Thursday, March 31, 2016

Summer Time: Pool Scene

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Marcuss said...

The femme predator has the muscled prey completely allured, just shortly before she reels him in for the kill. Her cohorts hanging in the background are watching intently. A dangerously powerful beast such as this must be approached with guile and finesse so that he remains oblivious to the fate that awaits him once the primary bait and her backups spring their trap, strip him of his thong and use his throbbing loins to render him even less aware of the fate that will befall him.
These predators have been assigned by the femme elite to lure male breeding stock, harvest their seed and dispose of them quickly and discreetly. Their hormonal and gene therapies have insured they will only produce daughters but they still need an injection of motile sperm to begin the process.
Enticing him away from the pool, the prime bait and the female in sunglasses lead him to a basement location already prepared with a mattress and quickly rendered him naked, laying him on his back, his throbbing well-endowed erection standing proudly over his chiseled torso. The female seeking insemination straddled his hips and ran her moistened genitalia over his cock while her second slipped her hips under his head and laid him back on her silken belly.
He couldn't believe his luck as the prime mounted and engulfed his engorged penis while the female behind him wrapped her long firmly-toned sinuous legs over his strapping shoulders and hard-muscled chest. The female superior ground her loins more vigorously downward on his thrusting hips as his thrusting became a sexual frenzy, pleasing the women with the sight of a writhing and flexing stud bull in the grip of powerful orgasmic convultions. As his warm sperm flooded her and his back arched in wailing ecstatic ejaculation, the second completed the encirclement of his upturned neck and began the constriction necessary to cut off his air. He mistook this for her lust and gripped her tensing thigh, drawing it even more tightly around his throat. Only when his chest began burning for air did he attempt to weakly free himself but his firmly pinned body ensured that he would quickly succumb. His already mindless brain begin to lose consciousness with death quickly following, his hips and belly still jerking spasmodically with the after effects of an intense orgasm, his death erection locked between the legs of the female superior, her quivering pussy draining and consuming the last drops of seminal fluid oozing from his still-rigid member.
With two more women and two more bulls to be harvested, the females enjoyed their superbly-muscled erect fresh kill then, after wrapping the body in a roll of carpet and stashing it in a corner, headed back to the pool to complete their assigned tasks.