempered by his admiration for her
toughness. This admiration soon began to fade into worry as the older
woman not only refused to submit but actually began to taunt him from her
position beneath him.

"Enjoy it now, little boy," she gasped. "Soon I'll be doing this to you, but

"I'm real scared, bitch," said the teenager sarcastically.

"Your dad was cocky, too," Sienna spat. "But if you remember, I nearly killed

Mark bounced on her small, helpless body in anger. The memory of this
woman's humiliation of his father incensed him. He poured on the pressure,
determined to make this woman beg him for mercy. Although she grunted
and moaned in pain, she continued her trash talk.

"You think you're strong, wimp?" she said through gritted teeth. "I'm going to
break you. I'm going to make you eat your own sperm."

"Bitch!" Mark screamed. Losing control of his temper, he released her wrists
and began smacking her across the back of her head. Quickly Sienna
reached back with her left arm and grabbed Mark's head. Although he had
the dominant position, he was caught off guard and before he realized it, the
woman had wrapped her thin arm around his neck and pulled him forward.

Sienna still lay on her stomach, and her ankles were still crossed and pinned
behind her by the larger teenage boy, who still held her down with his body
weight. But now he was struggling to try to recapture her right arm, which she
was managing to keep out of his grasp, as well as trying to pull his head from
the grasp of her left arm. Sienna was thin but her wiry arm had surprising
strength, and she was able to keep his head subdued. She had forced his
forehead to the mat beside her own; his right ear was rubbing her left ear, and
her left bicep dug into his neck. Mark could hear her grunting and straining to
maintain the hold.

Despite his size and strength advantage, he couldn't easily break free from
her grasp. Finally he used both his arms to pry her left wrist from around the
back of his neck. But in concentrating all his effort on this one task, he had
the older woman have an opportunity for escape and she capitalized. Before
he knew it she had wriggled out from underneath him, somehow twisting her
captive legs from their prison.

Sienna scurried away like a crab, leaving Mark on his knees, panting and
wondering what had happened.

"First I'm going to beat you senseless," said Sienna. Mark looked up and saw
the woman circling him gingerly. She was massaging her shoulders and
shaking her legs, trying to get the circulation back in her extremities.

"It looks like you're nearly finished, bitch," he countered, trying to put on a
cocky attitude.

Sienna ignored him and continued. "Then I'm going to humiliate you. Maybe
you'll be conscious, maybe not. You might wake up in a hospital. You might
not wake up at all." With this she grinned and licked her lips.

"Are you trying to scare me?" he asked. The two were stalking each other
now, circling each other carefully, looking for an opening to attack.

"I could have killed your father, you know. At a few points I bet he wished
I would have. Tell me, Marky, how did it feel to watch a woman hold your
father helpless and force him to piss all over himself?"

Mark screamed in anger and charged Sienna, which was, of course, exactly
what she wanted. Rather than sidestepping him or trying to flip him with a
judo move, Sienna let Mark tackle her backward onto the mat. But in doing
so, she was careful to wrap her legs around his torso so that when they
landed she was able to lock her ankles behind his back. Before he could
grab her wrists, Sienna had wrapped both her arms around the teenager's
head and pulled his face into her bosom. Her slim arms cut into the sides of
his neck. Although he was on top of her, she was in control of the situation
because she had wrapped her arms and legs around him like an octopus.

Mark tried to pull away but he was stuck. Sienna giggled as she began to
pulse her legs rhythmically, each squeeze of her legs causing Mark to grunt
and gasp for breath. His face was trapped between her sweaty breasts; he
turned to the side to try to suck in some oxygen but found this position only
slightly better because now her thin, sweaty bicep rested across his mouth.

"What's the matter, honey? Is the mean old woman hurting the big strong
boy?" Sienna's laughter filled the room. Mark reached back and tried to pry
the woman's arms from around his head. Unsuccessful, he changed tactics
and went on the offensive. First he tried punching her sides, then he tried
clawing her face and pulling her hair. His efforts were somewhat effective: he
at least caused her to curse at him. However, he couldn't mount enough of an
attack to make her release either her leg scissors or her grasp on his head.
Instead, Sienna increased the intensity of her grip. For a small woman she
had surprising strength, and within minutes Mark's body was feeling the
effects of her squeezing.

