Friday, July 29, 2016

Another of those illegal fights... for girls


Anonymous said...

Love the piece! The idea of ladies getting the guys to fight for their enjoyment...the varying reactions...The angles and view of the action...the muscle tone and bodies of the combatants...all great stuff!

The one way to make it better is to have the guys fighting naked. If the ladies can get the guys to take part in this illegal fight, then surely they can convince them to show off how manly they are by stripping down. For any group of "in charge" ladies, it should be a piece of cake! And all ladies would love to watch the motion as they fought!

Anonymous said...

:( They are all covered up.

FeministdominatesexistMen said...

These men are supposed to be fighting for us naked, we need to see their muscular legs, glutes, and of course their "manhood". ;)