Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Romantic Evening


Anonymous said...

A nice romantic evening indeed. But what happens if he puts a move on her she doesn't want? dude will probably end up unconscious on the ground within the head of that pink flamingo stuffed up his butt. He'd better read the signs.

Marcuss said...

No, he sees no signs other than her hardened aroused nipples under the sheer top barely concealing her nakedness. His superbly muscled near nudity only makes her task even more appealing. How could such a powerful creature be rendered so helpless by the urgings of his body, she thought, as she stripped the last vestige of clothing from his hips, revealing the rigid erection springing from his chiseled loins. Swinging her leg over his flexing belly she began running her moistened pussy over his rigid shaft, careful to keep the cockhead from entering her, pinning his hard-muscled ass against the wooden bench and limiting his ability to thrust his cock where it wanted to be. Now glistening with her juices, she slid up and down his throbbing shaft, her hands moving up his heaving chest to his neck where fingers explored the base of his jaw where the carotid arteries supplied blood to his male lizard brain, already oblivious from waves of extreme sexual pleasure. She watched with delight as his orgasmic convulsions spurted gouts of thick creamy fertile sperm across his flexing abs, her signal to lean over him and dig her thumbs deep under his jaw, cutting off the blood flow to his brain. Only when he had slipped completely into unconsciousness did she place one hand behind his neck and the other around his upstretched neck and shut of his labored breathing, completing her task of assassination. Placing his arms over the back of the bench and displaying his muscled shoulders at their most alluring, she continued to grind her hips over his still-erect shaft, taking advantage of that delightful aspect of the freshly-killed asphyxiated male and a leisurely 'happy ending.'