Tired, Mark dropped his arms to the mat and focused his energy on simply
trying to breathe. Sienna realized his strength was fading and she
consolidated her position by grasping his right arm and twisting it behind his
back in a hammerlock while still holding his head captive with one arm. He
struggled ineffectively but couldn't prevent her from doing this. Although the
heavier boy's weight now pressed full down upon her, she was completely in
control. Sienna blew into his ear seductively while she pulsed her legs and
jerked his arm in a steady rhythm.

"Please," he whimpered.

She laughed. "Please, what? Do you give up already?"

Mark hadn't realized that he'd said the word "please" out loud, and he was
quite furious to have let himself get into this situation. At once he regained
wits and his anger.

"No way, bitch!" he snapped.

Sienna laughed again. "If anyone's a bitch, it's you, honey. You're my bitch,
aren't you?"

Mark didn't answer but instead struggled with renewed vigor.

Suddenly the woman released her grip on the boy and rolled him off her. As
he let his lungs fill for the first time in several minutes she stood up and
walked about the room nonchalantly. Mark was on all fours, taking in breaths
slowly, wondering if any of his ribs were injured by the woman's body
scissors. Just when he realized that he didn't know where she was, Sienna
grasped him from behind in a sleeperhold.

Mark sprang to attention and tried to break free but the petite woman had her
arms locked tightly around his neck in the deadly hold. He rose to his feet,
hoping to back her up into a wall and knock her free, but he had been
weakened so much that she was able instead to push him forward and force
him to his knees a few feet away from the mirror.

"Look at this," she whispered into his ear. "What a pretty picture we are! A
big, strong boy getting his ass kicked by a woman his mother's age!" Mark
pulled desperately at Sienna's arm but couldn't pry it loose. He watched the
reflection in the mirror in helpless shame as she snaked her tongue out and
probed his ear. He thrashed violently but standing over him she had all the
leverage. "Are you getting sleepy yet, little boy?" she taunted. And indeed,
Mark's vision was starting to narrow as the woman was cutting off the flow of
blood to his brain.

Just as Mark's arms started to drop to his side, Sienna released the hold.
Mark's face hit the mat hard and jolted him back to his senses. He lay on the
mat, resting, waiting to get his energy back, when the woman put her slim
bare foot inches from his face.

"Lick it," she said. "Lick it nicely and maybe I'll have mercy on you." The
laughter in her voice infuriated him.

"Fuck you, bitch," he mumbled.

"Aw, you shouldn't have said that, honey. Didn't anybody ever teach you to
treat women with respect?"

Mark felt her hands on his hair pulling him upright. Sienna yanked him into a
sitting position facing the mirror. The boy couldn't resist as the woman
stepped over him so that her crotch was on the back of his neck and her feet
were planted between his legs. Her thin thighs pressed against either side of
his head. He reached up and put his hand on her knees to pull them apart,
but she seized both his wrists in her slender hands and pulled his arms out to
the side and then jerked them up. He shrieked in pain and tried to break free
but, much to his embarrassment, once again he found that he could not
escape the woman's clutches. Mark looked into the mirror and saw his
pathetic situation: Sienna was wrenching his outstretched arms upward,
forcing his legs painfully outward, and squeezing his head with her thighs.
She caught his eye in the mirror and laughed at him as he realized his

The pain became unbearable. "Let me go! Let me go!" Mark screamed. But
Sienna kept jerking his arms and forcing his legs wider.

"You should have licked my toes," she giggled. "There's no giving up now."

Mark pleaded for mercy that wasn't coming. The pain was intense, but almost
as bad was the frustration of being unable to break free from the smaller,
weaker woman.

Eventually the boy stopped struggling and simply hung limply as the woman
tortured his body. Realizing his condition, Sienna released her grip on his
wrists and let his arms drop to his sides. She then stepped over his head and
allowed him to slide to the floor, dazed and near unconsciousness.

For several minutes Mark lay on his side, panting. His eyes were open but he
wasn't focused on anything in particular. He was dimly aware that the woman
was walking around the room doing something, and he was aware that his
arms, neck, and legs were all in great pain.

Mark felt something around his waist, then his crotch. He looked down and
realized that Sienna was removing his Speedo. He kicked at her ineffectually.
She laughed as she threw his cup and speedo to the side.

"Look, Marky! I didn't want your mommy and daddy to miss all the fun so I set
up a video camera." Sienna was standing over him and pointing.

Mark turned slowly in the direction she indicated. A video camera sat on a
tripod ten feet away. He made out the red light that indicated the camera was
currently taping. Comprehension hit him: he was naked obviously beaten,
lying at the feet of this woman, all on camera.

