Thursday, March 24, 2016

She Loves Wrestling


Anonymous said...

I love how the blond hunk seems so willing to do as she wishes. Holding up the defeated male for her to enjoy, as she admires the muscles...every inch of him. And then, maybe, she works over the the victor a view of what's about to happen to him!

Excellent artwork! liking the muscle and skin tones. Also impressed with the hair level variances on the defeated hunk.

Anonymous said...

She will work over the loser, subjecting his mercifully dead physique to the predation of her teeth and nails, working her bloody sexual frenzy to a fever pitch. Only then will he realize that her blood lust will be turned on him, stripping his body of the once-proud muscular development of a powerful virile male

marcuss said...

A female predator's dream, a beautifully muscled man delivering to her a fresh kill to be savaged, only to be shredded himself once she had mounted him, engulfing his manhood and rendering him into a mindless sexual frenzy, reducing his hard pecs and perfectly muscled shoulders into the bloody mess she to which she reduced the first male victim.