Thursday, March 24, 2016

She Loves Wrestling... again


Anonymous said...

Nice work on these, especially the second pic. the muscle tone on the loser is great!

She does indeed like wrestling...and why not? Don't all women like watching one muscle stud completely dominate another, leaving him helpless to whatever the lady wants? She's turned on...and now needs to enjoy the defeated male's complete exposure! The winner seems to be quite interested in what she's doing too.

I really like the MvM fights where there is at least one lady watching, or even participating, as the dominance occurs. They get to enjoy the sights and sounds of one male proving his superiority. Very sexy thing for the ladies to see...and the guys, I'm sure, are picking up on that. They can sense the sexual excitement. It would be good to see them respond to that awareness with their own arousal becoming noticeable!

Your Female vs male battles go all of the way in showing the defeated male's excitement from being dominated. Him exploding as she strikes his helpless manhood...

It would be nice to incorporate that into these situations too. She lets her man physically beat the inferior male, and then she joins in to destroy his manly he enjoys it...actually they all can enjoy it! Sexy stuff!

Anonymous said...

She loves the fact that one male has extinguished another saving her the trouble of doing him herself. She now has the opportunity to play with a superbly developed male physique without the effort of killing him herself. I love how the female takes such interest in the body of the freshly-killed male, ripe to be exploited and experimented on as a specimen of dead male beauty stretched naked for her enjoyment.