Mustering all his energy he sprang up and lunged toward the camera.
Sienna tackled him. As he rose again she yanked his head down by the hair
and sank a knee into his gut. He dropped to all fours. She drove a knee into
his side and he fell back to the mat, groaning.

"That looked really nice on camera, I bet," said Sienna. "Why don't you try
again so we can get more action for your parents. Maybe for your girlfriends
at school, too."

Mark roared and knocked the woman to the mat. She slipped out of his grasp
and sprang to her feet and waited for him to do the same. Sienna was
thoroughly enjoying herself now. Mark thought he had a chance but he was
so weakened she could simply toy with him for as long as she liked. She
loved the desperation and anger in his eyes.

"Come on, little boy," she said in a little girl voice. She held out her hands,
palms forward and fingers spread, in an invitation to a test of strength. "Why
don't you show your mom and dad and all your girlfriends that you're stronger
than a woman twice your age?"

The teenager felt a surge of hope. Sienna was giving him a chance to
reassert himself. Did she really think she could overpower him in a test of
strength? Even after the beating he had endured, he knew he was much
stronger than a 37 year old, 115 pound woman. Without hesitation he locked
fingers with her, his confidence restored.

The two combatants pressed forward, their eyes locked together as well as
their fingers. Both were sure of themselves. On camera the image was
almost laughable: a nude teenage boy, muscular and athletic, engaged in a
test of strength with a petite woman in a bikini.

Amazingly, Mark did not immediately force the older, smaller woman to her
knees. He did not immediately bend her wrists backward. For ten or fifteen
seconds the two were deadlocked. Then, as Mark's strength began to tip the
struggle in his favor, she began to dig her crimson nails into the backs of his
hands. The pain was just enough for him to lose his concentration. In that
split second, Sienna rotated her hands downward so that their knuckles faced
toward the floor, and in so doing she was able to bend Mark's wrists
backward. He gasped in pain and rose to his tiptoes, trying to relieve the
pressure. Just as quickly, Sienna rotated their hands upward again. Now
Mark dropped to his knees and screamed. His wrists were bent all the way
back; Sienna was forcing his hands so far backward they were nearly
touching his shoulders. He tried to release the grip but her long, thin fingers
were like claws holding him captive.

On his knees, Mark's face was inches from her bikini-covered crotch. He
couldn't believe she had been able to overpower him. Less than half an hour
ago he had held her on her stomach, her legs folded behind her, both her
arms behind his back, and thought her as weak and helpless as a kitten. But
it was he who was helpless. Mark looked up, past her sweaty breasts, and
saw her grinning sadistically down at him. Her lips were shining and her eyes
were filled with bloodlust. He was afraid.

"Please let me go," he whimpered.

Sienna laughed, a long, feminine, wicked laugh, and finally released Mark's
hands. He fell forward, his face brushing down her sweat-soaked bikini
bottom as he fell, and massaged his injured hands. The woman stood over
him, her painted toenails inches from his face. "Too bad you wouldn't lick my
feet earlier, hon," she said.

Then she took a step backward, drew her right leg back, and kicked him in the
throat with her bare foot. Mark flipped over and clutched his throat. She
stomped him in the ribs and on his solar plexus. He tried to curl into a ball,
but she sat on his chest, facing toward his feet, and began driving her long
crimson nails into the flesh on his stomach. She clawed his stomach as he
screamed and kicked his legs frantically, to no avail.

Laughing, Sienna paused in her torture of the teen to talk to the camera.
Scooting backward slightly so that her butt rested on his mouth and nose,
Sienna carelessly twisted his nipples with her nails as she spoke. "Hi, Sam.
Hi, Sara. Like what you see? I'm sure you're proud of junior here. He put up
a good fight for, oh, three or four minutes. More than I can say for you,
Sammy." She blew the camera kiss. "Sara, honey, how did you marry such a
wimp? And how in the world did you raise such a sissy? Oh…and in case
any of Marky's little girlfriends are watching, let's see what a man he is, OK?
Watch carefully!"

Sienna leaned forward and began stroking Mark's penis. Soon he was erect
despite himself. He kicked his legs feebly in protest and tried to roll the
woman off his face, but Sienna had him pinned too well. As his penis became
harder and harder, Sienna began dragging her fingernails up and down
along the length of the shaft, alternating gentle tickling with painful

The effect was to make him incredibly hard, so that his whole body quivered
with anticipation. Just when he was obviously about to climax, Sienna quickly
climbed off him and scooted toward his feet. Grabbing his ankles, she forced
his legs over his head so that his butt was up in the air and his erection
pointed toward his face. She stood over him, pushing down on his legs to
keep him folded painfully in half.

