Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a fantasy.

Just like anyone (I hope) in the time that I still haven't got any idea about Poser, I was collecting pictures of erotic battles on the Internet. I have seen this Matrock website and I thought it was hot. 

On the Internet I started looking for some more sites. There are other good sites about erotic combat, sites like Diana the Valkyrie, Steel Kittens and a host of others, that have offered beautiful women defeating sexy men, but unfortunately, there are only few such sites in the World Wide Web. Sometimes I came dissatisfied. Most sites that cater sexy mixed combats are a disappointment. I have seen sexy women defeating little men. Now, I am not against small men, but fighting small, willing men have no challenge at all, and there is no sense of reward. I also saw sites about sexy women overpowering fat slobs, thin, sickly looking SOB's and old coots (Yeah, right…) well for me that is not erotically satisfying.

And they say it's a fantasy.

One reason for this is that erotic fighting was made for guys and not girls like me…so I have to learn to expect beautiful women fighting dorky looking men.

But how about me? I don't want to imagine myself rubbing my skin, wrapping my long thigh, smothering my tits or sitting on the face with a guy who just looks like my grandfather.

So thank God for Poser! I now have the opportunity of creating my own fantasy.