Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sexy Babe Defeat Muscle Studs


Anonymous said...

You could tell by his face that he is both in pain, and surprised. Surprised because he had never been man handled like that, especially by a delicate woman. Once she weakens him enough, she should cuff his hands to the bench pole, and remove his bright red thong exposing his cock and humiliating him even more! >;)

Anonymous said...

Love the crumpled lockers behind him...she's just that powerful!

Nice work on the muscle studs!

Anonymous said...

He's already weakened and defeated. Striping him naked is only the beginning, the only thing left to be done to a belly that beautifully muscled is to pound it until ribs crack and he drools blood, left to die lying across the dead meat she has already left on the floor.