Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More of... "She Loves Wrestling."


Anonymous said...

Awesome sexy. Love his huge body

Anonymous said...

Great musculature on the loser's body...no surprise she can't resist!

Really enjoying the "She Loves Wrestling" series. Would love to see the lady join in and work over the loser too!

Anonymous said...

She is so grateful to the triumphant male for delivering the exquisitely developed masculine form to her. How she worships his beautifully chiseled torso as she caresses his hard muscled loins, running her hands over his now-dead package, such a beautiful slab of male meat. He rolls the dead body over on its back so she can straddle the superbly muscular body of the dead male. The live victor's rigid erection was still long enough to jut between the legs of the dead man's crotch so that she can mount a live erect cock as she worshiped a superb dead male torso. Grinding her loins into a still-living erection she envelopes and milks the throbbing phallus, thrusting under the weight of the dead body he is underneath, his arms still wrapped around the strangled neck of his victim, as though she were still fucking an erect corpse. His and her shuddering orgasms showed him that be was still not subject to the same fate as his victims.