Saturday, May 21, 2016

Party Pooper


Anonymous said...

That is one sexy comic strip!!
That blonde guy was all in control till she shifted the balance and with such heavy action his package coming undone was super sexy... a package with a first class delivery right on its bell end ;)
I love that 4th from the bottom the one of her... bottom standing over the unconscious hunk it's domineering and sexy.
It's a fun piece Tash with a lot of cool touches! Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Tasha! Loved it.

FeministdominatesexistMen said...

#5 is SOOO sexy! That tiny white thong is covering up nothing, he's just bulging out of it.

Anonymous said...

Sexy as hell. Love the sexy blonde guy. He attacks her then dies with the biggest hardon ever. His dick looks like it's never going to go down. It'll be as stiff as his dead body

Anonymous said...

This is SPECTACULAR stuff! Each frame has something awesome. Her pose in the first frame shows her power and her confidence.

2nd frame: "mold these tits"??? I doubt it, they look tough enough to knock a guy out if she hit him with them.

Great expressions on all faces in the 3rd frame as she shows them who's the boss.

Love the way she is leaning into the pending punch in the 5th frame. You can tell it will have a great amount of force!

The 6th is brilliant! The look of pleasure on her face as her fist hammers his shaft til the cum files out. And love the sound fx...hard knuckles meeting a hard cock equals "Fugg Fugg Fugg" Great!!!!!!

In the 7th, the guy is 100% on the money. Look at her powerful form...She is Fantastic!

The 10th works in many ways. Her power and the kick to his groin. Love the BOOOF! sound. I will forevermore envision that word in my head when seeing a guy kicked in his manhood. And love the detail of being able to see blondie"s six-pack and the vein on his still hard shaft!

Nice butt in the 11th...

And the last frame still has her power on display as the wet men lay there, each showing a tribute to her dominance!

Great work, Tasha! I hope more like this are on the way!

Anonymous said...

Such hot stuff!!! Grabbing and punching a hard shaft until the guy cums....very hot! and he stays hard when down....

would love to see more like this!

Anonymous said...

make more comics like this i love it