Monday, May 9, 2016

Watta Party!


Anonymous said...

At that moment, she reveals to them that only the winner of round-robin combat can be with her....naked combat...

The losers must watch as she enjoys the dominant male...and, when she calls one over during the passion of hot intercourse, they must submit their manhood for her fists to repeatedly strike...thereby bringing her to a powerful climax!

Jack said...

A helpless victim looking at her captors in fear and begging for her life? An innocent girl who is about to meet a violent end? A small non-muscular woman who is about to be ravaged, crushed, and destroyed by three hunks and their hard dicks? Is this situation going to end with this girl laying lifeless in bed with her eyes wide open, neck broken, and cum drooling out of her mouth?

I think not. What I see here is three horny hunks with their guard down, about to make the biggest and last mistake of their lives.

Would love to see part 2 showing the three hunks struggling to escape her deadly grip, and how she has the three of them at her mercy. And part 3, where the lifeless bodies of the three hunks are piled next to the bed with their dicks hard and oozing cum, and the little woman making her victory stand over them.