Sunday, December 24, 2017

Muscle Battle - Thighs Situation

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Bill said...

Striped of his togs that make his large and heavy testicles to droop and slap between his thighs causing the women spectators to cheer and clap. The victories female drives him backwards as she punches and kicks him into his ball sack. He stumble's backwards, bent over into the corner of the ring ropes as her kicks and punches rain into his solar plexus. She is well known for being a very strong and a supreme female, who is fast and far more agile than the male. She shows her quickness and speed as she picks up his arms and hooks his elbows over the ropes one at a time. In a blur of speed she bends over and picks up his legs, again one at a time she hooks his legs through the two bottom ropes. He is now trapped and not able to move any arms or legs at all. She stands and looks at the audience of men and women and notices that most men have their heads bowed in shame with a few of them have fairly high tent like bulges pushing upwards from their groins. The women of course are ecstatic as they laugh, yell and jump up and down in glee from their chairs. She looks at the women and lifts her arms for a indication in what to do now. Some of the women have their thumbs pointing to the ground to end the weak mere males plight, but most are calling out for her to torment his swinging genitals. She waves her arms upwards for quietness and then she kneels in front to him. Gently she taps each side of his large placid penis that hangs pointing to the floor as if asleep. The women all start to cheer as they look intently at his member starting to thicken with engorgement. She knocks his penis from side to side with the women finding this amusing. Very quickly his penis starts to rise very quickly as it takes on the bent banana shape. He moans with acute embarrassment at not being able to stop the engorgement of his penis as it rises up as a flag of defeat. The women scream in delight as his hard and long penis is knocked from side in a great show of his male weakness to all the female spectators. She punches harder and quicker and keeps going until he displays his explosion, a showing of an ultimate act of submission and surrender by the mere male.