Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nude Battle - Girl's Night Out


Anonymous said...

I have been hoping that you would have a fight like this! When 4 ladies want some muscle studs to fight, you know they can get the guys to battle in all their natural glory!

Hard muscles and large cocks should have those ladies hot and bothered right now. Punches landing...grunting sounds as they struggle... Each blow must be exciting the ladies more and more.
One powerful man dominating another right before their eyes! Dominance and Defeat...ladies love each!

Great work on all of the elements in this pic. The muscle tone on the guys is excellent. the reactions of the ladies tells a story. The punch placement is awesome...high abs shots can really hurt! great lighting and shadows as well...all-round great work on this!

This would make for a great multi-pic sequence!

Please, more like this!

Anonymous said...

you should make them with short hair and hard cock so the men can look sexier

Anonymous said...

Hot hot hot

Anonymous said...

The big guy's cock must be flopping all over the place as he takes punch after punch. The gals must be lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this! 4 babes get two muscle studs to fight naked in front of them. Getting all hot and wet watching fists and big cocks fly!

If I were in that fight, I would have a huge erection! It would be unavoidable, knowing the ladies were getting off watching me and the other guy take punches on our naked bodies...knowing they want to see one of us be the alpha and beat the other down to the ground...maybe even knock around the cock and balls of the loser. Win or lose, I would be rock hard!

awesome piece...please more like this!

Anonymous said...

Your best piece! More naked studs fighting in front a group of women please!

max said...

There are two handsome bodybuilders who fight naked.

Both strong muscles and big penis are wonderful!