Thursday, February 25, 2016

RC's Request

Mr. RC from the United Kingdom have requested me to place his commissioned arts on my “Deadly Ladies” blog and my DeviantArt page. I hope you guys would like it.

Mr. RC, thank you very much.

Tasha M.

Enjoying The Fight

Thank you very much...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Alpha Male

Another Hunk Wearing Speedo

Lethal Handjob

I'm Back

First of all, I just like to thank everyone, specially those who were with me in spirit in the hour of my needs. I also like to say that I'm back to give you folks more arts and action here in my blog.

To those with commission arts, sorry for the delays since it's really hard without any Internet connection. I have to send every finish works from some Internet Cafe. However, no worries coz whatever it takes, satisfaction is of my highest priorities. 
I hope you understand. 

Thanks again.

Tasha M.