Wednesday, June 15, 2016

East vs. West - You're Out!


Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Her useless tits just hang there, as she is completely dominated.

Steve said...

Trident agent Ploy didn't need a gun, she had no use for them, her body was much more lethal than pistol would ever be. 'After all,' she said. 'A gun could miss and I never do.' The Thai woman was trained in a number of martial arts all of which had there uses in softening up an opponent, but for the more intimate kills she preferred The ancient Thai female art of knotting. The agent above is in the first stage of such a knot. Soon Ploy's lean lethal form will wrap itself around and into the Western agent. As the foolish woman struggles to escape the motion acts to draw Ploy tighter around her thus constricting her as a snake would.