Monday, June 6, 2016

Another of those Girl's Night Wrestling Show


Anonymous said...

The woman should stuff the bottle up the unconscious guys butt, when he comes to he'll be shocked by cold hard foreign object sticking out of his body and the women pointing and laughing.

Anonymous said...

Always love the "Women watching the men fight" ideas! Ladies getting off on seeing one man dominate another...awesome stuff! I love the reactions of the ladies. Must be that Miss Purple is the girlfriend of the loser being held...He's not getting any from her ever again!

I still think anytime ladies get men to fight like this, they have to get the guys to do it in the nude. Women can get guys to do most anything....that would be a piece of cake. And it would be more interesting for all!

Another great piece! please do more like this!

marcus666 said...

She won't like the flaccid male member displayed when the white bikini is stripped away. The other ladies will cheer but his demise is her shame. His chiseled torso is still warm like the one lying on the floor, inviting their frenzied nails and teeth to flay the skin from the once powerful male meat now prostrate at their feet.