Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A very unlucky start.

First of all, I just like to say THANK YOU to all of you for your continued support to my works, especially to all those asking for commission arts. As promised, I will do the best for you.

Sadly, in the past few months, I was a victim of some unfortunate events – first, my Mom died last year (December 2015) and then all of a sudden, my Dad passed away just a few weeks ago. I lost my job because of my Mom (because I have to be with her 24/7) so I’m well… broke right now and I have to disconnect my Internet connection to save me from my bills. 

I'm hoping that you guys will understand my situation – that’s why I’m a little slow right now. But don’t worry, I’m trying my very best to survive my situation. I just need a little of your understanding.

Your commission jobs are a big help to me right now and I really appreciate it so much. That is why, even with this kind of situation, I still promise all of you my very best.

I love you all.
Tasha M


Sumatorisuki riski said...

very unlucky news tasha , be patient ...

Sumatorisuki riski said...

love you too tasha

Anonymous said...

What about a fight between two couples? girl vs girl and Mmale vs male? maybe in a spy team vs. another spy team or something.

Sumatorisuki riski said...

iam waiting your art again tasha :'(