Holding him in this painful position, Sienna again looked at the camera. "Are
you watching, girls?" she asked. With one hand Sienna kept Mark in position
by pushing his right leg knee toward his shoulder, while with her other hand
she roughly jerked his penis. "No!" Mark begged, but Sienna had no mercy.

After only a few strokes he began ejaculating all over his chest and face.
Sienna forced as much as she could into his mouth. He tried to spit it out but
she scraped it off his chest and face and rubbed it into his mouth. Grabbing
his hair, the woman dragged Mark to the camera and covered his mouth with
her hand. "Swallow," she commanded, licking his ear while holding his
mouth closed. He tried to shake free but she was too strong for him. By
holding his nose closed and then stroking his throat, she finally forced him to
swallow his own semen. When she finally released him, he fell back to the
floor crying and coughing. She looked back to the camera. "I haven't even
started yet," she said, licking her lips.

As Mark lay on the floor in a pitiful heap, Sienna casually strolled out of the
camera's view. When she returned she had a lipstick tube and a compact in
her hands. "I think I need to freshen up a bit," she said, winking into the
camera lens. Holding her compact next to the camera, so that the viewers
would see exactly what she was doing, Sienna carefully reapplied her blood-
red lipstick, slowly and sensually. Then she blew the camera an arrogant,
sultry kiss. "I think little Marky is turned on by my sexiness. Don't you?"
she asked the camera, then giggled.

Sienna then picked up the tripod and moved it close to the mirrored wall. "I'm
sure everyone will want to have a front-row view, don't you, Mark?"

Mark didn't answer. He was crawling toward the door, desperately trying to
escape the room while the woman was preoccupied. "Not so fast, young
man!" Sienna dragged him by his hair back to the mirrored wall. He could
barely resist when she put him into a full nelson and then forced him down to
his knees. She positioned him so that he was facing the mirror directly in the
camera's field of view, so that the camera, he, and she all saw the same thing.

Grinning into the mirror, and therefore into the camera, Sienna pushed Mark
forward and slid her knees under his arms, which she then pulled backward
until they were trapped over his thighs. She now had him imprisoned in a
camel clutch. Leaning forward, her motherly breasts hanging down above his
head so that he and the camera both saw them swaying in the mirror, Sienna
jerked Mark's head back by the hair with her left hand. Smiling seductively,
the older woman ran the fingernail of her right index finger over the boy's
agonized face, dragging the sharp crimson nail painfully across his cheek,
then his jaw, then his throat. He moaned pathetically and struggled in vain.
The camera was positioned perfectly to record the bizarre juxtaposition of his
large, muscular body held unmercifully by the smaller, sexy woman, her face
aglow with triumph, his face a mask of shame and humiliation.

"Your squirming is delicious," Sienna cooed. Her pink tongue darted out and
probed his ear seductively.

Mark managed to force himself to gasp, through his pain, "You bitch." It was
almost inaudible. Sienna would have been angered had she not known how
completely she had broken the boy. This was his last, feeble attempt at

"Go ahead, if it makes you feel big and strong, curse me, honey," Sienna said
like a mother talking to a first-grader. She licked his cheek and then ran her
crimson nails over his face again, teasing him with their sharpness. "But that
might be the last thing you'll ever say."

Staring into the camera, Sienna spoke to the boy's parents. "Sam, Sara? Are
you listening? Right now you're wondering what I'm going to do, aren't you?
Well, I'm going to take this finger," she said, holding up her slender index
finger, "and I'm going to press it like this against his carotid artery." As
she spoke, Sienna ran her finger over the side of the boy's throat until she was
satisfied that she had found the right spot. Mark struggled ineffectually, but
Sienna jerked his head back violently by the hair. She began grinding the tip
of her index finger into his neck. "What do you think?" the sadistic woman
continued. "Will I kill him? As you're watching this, you don't know, do you?"

Sienna's face in the mirror, and on the camera, was a vision of joy and sadism
wrapped in a veil of unbridled sexuality. She clearly was getting a
tremendous sexual charge out of her utter physical domination of this young
man. Soon his eyes rolled back in his head and his features went limp.
Sienna released him and let his head fall to the mat. He was still.

Sienna stood and placed her slim foot on the back of his motionless head.
She winked at the camera and blew a kiss. "I think I win."


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