Friday, March 18, 2016

Muscle Flesh Squeeze (M vs. M Wrestling)


Anonymous said...

His bikini looks quite full...I'm surprised nothing found a way out during battle!

Anonymous said...

You know there's a woman lurking in the vicinity, they are not going to let this opportunity go to waste. A beautiful dead male in the strangulating arms of an another naked superbly developed male would not go unnoticed, probably because their predators' instigated it. There bodies will be subjected to the fate that female sadistic lust has in store.

MaxMarshal said...

That was one very satisfying KILL!
Yeah, bodybuilders offing each other is quite the wonderful sight.
I'd like to see a pair of your hunks going after each other with bowie knives! Or the classic gladius is a forgotten weapon that should see new popularity... if only deathmatches were legal. Oh well, you know they're popular amongst the underworld. Gambling on bodybuilders fighting each other to the death will never go out of style!